Tuesday 30 December 2008

The last minute of 2008

. Well who knew?

Apparently the last minute of 2008 will have 61 seconds, not 60.

So make the most of it, won't you.

For the first time in a long time, I'm looking forward to a New Year.

I'm full of hope. And expectations. Aren't you?

New Year's Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It's a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes.

Even though following through is often so very hard to do....

Nonetheless, I really like the idea of taking steps to make life better.

So, I've checked and double checked the traditional top ten list of resolutions to see if any will 'work' for me in 2009.

1. Spend More Time with Family & Friends - sorry, but the thought of doing this so close to Christmas, given I've just spent so much time with family, means this resolution is a little overwhelming. I will have to come back and reconsider this one in a mid-year review ... I may think differently six months out....

2. Fit in Fitness - I am following through on this one just because...well yesterday I was dragged around the neighbourhood by a relative who happens to be a fitness fanatic. How can I describe the experience? Well, has anyone watched that TV show where celebrities walk the treacherous Kokoda Trail in New Guinea and, after many days' walking, they become angry, abusive, thirsty and exhausted? Well apparently that was me after one minute and 15 seconds. And I was on flat terrain. Even I was ashamed when the neighbourhood dogs cocked their heads to the side and looked concerned when they saw me crawling up the hill on all fours just to get back home. Yes, ashamed people......I will vow to walk more next year but jogging is definitely out. The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass too easily.

3. Tame the Bulge - Tame the bulge? What with bulge obedient classes or hitting the bulge with a rolled up newspaper? Forget that. Nor will I entertain the notion of battling the bulge either. Violence is just all shades of wrong. Now if we are talking about negotiating with the bulge, then I may reconsider.

4. Quit Smoking - I already gave up smoking when I was 11.

5. Enjoy Life More - Yes, of course I would like to enjoy life more but how is that possible if I also quit drinking. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

6. Quit Drinking - see above. Sobriety is overated anyway. People need to learn how to drink and not drown.

7. Get Out of Debt - this should only be on the lists of CEOs and politicians and OFF everyone else's list.

8. Learn Something New - well this one is easier than you may think and no effort is required. Apparently I now easily forget things which invariably means that the old stuff becomes the new stuff by default....and I'm forever learning things that I think are new but which apparently really aren't.......and Alzheimer's is more than likely in my future.

9. Help Others - I do that best by staying out of their way.

10. Get Organised - organisation skills are something you are born with or can hire in. If you don't have them don't pretend you can get them just because you resolve to do so. You will end up stressed and unhappy and a failure. You have to work with what the good Lord gave you if you want to succeed.

I wish I could come up with some crazy resolutions though.

Jeff, the owner of the Weird Meat blog made a new resolution to eat as many "weird meats" as possible. Some of them included raw yak, crickets, ostrich sandwich and deer penis. Gala Darling's last year's resolutions were to : "learn a party trick - weird stomach contortion, belching the alphabet and handstand push-up demonstrations" or "learn the names of flowers - it's such an odd thing to master, but it's so utterly charming that I can't help but be impressed". Other resolutions I've seen in the blogosphere include 'must remember to suck less on a daily average', 'find a snuggle partner', get my comma problems under control, 'read and memorise more poetry' and 'make no propositional statements in 2009.' I am unsure as whether these are all related to each other in some way. It doesn't bear thinking about.

Perhaps this year I can hedge my bets by picking some vague resolution about becoming a better person. That gives me a whole year to do at least one thing right. How can I go wrong?

I therefore vow to be kinder in 2009. To myself and others.

So, do you make new year resolutions? Do you write them down or share them with others? Do you have any weird ones you want to share?
And, as the last sparkler splutters and dies on New Year's Eve, I hope you make as merry as the law in your country permits. May optimism reign supreme. My wish for you in 2009 is that the harsh dose of reality we have lived with in 2008 doesn't make a return on New Years morning and that you continue to ride a new wave of optimism throughout the year.

Have a 'great one' everyone and take care. Just remember that Australia gets to celebrate before the rest of you so when you see the Sydney NYE celebrations on TV think of me....just look out for the kind looking one. I'm already practising...

Auld Lang Syne
Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot and days of auld lang syne?
For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne, we'll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne.


  1. What a great post!!It sounds as if we have many thoughts in common. I don't make resolutions because I usually[100% of the time] break them . I'd like to think that I will read more in 2009.

  2. Thanks Lilly for informing us about the 'leap second', I had no idea and it would have passed me by!

    I love your humour in this post....in all your posts!! I especially enjoyed No.9 'Help Others' - 'I do that best by staying out of their way'...I will take that on board.

    I never make new year resolutions anymore. Why January first is superior to any other day for the purposes of beginning self improvement is beyond me.

    I'm off the McMahons Point tomorrow night to watch the fireworks from a friend's unit. I never tire of watching the amazing, spectacular fireworks.

    I'll look out for the 'kind looking person' amongst the sea of faces and I may just spot you.

    Take care

  3. That's an interesting one.would u mind sharing it on my blog through my mister Linkie? Just for fun :D

  4. I never make New Years Resolutions. Then I am never disappointed. Good Scottish Logic.

    I am just thinking up my resolutions for 2008. I have about a day to fine tune it.

    Happy Hogmanay and may all your haggises be tasty.

  5. Colin beat me to it: it's totally a Scottish thing, I've never made a resolution in my life and no one I know from Scottish backgrounds did either...I'm guilt-free, never disappointed, and I love it :))

  6. Wow - a whole extra second! Whoosh - it's gone...

  7. I love your post! I smiled when I read your comment about family...thank GOD someone else feels like i do right now...I can actually say,,,HEY I've seen enough of my kids and grandbabies...heck I've even seen enough of baldyman... wouldnt mind taking myself out to dinner and drinks New years eve..lol

    i think I will remind again to add be kinder to everyone including me this year..I have a tendency at times to just be downright MEAN to people.

  8. I just love what you said about spending more time with family...hard to resolve to do when you just need more time AWAY from family after the holidays! hahahahaha

    I am resolving to do all the usual:
    eat less, exercise more, volunteer more, blah, blah, blah

    I also resolved to eat a bowl of plain oatmeal for breakfast every morning...I have been doing just that for the last few days (we'll see how long it lasts)!

  9. What a lovely post complete with fireworks. All good resolutions too. I like the 'enjoy life more one'. Have a wonderful New Year when it comes, we're sort of a day behind here but we have the bubbly stuff ready.

  10. Well, I think 2009 might struggle to be worse than 2008, but I wouldn't bank on it being any better. Great post, though - but I only wish I shared your optimism.

  11. Oh, and Happy New Year in 22 and a half hour's time in Oz (and depending on whereabouts in Australia you are) :)

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  13. love this post! So funny!

    The only resolution I ever kept was to quit smoking and I did that on Jan 1, 1992. I haven't pick up a cigarette since. I know if I have even 1 cig, I'll be back to smoking full-time.

    So this year, I resolve to have as much sex as possible for a 53 year old woman with a 56 year old man! (and that's WAY more than I ever had when I was married!) See? I only ever make resolutions that I can keep!

  14. Happy New Year Lilly! I have in the past tried to make resolutions only to disappoint myself with my weaknesses! But, each year I do try to pledge to myself to try to treat other a lil nicer along with myself! Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't! (after all I am a natural Redhead)

  15. I love your comment about organization (we Yanks spell it with a z - isn't that funny?) It's so true...I TRY to get organized, but I always fail. It's just not inherent to me, I guess. I need to accept that and just move on.

    ANd the drinks - right there with ya. Where's the fun in that? Rum makes everything better. :)

    As for me? I resolve to be happy. Yes..I'd make some changes and I hope to carry through on that...but life is a journey and it'll never be all we envision it to be. So I want to dance and laugh and enjoy...just like my blog said.

    Thank you for your very nice comment. You don't know how complimentary that is coming from you. I value your input.

    Happy New Year Lily. By the time I celebrate it here, you'll be halfway through New Years Day.

  16. Great post Lilly! I'll try to make the most out of that extra second!!! lol

  17. btw I love photos of Sydney Harbor on new years...I always loved it and my favorite new years have been spent standing on the banks watching the spectacular skyshows....

  18. ...drink not drown. Indeed! :)

    Good luck to you in any resolutions you may have. I am in the process of putting mine together. I've really had any before but this year I've decided to look to 2009 to work on some things.

  19. Doesn't that extra second seem strange? I mean what are you supposed to do at midnight? Too funny.

    I love your blog...visiting from SITS!

  20. I don't make resolutions either because of breaking them but do hope I can eat healthier and exercise more in 2009. I hope your new year is a healthy and happy one.

  21. Happy New Year, Lilly!
    I'm so glad I found your blog this last year. It's been so fun coming to "visit". :)

  22. I very Happy New Year to you also! I read somewhere about the "leap second" but totally forgot until I just read your post. Thanks for sharing this year with all of us and joining us at our blogs

  23. My New Years resolution is to go to the Theatre more often. I only have one hopefully this will mean I'll stick to it.

  24. Oh, yeah, you've done it again! And your list sounds a lot like mine. And just what we needed -- an extra second in a crappy year --the only good thing about this year besides the fact that I survived it and took up blogging, is that it did give us chance to vote the assholes out of office here in the US! I'm for bigger wine glasses to go with bigger wine bottles. I do try to stay out of peoples way and never make resolutions because I would just feel compelled to break them. I do write down all naughty, ridiculous, stupid and bad things I've done over the year and at midnight I burn the paper in the fireplace! Done! I'm ready to start New Year with a perfectly clean slate! Innocent and pure as a lamb -- well, don't look too closely.
    Have a wonderful New Year, my good friend.

  25. Now that was a good read - I MIGHT do #8 - but that's about it. ;)

    OH - I think I'll do my ususal, and make a resolution to try to drink more. As I certainly do NOT drink enough. I might up it from a teaspoon to a tablespoon.

  26. I resolve to not let the fact that I simply cannot stomach more time with my family until that "mid-year review" get me down.

    That, and get the dog hair situation in my house under control.

  27. Good luck with your writing in the New Year!

  28. @ Mare - Happy reading Mare and please come back and visit in the New Year and I will try to keep it interesting!!

    @ Miruspeg - I will watch out for you tonight. Please enjoy and I look forward to your wonderful and inspiring posts in 2009.

    @ Yulz - given I am prepared to do anything for fun I have done the linky thing....

    @ Colin - you know I used to live in Scotland so you cannot fool me. Good. Scottish. Logic. are three words that can never be used together.....he he.

    @ Braja - see above. Truly Scots are dour on the whole so that is why they think like that....

    @ Ladyfi - yep a whole second, we need to countdown from 10 and repeat the 1 twice....

    @ Dawnie - bless you Dawnie. I see great things for you in 2009. You have a heart of gold and an honesty I wish everyone possessed. You be as mean as you like just make sure its directed at the 'right' kind of folk. Take Care.

  29. @ Rachael - now I am with you on the oatmeal thing - that is a good practical resolution. I may pick up on that one starting today to see how I like it.....

    @ Christine - happy new year to you and take a few glasses of that bubbly stuff wont you!!

    @ CJW666 - you can share my optimism. It may be worse in some ways but I think it will mean only positive things for us and we will all get to see that material possessions and striving for the almighty dollar arent the things that really count. No, I havent been drinking yet, give me an hour or two though!! Have a great New Year.

    @ Joanie - you go girl!!!! Love your postiveness and I hope 2009 is everything you want and more!!!

    @ Darsden - well given you are a natural red head than its ok to fall off the wagon with your resolutions....

    @ Tami - thanks for your comment Tami - have a great New Year and see you in 2009!!!

    @ Rhonda - you are the kind of girl that squeezes every second out of life so I would expect nothing less do you hear?

    @ Braja - well I am sure you will be having celebrations of sorts where you are - no excuses are needed there..but stay away from that home brew please..

    @ Summer - I just read your resolutions on your blog - hilarious, you are simply too funny and I love it!!

    @ Nicole - thanks for visiting and be sure to come back again now!!!

    @ Judy - Oh I know you have had your ups and downs this holiday with your tooth and all. Please take care and I hope 2009 is dentist free!!!

    @ Blue Castle - why thank you very much and I sure have loved you stopping by to visit me. Have a great New Year!

    @ The Mind of a Mom - thank you and have a great one, whatever you are doing for New Years.

    @ Cleo - that is a great resolution and will bring you a lot of joy. I hope it sticks and you have a great 2009.

    @ Sylvia - now what a stunning idea - write your list then burn it. I am loving that. I have so enjoyed your blog this year too and look forward to reading more in 2009!!! We have much to look forward to.

    @ Leslie - he he, a tablespoon no less. That should do it!!! Take care and enjoy your New Year!!

    @ For Myself - I am sympathising with that dog hair situation - fingers crossed for 2009!!!

    @ The Blonde Duck - yes, did you notice I never mentioned that either...for fear of jinxing myself..good luck to you too!!!

  30. A lovely giggle can always be counted on here!! I hope you have a wonderful, kinder and gentler year in 2009! CHEERS!!!

  31. @ Queenie Jeannie - why thank you and cheers to you and your husband and the adorable Bella!!

  32. Hey Lilly. Interesting nugget of information about the 'extra second’ to 2008...

    Well, I gave up on New Year resolutions many years ago. In fact, I don’t think I’ve made one since my early teenage years (lol)! For me: with each year that passes... I think ‘counting my daily blessings’, ‘staying sane through the trials of life’ and ‘cherishing family and friends’ is what it’s all about. And the older I get - the more precious time spent ‘being real to myself and others’ seems to be (if that makes sense).

    Well, Happy New Year 2009 to you and yours!

  33. Lily, I will think of you New Years eve and I will shout a Happy New Year at the TV calling out your name when they show Australia. You wrote a very nice post, the list you made rings true. I am wishing you and your families a very Happy New Year.

  34. Quite a post! I did not have any resolutions this past year and it went pretty good! I think you should try it for a year!

  35. All the very best for 2009 Lilly. Will Australia be sobering up by the time we hit 'the bells' in Edinburgh?!

  36. @ CathM - love your views for 2008 - Happy New Year to you!

    @ Maragaret - A very Happy New Year to you and all your family too!

    @ Quackster - Thanks for your comment and happy New Year to you!!

    @ Mike Smith - Mike, Mike, Mike - Australia never sobers up to Australia Day anf thats on the 26th January. Its sumer here and very hot so we have an excuse!!!! Enjoy New Years in beautiful Edinburgh.

  37. I don't make resolutions, but I do set annual goals each year. A writing goal, a family goal, a work goal, etc. I try to review them a few times through the year, to help me stay focused. I'm not really disciplined, but I have a high tolerance for routine that can be channeled.

  38. Thsi post made a great reading. Enjoyed. I will await to read what you write on Jan 1 now!

    Two comments: 1. I read on the internet a funny new year resolution 'i will never take a sleeping pill and laxative together!'

    2. On quitting drinking let me share translation of an interestng urdu couplet with you. 'Oh my friend, the moment for quitting drinking has come./ I have imbibed so much that I cannot take in any more!'

    Enjoyed reading your blog,

  39. @ Jeanne - yes I get what you mean. I am actually going to spend some time to do that today as well. Just some overall things I want to achieve in various areas of my life, including this here blog!!

    @ Vivak - glad you enjoyed the psot and January 1 is upon us - imagine 2009 and I cant even recall where 2008 went. Its frightening how fast its going and none of us really know whats around the corner!

  40. Too funny. I will make some resolutions as I always do and sometimes, well mostly even, I achieve a lot of them. I am a list maker though and I like crossing things off the list when I get them done. Happy New Year to you Lilly and all your other readers that I have enjoyed reading over the last six months or so!

  41. Great post Lilly. Wishing you and the family a very happy new year. Your buddy across the miles.

  42. Follow through. That's going to be my manta this new year. Let's have some closure, Missy!

    Wash, Dry, Fold, Put Away.

    Easy to type, hard to do.

    I'll start by taking baby steps.

    Peace in 2009 - Rene

  43. @ Gary - thanks so much for dropping by and for your wishes. I love your slideshow on your blog!!

    @ Not the Rockerfellars - Yes, I think mine will be let it go and follow through on the things that matter. Take Care Rene!!

  44. Another great post, Lilly. Your sense of humor shines through, yet again.

    Personally, I have never made New year's resolutions. If I want to do something I just do it, and if not...well, that's my prerogative. However, this year it is becoming more apparent that I will need to (finally, after 45 years) start watching what I eat. Funny, how your body stops rebounding in your forties like it did when you were in your twenties and thirties.

    I wish you a blessed, happy and healthy New Year, Lilly. Whatever resolutions you do decide to keep, make sure blogging is one of them.

  45. Last year I was going through a rough time--someone was bugging the crap out of me. And suddenly, I remembered my mother's advice: Be kind, always, but don't take anybody's b.s. either. Tell 'em to take a hike.

    I followed her advice, and have been one happy camper ever since.

    Happy New Year!

  46. @ Matt - Thanks for your comment and good wishes. Yes, well with these economic conditions we are all facing perhaps its a good thing if we spend less on food. I just need to move more and exercise. So its going to be less time on the computer for me well I am going to try and be a bit more disciplined. See you in 2009!!!

  47. @ Gran - thanks for the tip Gran - you are right. Hope you have a great New Years!!

  48. Happy New Year and I wish you a totally fulfilling 2009. What? There was no George Clooney on your wish list. What is happening to you Lilly?

  49. May you be more charming, richer, healthier and happiest this coming new year!! Happy year 2009!

  50. This is a great list,my list would be similar to this except for the no.4,6,7.

    I ought to make a list too.
    Lily, just wanna wish you and your family a Happy New Year. Stay as pretty as funny and as charming as you were in 2008. I am glad I met you!

  51. @ Stefan - yes I have become more accepting going into 2009 so George Clooney and Richard Gere are now off my list, he he. I thought I should aim higher. Have a great New Year do you hear?

    @ East Coast Life - thanks for the good wishes and I wish the same for you too!!

    @ Jade - thanks so much and I am glad I met you in the blogging world too. Here is hoping that you get your biggest wish this year - you know what I mean!! Happy New Year to you.

  52. Hello Lilly,

    I've started my annual giveaway over at my blog. Please pop over for a chance to win a free caricature drawn my me. I would be honored if you did.

  53. This just the post to read first thing in the morning, fresh cup of coffee in one hand, cigarette in the other. Sorry for the stain on this comment, I couldn't help it, after nearly choking on my coffee as I started to read your list. What happens as a result, is you try to inhale the coffee, and drink the cigarette.

    I gave up on New Years resolutions a long time ago. There is no better way to start a new year off on the wrong foot. It just sets yourself up for disappointments right out of the gate, LOL. Besides, I have so many issues how am I supposed to choose just a few to change. It is more fun to maintain my current state of dysfunction, and a lot less work.

    Really though, I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous 2009, and have plenty of time to write your book. That last little bit, is my selfishness showing through. I just want to read it, LOL. Happy New year down under.

  54. Happy New Year Lilly!

    Seeing as I saw in the new year while on the computer, maybe I should resolve to "live life" a bit more,
    But in all seriousness, I do need to make a big change in my life - just need the courage to do it.

  55. Dearest Lilly...I just read your comment over at Rene's...it seems quite a few in this circle started their blogs in the throes of a life changing trauma, grief, or event. It has produced wonderful things, and i feel honored to have been included in and witness to a lot of it...

    You were one of the first blogs I found, and I love you to bits for being so damned sweet and kind and full of positive good loving energy. I pray you find peace and fulfilment and a damned good book publisher.

    And since it's the new year, I'll tell you my secret: I did :) I got picked up by a hot agent, and a UK publisher wants to buy the rights to Lost and Found in India (the book)....and believe me Lilly, you've got more than the makings of a book in you: go for it.


  56. Happy New Year, Lilly!!!! Wishing you the best year of your life in 2009!

  57. That was an exceptional post! You had me smiling and laughing through the whole thing. I loved the "can't jog because the ice falls out" comment...cracked me up! I hope 2009 is VERY good to you and your family. I hope nothing but great things await. And I look forward to sharing those good things with you through your blog. 2009 HERE WE COME...GET OUT OF THE WAY...AND GIVE US CHOCOLATE!

  58. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
    All the best in 2009:))

    Love Leigh

  59. 61 seconds... really.... hmmm... Thanks Lilly for letting us know! ahahaha! I loveee your blog! I am your new follower!!

  60. I'm interest at point no.1. especially point no.4 and 6.
    Because my wife always told me: "If you love your family please stop smoking and drinking beer.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and family.

  61. Great post Lily! I´m a little late, but Happy New Year!

  62. I cannot make resolutions because planning with aforthought gives me a headache. Carpe Diem ... next week will get here soon enough!

    This year, I have a hot date with Juice Newton. I am hoping for a big sloppy make out session at Midnight. With my extra second, maybe something naughty. It does not really "Count" anyway, does it??

    I have high hopes for 2009. More golf, less work, that simple!


  63. Hey ... is it already 2009 there??

    Are you a second ahead of me in the future???

    Will this comment keep repeating for infinity? Tell me, what IS the future like? Is the moon bigger?

  64. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

  65. @ Rick - I sure will how fun is that!

    @ Eric - inhaling coffee and drinking cigarettes - you know you maybe on the something there. I will see I keep this up so you can get your fix. Happy New Year to you my friend and I look forward to your beautiful writin gin 2009!!

    @ Bridget - Happy New Year!!

    @ Dee - you so can do it, we are all right behind each other!! Happy New Year!

    @ Braja - thanks for the sweet words, truly. Its life I guess and sometimes it can be a big struggle but its behind me and time to get on with it. So glad you stumbled on my wee blog. AND CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BOOK - I cannot wait!!!!! So fabulous and hardly surprising!!!!

  66. @ Julie - and I am so wishing you the same you are a girl on the same page as me only you are cleverer! Take care

    @ Nikicrumpet - thats a big compliment if I can make the funniest woman in blogland laugh!! That has made my day - now you have yourself a truly wonderful 2009!

    @ Leigh - thank you for your wishes and I hope you have a truly talented and creative 2009!

    @ Stephanie - thanks for stopping by and have a great New Year!

    @ Tikno - thanks for visiting my blog and good luck on your New Years resolutions!

    @ Betty - thank you and Flat Stanley is on his way to Paraguay!!

    @ Speedcat Hollydale - yep we are smarter, cleverer, better looking and age more quickly than the rest of the world. And to top it off we also may be better story tellers - are you an Aussie by chance? he he. Take Care my friend and may you get lots of golfing in, in 2009!

    @ Travis - woo hoo - all the best to you in 2009.

  67. Happy, Happy New Year, Lilly! You were one of the best things that came into my blogging life in 2008. My resolution is the same every year. Exercise. And somehow I never quite accomplish it. So it goes right on my resolution list again.

  68. @ Kay - thanks for your comment Kay and I enjoy visiting your blog too! Have a great New Year!

  69. I have the 1st AWARD of the year for you on my blog!. Happy New Year!

  70. Excellent resolutions. Have a safe and happy new year.


  71. Loved your picture above this post! Comments weren't turned on, so came down here.

    I hope 2009 is your bestest year yet!

  72. Ah Lilly, you had me laughing all the way through… as for my own resolutions, I don’t make any – look at your point Nr. 8 and you know why!
    I didn't have the opportunity to visit your blog lately, so I have some catching up to do!
    I wish you a wonderful and a Happy HAPPY New Year! And thank you for being such a humorous entertainer!

  73. Funnily enough, I was just thinking about new year resolutions...

    ...I've decided that I've started to put on too much flab around my middle...however your description of jogging has rather put me off. In my case, it wouldn't be the dogs heads that were cocked when I staggered by.

    On January 2nd, our hopeless rail network implemented an above-inflation ticket price increase. So now it costs even more to be stuck in a siding.

    Lovely post.

    Have a wonderful 2009


  74. y'know, I'm going to resolve to visit your blog more often in 2009.

    I really resisted, in 2008, venturing onto the crazily long list of blogs that my wee bro has on his site . . . but the times I've caved to his urgings to come across to yours, and a few others that I've visited, have been so enjoyable that this cranky old techno-phobic gal is going to have to soften and be kinder to herself by letting a few of the broski's blog friends into her reading life more frequently.

    You've a real skill with a tale, and the pacing of a post.

    Cheers, and may your most secret wish for 2009 come true.

  75. Great resolutions Lilly .You are beyond brilliant,funny,classy, beautiful and generous.

    I want to build my ARK's and I want to learn something new and today I took the first step ...

    I loved this bit

    "May optimism reign supreme. My wish for you in 2009 is that the harsh dose of reality we have lived with in 2008 doesn't make a return on New Years morning and that you continue to ride a new wave of optimism throughout the year."

  76. Lovely comments here. I loved your review of the year and the year's list to come. Hilarious because it is so true. thanks for the wonderful pause along a busy day. Enjoy the new year.

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