Friday 12 December 2008

Just Some Stuff

Oh it's taking me a while to get back my blogging spirit let alone get into the Christmas spirit. I think it's the sugar withdrawals. Or more likely cocktail withdrawals. Or holiday blues.

So, I just thought I would ask you about some stuff I have been tossing around. Just stuff that I store in the back of my mind and which rolls round and round ......and round (too much empty storage space obviously).

Feel free to throw in your own observations about any of this stuff which may happen to take your fancy.

1. Why are we obsessed with changing our skin colour? Many people in Oz are addicted to tanning beds, spray tans and slathering on their favourite orange hue to get that bronzed glow we seem to lust after (not all of us but enough of us for me to generalise). However, when I was in Thailand the girls kept touching my skin admiring its pasty hue (white as a ghost!!). Then, when I walked into Thai stores I found variations of skin whiteners on every shelf. Everywhere. Look at the advertising - "Whatever keeps my skin the purest white".
Thais have the most beautiful colouring yet they are buying products to bleach their skin in the same way Michael Jackson does. Why do we do this to ourselves? Where is the pressure coming from? It's kind of sad because no matter whether we are green, yellow, black, white or shades in between, our teeth are white and our blood is red. We are beautiful as we are. Besides, we have to be ourselves - because everyone else is taken.

2. What is your blog rating? Sandi mentioned that she realised she had a couple of kids following her blog and had to write to them to explain that her blog was for adults only. I guess it's something I haven't been that mindful of really. My blog, according to film ratings, is R rated (17 and over). Simply because I have used the words sex (3x), kill (2x), sexy (1x). I notice that Julie has a content warning on her blog (she needs another to alert readers to how hilarious she is).
So, should more of us be doing this? I guess there is a reason that the majority of journalists who end up in prison these days are bloggers. As bloggers, we say what we think, relate personal stories and let it 'all hang out' at times. Sometimes we press the publish button without thinking about who could be reading our blog. We do not have an editor or lawyer (some of us do) looking over our shoulder when we write our personal blogs.
3. Why are we obsessed with celebrities? Well I always wanted to look like Sharon Stone but I have just found out that I actually resemble Adam Sandler moreso (72% match). That's disturbing even if it is hilarious. If you want to have some fun and see which celebrities you most resemble then check here.

I used to enjoy reading about celebrities before I got a life and started blogging. I haven't bought any magazines for almost a year. I made a decision after Heath Ledger's death, and the subsequent fiasco, to quit feeding the papparazzi beast.

Except, I do have one remaining link to Hollywood (other than the fact I met someone on a Thai beach who is best friends with Bette Midler's PA and had some stories to tell - nice ones). Gwyneth sends me her newsletter (okay...along with millions of other people). Mmm, yes, Ms Paltrow. Gwynnie is a bit of a mentor for lots of people these days. She tells us how to get the holiday spirit, where to shop, what presents to buy, what to eat, what to cook, how to be the perfect mother, lover, actress and how to live every day (as if we are millionaire actresses, who are 6 ft tall, size zero, married to English rock stars and live in mansions with servants - no Braja I am not talking about you). Here is her website, called Goop. Go check it out and see how the other half live. I find it strangely fascinating. Even Gwynnie is a blogger. Do you think celebrities have their own blogging world that we regular people don't know about?

4. Should men wear mantyhose?
No, I am serious. Men are getting in on our fashion domain ladies and I happen to like it for reasons I will explain later. "Mantyhose" are pantyhose for men, the latest in a string of men's fashion trends straight from the bizarre files. Take note Russell Crowe as I hear you are refusing to wear tights when you appear as Robin Hood in your next film.

Apparently everyone from truck drivers to cowboys are wearing them. Self-confessed male hosiery-wearer Harisnya is so passionate about the issue he set up e-MANcipate, a website aiming to "accelerate the acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item". Harisnya says the UK-based website is "as serious as fashion can be". "It's fun, but no joke," he said, and is adamant that both males and females should be allowed to wear the sexy sheer garment.

I have been thinking about this for a while. One of my biggest bug bears over the years has been that we women cannot claim pantyhose as a tax deduction. Some of us have to wear them for work and they last two seconds. So, I want my male readers to buy a pair (who are real men and wouldn't mind donning a pair for a good cause) and for my female readers to buy their men some Mantyhose this Christmas. I can guarantee that if more men wore them we would be able to claim pantyhose as a tax deduction in a very short period of time.

Well these are just a few thoughts. There are more......always more.

Oh, the winner of the Thai scarf from the previous post is Commenter No 16 which is Sandi. I used to draw the winner. There will be another Thai scarf on offer for one lucky commenter who leaves a comment on this post.


  1. Oh my gosh Lilly my crazy thoughts have jumped to you via osmosis! LoL
    1. the Japanese, Chinese, Tiwaneese etc... think that if your skin is whiter and your eyes are rounder you are more successful as they see this type of stuff on American TV programs.
    2. I do try to keep my blog G because I do know that my daughter and her friends read my blog also I try to keep in mind that kids can stumble upon blogs and being a mom that is a little too protective of my kid makes me always think of other kids when I do posts.
    3. Mantyhose is not so new, remember American Football players have been wearing them for a long time to stay warm in the colder months.

    Great post Lilly thanks for the laughs!

  2. OK...I needed this blog. I loved the whole post...but the Mantyhose part got me laughing. :) Thank you.

  3. LOL. I will buy my husband a pair of mantyhose. He is looking at me strangely now. Loved this!

  4. Hi beautiful already look like Sharon Stone - gorgeous!

    I like the idea of Mantyhose. It must get awfully annoying having little people grab onto those long hairs....Mantyhose for the Dad around the house would solve that problem!!

    And as for the post holiday blues...I'm on the way to making every day a holiday so that I never have to experience the blues again. So far so good.

  5. OMG. What thoughts you have, Lilly. YOU are HILARIOUS.

    Ok, to start some thoughts rolling... I remember going to get my nails done and the oriental lady said, "You have white skin. That good. Very clean." I thought it was an odd statement. I'm not into tanning, because Mom has albinism and I know too much about skin cancer. But I get what you're saying - why aren't we satisfied with what God gave us?

    Honestly, I didn't think about ratings on my blog. If I post something with cuss words or sensitive nature, I do try to warn the readers ahead of time. But that's a courtesy in my mind.

    Eh, I'm not much into star watching, so that's not an issue for me.

    But the Mantyhouse? OMG. Lilly... leave it to you - that I should be out sick for so long and come back to Mantyhouse?! LMAO. Greg would absolutely die laughing if he found that in his Christmas stocking. First thought is that he wouldn't be caught dead in that.... and then.. "Yeah, Greg WOULD put them on, just for the laugh of it!"

  6. Lilly, mom has a good point about what we see on American TV programs, although I notice nowadays they are putting a lot of different races into their programs which is maybe a good thing for the kids to see.

    Mantyhose! Those pictures are worth a thousand words. I've never heard of this.

  7. i have alot of these Just stuff days and thoughts to...could it be a woman thing?

    OKKKKK I'm trying again! someday something is gonna show up in my mail bearing a gift from Thailand!

    Ohhh I will be posting a picture of the baldyman tomorrow--that will give you a GREAT laugh...

  8. Lilly-

    I LOVE YOU! You always say the nicest things when you comment! Thank you for visiting often.

    I must say, I am so excited about my win! I have never won anything! It feels like CHRISTMAS! Oh yeah, it is Christmas. I will let you know when my gift arrives and I will post pictures of it on my blog! Thank you again for your friendship!


  9. Lilly, Visit India if you really want to see the glorification of The Color White. You would have thought the men wouldnt be bothered ? But we have something you guys in Oz dont have....matrimonial ads. All of them looking for very fair, homely, beautiful, educated girls. And doesnt matter if the guy looks like a cross between a bear and M. Jackson.

    The trouble is the English ; the language not the people. Things are always "pure white", "white as snow", when actually , we need to worry about the color of peoples' minds. You'd be amazed to know that the more "educated" the folks are the more whitewashed their minds are. ......

  10. As far as my blog I do not put anything on there that I would not want my little girl to read. She reads it when she is with her mom.

    Now the manty hose thing, that is not going to happen. The closest I will get to the panty hose is body armor. That is the the undergarment that is used by pro football players, special forces, skiers, and other outdoors men. They do not resemble panty hose at all.

    I also have a full body suit made out of the same material. It has a big S on the front and I wear a red cape with it.

    Have a nice day Lilly good to see you getting back into full swing here.

  11. Hello! Thanks for the drop!

    1. Most of us Asians, are brown (tanned). ANd most of us, use whitening products to lighten our skin. It is a common knowledge here that when you're fair skinned, you're prettier and more attractive.

    2. I don't care much about my blog's rating. If it's high, well then good. If not, then people will still take it as it is.

    3. I don't think mantyhose will be widely accepted here (Philippines).

  12. 1. Where in the world is obsession with beauty not ridiculous? It's so sad that we always want to be different than we are, no matter where we live - and we are willing to risk health and even our life for it (whiteners are highly toxic).

    2. I wasn't even aware of that.

    3. Common celebrities - you have the tabloids - leave the blogsphere to us:-)

    4. Mantyhose - yes, yes - but only with a miniskirt, ok?
    No seriousley, I am absolutely with you!

  13. That's sad about people feeling like they need to make their skin whiter. My mother says that in Asian countries, having white skin was valued from long ago because it meant you were upper class/rich. Why? You were always inside a big house and not out getting a tan like the farmers who brought you your food and had to toil in the hot sun.
    Rating? Hmmm.... I think I've kept my blog G although I have used the word, "crappy."
    Mantyhose? Love it! I hate wearing any kind of hose but if the guys want it, they can have it!

  14. @ The Mind of a Mom - do you know I never knew that about football players. Who knows what they have under their uniforms because they look huge to me.

    @ Alex - cheer up girl you too could look like Adam Sandler.....

    @ Mandy - yes please buy him the Mantyhose. All these legislators are mainly male - they need to see the perils of wearing hose and the huge costs involved....

    @ Megan - knew I could count on you for support - bit hot for blokes to wear hose in your neck of the woods but...

    @ Aleta - that is interesting, clean skin.. strange isnt it? No sunbathing is crucial to lovely skin and no wrinkles. Stay that way. OK, well I think GREG would be a good spokesperson for Mantyhose - he isnt afraid of a bit of nylon or lycra or whatever they are made of - it would be funny. Glad you are back blogging and hope you recovered and are feeling fine.

    @ Christine - yes I think it is true - a lot of countries would see American TV I guess and have this ideal. We need to fix it. No I only heard about male hose recently too. I found the truckdriver story a little disturbing.

  15. I enjoyed your random thoughts...a nice little collection of things to think about. But if my hubby ever dons a pair of mantyhose...I'm gonna be FREAKING SCARED...Not a good no no! I'm pretty sure my blog is rated "G"...I throw a lot of hecks, darns, and goshes around...but that's about as potty mouth as I get...however I get a ton of searches for "braless" I so wish I hadn't used that word in a post lol

  16. Lilly, oh, Lilly. First and foremost, I'd like to comment on "The Land of Smiles." I busted out laughing. Philippines drivers are that way also. The times that my sister and I or the time that our families and I visited there, we rented a vans and hired owners to drive us around. I could not drive in the way they do also, especially when they don't observe traffic rules.

    Okay, I'm now going to comment on your "Just Some Stuff" post.

    1.I notice the same thing. Just like people with natural curls and people with straight hairs. The same thing is happening there as well. For me, I'm obsessed about my scars on my lower legs. when I had chicken pox as a child, I picked at the healing sores constantly that the scars are still deep and prominent. They're vey unsightly. Places that I didn't mess with and couldn't reach have not scars. I wish I'd listened to my mother then.

    2. From what you've mentioned about your blog, no doubt that mine is x-rated then, too, eh?

    The State of California is trying to pass a law that give restrictions to papparazzis. I hope it goes through because they do get out of hand and abuse their rights.

    3. Mantyhose. Hmmm...No comment on this one. I've never heard of them until now. I hate wearing them. I only wear them on rare special occasions. I wear mostly socks for work. So unglamorous, I know. But then again, my work is very unglamorous also, which fits the socks, really. Heehee.

    I enjoyed reading your post. Very entertaining thoughts.


  17. Great post. I love to soak up the sun in my backyard. It's such a cheap thrill.

    I never knew about blog ratings.

    Don't know if it's true but I've heard that marines wear pantyhose to ward off mosquitoes.

  18. Lilly, hello my lovely!!

    Well, I live in a country that is obssessed with being whiter ... who knows what gives with that...grass is always greener? I could not care less personally...

    I was rated G and then I wrote about death, and they changed it to PG. Then I said shit and it was all over. Now I'm scared to look :)))

    NO! NO! NO!!!! WRONG! WRONG! ABORT! ABORT!!! Oh God no please no pantyhose for me.

  19. Lilly, I've missed you. You are so funny. I love random observations. Story of my life. Really!

    1. It is so very strange that people are never happy with themselves. White wants to be brown. Curly wants to be straight. Short wants to be tall. And vice versa.

    2. I've never thought about blog ratings until now. hmmm.

    3. I have a confession... Even though I preach about the ridiculousness of being star struck, I read the tabloids when I'm waiting in line at the grocery store (when I'm by myself). I do it very discreetly so as not to draw attention, and I always feel shameful afterward. Oh, and you don't look a thing like Adam Sandler. Your gorgeous, darling! They probably didn't have a match.

    4. Under no circumstances should men wear mantyhose. If their legs are cold, they need to throw on some thermal underwear. Good Lord. What will they come up with next?

  20. this is a very, very interesting article, Lily!!!

    i am zero'ing in on Mantyhose, which I never knew existed! what a wild concept.
    i agree with you in that pantyhose should be a tax write-off.


  21. Okay, you got me at "Mantyhose".

    This product leads me to some questions.

    They don't call pantyhose "Womantyhose" do they? (for good reason, mind you...) So, shouldn't the men's version be "Gonchyhose"? Or "Boxerhose", or better yet, not exist at all? lol While I do thoroughly, on some sick, vengeful level, enjoy the fact that they might suffer SOME of the discomfort women do for a change, I think that until they have to wear five inch heels to perfectly sculpt their calves, they need to leave our women's fasions to the women. lol

    Because, those things are just creepy.

  22. Uh oh...if there's a blog rating system, I'm undoubtedly an XX. Which ironically, is my clothes size as well. Maybe if I stop saying the F word every five seconds, I'll get an R rating?

    Dammit Lily, I offered you sexual favors for that scarf. Now I have to go hit on poor Sandi.

  23. OK, Mantyhose??? Fer real???? In a word....ewwwwwww!! You know men aren't going to shave their legs!!! So then that is just going to look beyond bizarre.

    *trying to delete mental image*, can I have my scarf now, please?? =)

  24. Ha - I love the pasty whiteness - I have an overwhelming fear of wrinkles, so I go through more sunscreen in a week than most people go through in a year - just on my face - so I always appreciate pastiness!

    And for a second there I thought you were going to say that you met Better Midler! I have always been obsessed with that weird?

    Oh, and yes, you can use spewinest, just make sure to pay me my royalty fees

  25. I come from Britan where females love tanning salons and spray tans. How bizarre it all is. We think we are hot when we have dark skin. Then there is Renze who has naturally darker skin saying she is hot when she has whiter skin. It is crazy and somewhere along the line we need to get over ourselves. I like what Ugich said. It's our minds, and I will add in our hearts, that are important not our white or dark we are.

  26. Thank you for stopping by...I appreciate it very much.

  27. Thanks for your help today and thanks for joining my blog!

  28. Mantyhose?

    If I wore shorts, I would consider trying it... but...

    Hmm... maybe get Snoop Dogg and Mark Wahlberg to wear some, then it would catch on...

  29. Well, I have extremely sensitive skin (my doctor actually told me flourescent lighting was even bad for my skin and I should wear sunblock even indoors; geez!) and I would love to have some healthy color. But I can't imagine why people with beautiful skin color would want to dye it white. Silly.

    I have never thought twice about my blog rating, and I don't have a clue what it is, but with some of the content I put out there i better be glad i don't live in China or somewhere I could be jailed for it. Yikes! How do you check your blog's rating?

    I have always been told I look like Richard Gere (just today again) but I have never been infatuated with celebrities. I guess I have always understood that they are just people like us, and sometimes much less quality people than us!

    Me? Pantyhose? Sorry, Lilly, but not even you are gonna get me to wear some of those things in public. I have to admit, though, the reddish ones with the interesting design are pretty cool. They would certainly hide my white bird legs and allow me to wear shorts again!

  30. I love Mantyhose! Think I'll send a pair to Dick Cheney. My blog is mostly G, but sometimes I use curse words (nut never the evil "f" word).

    Why is white skin prized? Darned if I know. I've been white all my life, and I would give anything to have some color, any color. Great post as always, Lilly.

  31. The 'stuff' that got me going was the rating rant Lilly. I think you're on the knocker. I really do forget that there are possibly millions out there who could take a peek. And among them there is the occasional humourless maiden aunt who just wouldn't get the joke ...

    I was wondering when you'd re-surface.
    June also in Oz

  32. I had to come back because I got distracted by morphing myself into Julai Roberts and Faith Hill.
    A girl can dream!
    I'm with you on the skil color thing. Whywhywhy??
    Definitely leaving you standing alone on the mantyhose though. Can't wrap my brain around that one. Just.Can't.Do.It.
    Loooving this blog!

  33. BTW Lilly, you can speak about me any time :) And yeah I have servants but no mansion. Though I am hoping to move into "semi mansion" status with my new extension. I'll keep you posted and you're welcome any time. If you want a servant, pls call and we can arrange. Seriously. You'll have to look after her, give her a room, pay her nice money (but small for you) and send her back in a year or two. But it can be arranged.

    I am loathe to use the word "hate" but maybe "pleeeeease" works as well when I think of Gwyneth Paltrow's blog....

  34. Oh after a long day - I really enjoyed reading your post, and thinking about the things it made me think! :)

  35. The stuff with whiter skin is very common among Indians as well --- there's heaps of ads showing darker skinned women in a more discriminatory fashion but once they use creams to whiten their skin, they can achieve anything they want.

  36. @ Dawnie - yes I have lots of those days. Baldyman's picture was hilarious, what a good sport he is!

    @ Sandi - glad it made you happy - may it bring a little Thai beach sunshine your way!

    @ Ugich Konitari - I would love to visit India. I so love your beautifully crafted stories on your blog. One day - by the way guys here seem to want the same things in a woman too - there you go. Love your comment and very true!

    @ Dwayne - Superman? you? Cannot see you wearing tights either!!

    @ Renz - you are beautiful. It was interesting to hear what you say about why people in your country are using skin whiteners. Just remember that pale skinned girls are wanting to have your beautiful brown skin and spending fortunes to get it.

    @ Fida - interesting what you say about the toxicity in whiteners. Not sure that all these lotions and potions we use aren't killing us to be honest.

    @ Kay - that was interesting about the link between pale skin and status. Sad isnt it but I guess it may have been true for many people. Glad thats sort of passed well at least I hope so but maybe not..thanks for dropping by.

    @ Nikkicrumpet - yes the Google search words are hilarious and makes you scared about who is out there to be honest...some very strange folk (um besides us that is).

    @ Tashabud - oh so nice to see you here. Oh the old chickenpox scars -I have one just under my eyebrow -they certainly left their mark didnt they? I bet no-one notices as much as you may. No, the socks arent unglamourous, they are is your novel coming on?

    @ Rebecca - marines wear pantyhose - well that would not surprise me somehow!

    @ Braja - your rating would be way off the board, he he. You are having extensions? I would love to come to India. One day I hope.

    @ Summer - thats ok about reading the tabloids while in the supermarket - then you dont have to pay for them. They are addictive I think and it takes our mind of our lives I guess. Glad to see you and I will come by for a visit too.

    @ Nina - I thought a fantastic artist as you would really go for the whole Mantyhose concept - I wonder who designs pantyhose - like the colourful patterned ones?

    @ Rhonda - you make me laugh - Womantyhose indeed! It is a bit creepy but we hav eto be open to all possibilities in life, he he.

  37. @ Julie - now the only way those sexual favors would work is if you could somehow convince George Clooney to venture over this way ..go get busy girl....

    @ Queenie - yes the mental image does not bear thinking about does it?

    @ Kate - oh good on you I slather on loads of sunblock too - I am a bit religious about it I have to say.

    @ Sarah - yes I noticed that when I lived in the UK - everyone had to have a tan of some description even though it was snowing outside and there was no skin to be seen.

    @ Alex - that is a pleasure and I hope you have a great weekend.

    @ Joanie - I hope you understood my instructions as disjointed as they may have been.

    @ Dwaycon - you are so right - we need a Hollywood star to wear them first to start the trend. Mark would be great!!

    @ Lindalou - thanks for dropping by - yep Mantyhose - it is a bit funny.

    @ Matt - well I thought I could rely on you to help out and now you are saying NO to Mantyhose?? Mmm, they would do wonders for white chicken legs you know. Sunblock is a good thing but I never thought to have to wear it inside - I put it on year round anyway. Guess its hot over there too and its not good for pale skins.

    OK so what you are telling me is I look like Adam Sandler (well truth is I look more like Delta Goodrem 85% alike just 72% like Adam grr..) and you look like Richard Gere!! You have been holding out on us you know. You should be glad you live nowhere near me because Richard Gere and George Clooney are my favourites. You should try that clebrity lookalike thing for fun and see if it picks up on the resemblance too! Let me know. Thanks for dropping by and for your comments Dickie err I mean Matt.

    @ Gran - glad to see a Mantyhose lover - you can see the potential I know...

    @ June - yes I totally forget and just type away - readers are one thing but our words will be on here for a long time and subject to google searches...

    @ For Myself - glad you tried it and had a bit of fun - its quite good fun I think.

    @ Leslie - hope you get chance to relax tomorrow! At this time of year the last thing you want is more thinking I guess - holidays soon.

    @ Psych babbler - that was interesting - its a shame though. Thanks for dropping by and for leaving a comment.

  38. Good morning. I am full of creepy thoughts now... especially that last one. Mantyhose?! eeeewwwwwwwww. I don't even like women's hosiery. It's such an icky thought on men, though. The leg hair all smushed up in there! or if they shave...even worse! icky icky icky! bleagh.

    As to the blog rating, I just got an award for being a cheerful blogger, and in my acceptance/tagging post where I linked to my mom and a bunch of church friends I ended up using two swear words. Probably the first time I've used a swear word, and they were both in quotes/titles, but still! Go figure.

    Happy Saturday; just stopping by from SITS with some comment love!

  39. The skin whitening is bazaar! and the mantyhose make me cringe! it would be kind of fun and buy some for a joke though!

  40. Hi, Lilly, coming in via Derfina. Enjoyed and had a great laugh. Thanks

  41. I don't buy the celeb magazines either, but I'm crazy and pick the longest line in the grocrey store so I can read tehm and put them back before I get to the check out.....

    {peeking in from SITS}

  42. 1. I don't care about my skin color so much it's just that I believe that pimples should not be allowed on anyone over nineteen.

    2. I would say PG-13

    3. Celebrities - don't care about em.

    4. Mantyhose - uh really bad idea.

  43. I stopped the whole TMZ daily reads months ago. I haven't a clue what is going on in Hollywood anymore. I think blogging may be the culprit. Funny thing is...I don't miss 'being in the know' at all! I wouldn't have met the wonderful people I have grown fond of hearing from in bloggerland.

    Mantyhose?! Well, I guess I may have to look into this 'man-lingerie' for my husband. *wink* His butt may look cute in them...and maybe he'll dance for me, too. LOL!

    My blog is Rated-R for Ridiculous...well sometimes. Ha!

  44. Hi,
    I don't know why people try to change their skin color. It's all rather a waste of time, thought, and money! But I guess it goes way back to age-old biases that were embraced by those in powerful positions.

    I don't know my blog rating! However, what you won't find are details of my racey imaginary sex life with George Clooney. Those, I keep to myself.

    Why would ANYONE want to wear pantyhose? I have some for work, and pretty much look at them as legtraps! Arghh!!! And I can't tell you the number of times I've been in a rush and have torn the hose! Arghhh!!!

  45. And here I was thinking, changing your skin color was only confined in the Asian Countries. I tell ya, anywhere you look, you'll find whitening products in all kinds, you'll think a big supermarket sells only skin whitening products. "to be fair skinned, means beautiful" that's the mentality which is sad. I like my brown color :)

  46. Manty hose are frightening me. Your blog just went from PG to X rated showing that horror photo! I won't be able to sleep tonight! ;)

  47. I think the skin color thing is a little bit like hair - if we have curly we want straight...

    The Mantyhose is just weird. I hate pantyhose myself and so do most of the other women I know. Why would men want to start wearing these?? The are not comfortable!

  48. Thanks for coming by my blog, Lilly.

    Agree with you on the skin color thing -- I'm of Irish extraction, and I've got the skin to prove it. I never could manage to get a tan and two summers ago I (finally) gave up trying. Since then the glare off my white legs has caused three traffic accidents.

    Put on sunglasses, people!

    BTW -- I'm a fairly new blogger. How do I find out my rating?

  49. I think my blog rating would be whimsy!

  50. I can't get over the fact that Thai people bleach their skin. That's just too weird. But, not any weirder than tanning, I suppose. Strange. It's just such the opposite of what we consider beautiful. Although my skin is pastier than pasty as I live in the frozen North where the sun rarely shines.

    Why in the world would someone WANT to wear pantyhose? My word, it's taken us women forever to get "liberated" from these elements of torture. It's just now getting to be socially acceptable to go with out them - in some circles. I think it's just nuts that there are men who actively pursue the right to wear them. Ack. As a side note - tights started out as a men's garment wayyyyy back in the olden, olden days. :)

  51. Haaaa....Just the best = "Do you think celebrities have their own blogging world that we regular people don't know about?"

    you're simply the best...

    (altogether now!)


  52. 'Mantyhose'! Okay you got me with that one. hehehe. I'll see if the hubby would like them for a Christmas present come Christmas morning. ;)

    Thanks for giving us an insight into your thoughts!

  53. I could have answered most of these, but I'll start with the 1st one. I an very white and I love darker, what I've done for more color!

  54. Wow so you gave me lots to think about.
    Numero Uno: I really never knew that skin bleaching was a big thing in other countries. Everyone wants what they don't have I guess. kind of like straight hair and curly haired people.
    Numero Dos: I try my best to keep things G rated on my blog because I have younger sibs that like to check in and read. I think that rating your blog is a good idea. Blogging is becoming so popular I think it's good for people to have a head's up on the content they are going to be checking out.
    Numero Tres: I have been so turned off with Hollywood and all the insanity there lately. I admit sometimes I get an itch to open up those darn magazines and hear about the latest scandals and drama but I force myself to stay away. I guess I feel like I'm making my stand that way. :) Even if it doesn't matter to them what I do. ha ha
    Numero Quatro: I can't lie, Mantyhose scare me.

  55. Thank you so much for the information on mannyhose! I was at a loss for what to get my hubby for Christmas and now I know what to get him, my father AND my brother!! They will be so thrilled! LOL!


Thanks for your comments.