Saturday 15 November 2008

A Sucker is born every minute

and you're looking right at one.

There's an old saying about fooling all the people part of the time and fooling part of the people all of the time, yet not being able to fool all of the people all of the time....or something like that.

Well I am one of those people who is easily fooled. A sucker, some may say.

I admit it. I am gulli-bla-holic. And, its a condition I'm working hard at overcoming. One day at a time.

I believe people, on the whole, are honest. I believe that there is more good in people than bad. And that only people in pain cause pain.

And yes, I may still believe in Santa Claus too.

I don't think I'm naive or necessarily a pushover. I just believe people are telling the truth until a big red flag hits me over the head. Unfortunately though, there have been a few occasions in my life where the red flags have had to hit me very hard to get my attention.

I'm just not your typical Australian who has a built in bull sh** detector. The lifeguard was looking the other way when I was wading in the wrong end of the gene pool.

I think I wear the gullibility badge permanently engraved on my forehead. In fact it shines like a magnetic beacon to alert those with con-like pursuits that I am a worthy target. I entice them like moths to a flame.

Now don't get me wrong. I haven't had a sheltered life. I've travelled widely. I've run companies. Met all sorts. In fact I used to manage a social security office back in the dark ages before I saw the light. I got used to seeing all sorts of con artists and liars (poverty has a strange way of doing that to some people). I've had guns pointed at me, people swearing at me, threats of physical violence and heard lots of lies. And that was just from the staff.

So, I'm not immune to the 'bad or evil' in the world. I just don't assume that every person I meet is from the same 'neck of the woods'.

Seeing this kind of flawed human behaviour up close and personal has never damaged my faith in people at large. It didn't even make a dent in my attitude. Only the odd scratch.

A recent email from my sister reminded me that this has more than likely been a life long affliction. This gullibility condition.

She sent me a series of photos from a recent fashion show.

The photos were great until I discovered THIS.

Hidden amongst the glamour shots.

Take a look at THIS.

It's the stuff of nightmares. My nightmares. And my sister knows it.

Let me explain.

When I was a child, every Australian town seemed to have a Scottish band (now I cannot explain this at all except there seemed to be an oversupply of Scottish band members who wanted to migrate to Australia, or it may be that it was a crime to be in a Scottish Band and they sent them here as convicts). Who knows, it was just the way it was. So, on days when there were special parades through the city, these bands would usually lead the charge.

It wasn't the fact they wore skirts which upset me, it was what the Drum Major wore on his head that had me shrieking and running for cover. I was terrified.

Let's take a closer look.

Tell me, what kind of animal is that? I am talking about the one on his head not on his lip.

He is wearing a bear on his head in the same kind of casual way that some people wear cats draped around their necks. They so do...... I was led to believe, by persons closely related to me, that this style of head dress was a 'living creature'.

You can imagine how I felt when years later, after having avoided such spectacles, I went to live in Scotland. The land of the Drum Major and the Lochness Monster. I feared turning every corner, just in case.... I stumbled upon....well, wearing tartan skirts with bears on their heads. It should have been a warning to me because I did have a run in with a ferocious bear while there...but that's a whole other story for a whole other post.

My older sisters, also known as persons closely related to me, still think my childhood fears are ......humouress.

They are the same caring sisters who told me that Vegemite (a delicacy enjoyed by Aussies) was made of cow's blood. Yes, I believed them. If you can't believe your sisters when you're five, what hope do you have?

They also told me that there were mice in ice cubes. Yes, mice in ice cubes. I gave up ice cubes for a time too and just had my whisky straight until I was about 12 (don't email Des I am kidding...).

I recall spending hours looking at ice cubes, with a magnifying glass, trying to see if the mice would move. The hours I wasted watching those ice cubes melt......

As for Scottish bands, I hear that all my anti-fur campaigning has worked a charm and they are replacing their headgear...bearskin hats....with artificial fur thanks to the information bonny wee Scottish lassie, Kate, sent me. Please check out Kate's very funny blog, Shambles Manor. I can assure you there's not a bearskin in sight.

Meanwhile, I'm just looking forward to Christmas and seeing Santa Claus again...

So tell me, are you easily fooled (the foolie), not easily fooled (foolproof) or one of those people who like to play the fool (the fooler)?

PS. Any con artists out there who think I am open to manipulation.....please slowly back away from my blog....the beacon has run out of batteries..... and that includes any psychiatrists looking for new business .....although I am more than happy to give you my sisters' only have to ask.


  1. You made me laugh out loud at this one. I am definitely a sucker for sob stories myself. Maybe we could jon a support group with the aim to become 'foolproof'.

    Can you imagine a support group -Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a sucker.

    Love it can you imagine. Our refreshments would have to be ice free and its a good job we don't do vegemite over here either.

    You know you could be seriously deranged don't you? What I totally love about Australians is they do not take themselves too seriously. That is a wonderful quality to have. The secret Lilly is not to take others too seriously and you may avoid the bears in this world that are always on the prowl.

    By the way, are you wearing a towel on your head in that picture?

  2. Yes Sarah I lived in denial for a long time. I am out and proud now and working through it. Someone has to be a sucker so I am happy to hold my hand up.

    Yes, that does happen to be a towel around my head. Thank you for pointing that out. I had to get a quick photo you see and am not a proud woman, obviously. Suckers rarely are. I had no time to dry my hair. I did put lip gloss on though and a stunned mullet expression - just for you.

    Let me know what time the first meeting is on and I will fly over with a caseload of vegemite. You have the ice on standby with the magnifying glass if you wouldn't mind.

  3. I'm totally gullible too. Get this. When I was a kid, my mom told me I had to eat the crust of the bread, not just the middle because the crust is where all the nutrients are. I totally believed that until I was well into my twenties.

  4. OMG ahaha we are more alike, I am definitely a foolie, I really am just the same and refuse to loose faith, I have accepted that I will always be that way. I too will hold my hand up proud.


  5. i'm so gullible, too, in the way that i think there is more good than bad in people. my husband calls me a hippie because i love everyone, and want everyone to be happy, and have all the same rights, and have all the best things EVER! i think i might put myself in danger sometimes by being to trusting of people.

  6. came by from SITS...congrats on your sauciness...isn't it fun!?

  7. I feel for you! I had similar older sibings growing up, who loved to fool me. My brother once told me he was related to Ronald Regan, but I wasn't. Of course, I must be too, since I was his sister. His explanation: I was adopted. Mean, mean older siblings!

  8. LOL - no I am 'foolproof'. I am cyncial and do not trust anyone. Especially siblings.

    Do you think it's maybe a male/female thing? You need to make sure those batteries are flat Lilly otherwise people take advantage of you.

    I will be interested if we get any males declaring themselves to be a 'foolie' and I guarantee we will get no-one saying they are a 'fooler.'

    Funny, I like your toweled head. Just take the label off.

  9. @ Territerri - yes in fact I go that one about the crusts too. What do you mean it has no basis? LOL Lucky that crusts are the part of the bread I love! Thanks for dropping by.

    @ Leigh - yes Foolies. I am sure a lot of those who are creative (although I do not put myself into your category of creativity) are more than likely a little open to being fooled. Glad you stopped by - so looking forward to getting your posters. Anyone reading this MUST go check out Leigh's blog and artwork!!!

    @ Cornutt - well you sound just lovely. Its a tough one but welcome to the Foolies Club or Suckers Anonymous. All positive of course. Thanks for dropping by.

    @ April - yes it is loads of fun - best thing I ever did! Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Alyson - oh yes the old adoption trump card. I seem to recall I have heard that one before also. Related to ronald Regan - I hope you never let your brother forget that one!!

    @ Stefan - oh are you sure you are fool proof . I will have to put that to the test. I am cyncial but still gullible it seems. Have a great weekend.

  10. Aww - aren't you just a sweety? lol

    Um, how about the tooth fairy?

    Very funny - as always.

  11. CJW666 - what do you mean about the Tooth Fairy? She came just last week!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment I always enjoy getting them.

  12. "And, its a condition I'm working hard at overcoming. One day at a time."

    All the best.

  13. Loved your post Lilly. Don't think anyone is 100% foolproof.

  14. You are simply one of the gorgeous people! People like me, optimistic but with a strong bull***t detector, adore people like you.

    Keep on keeping on!!

  15. Another funny and entertaining post, Lilly. It also sheds some light into your childhood that even Des didn't share with us (yet).

    I suppose I am equal mix of fooler and foolee, since my first reaction to hearing what other people have to say is to believe them (although American politics has cured me of that), but I have been known to pull the odd prank on my family and friends. Okay, actually I never miss an opportunity to put one over on my family and friends, but I suppose that someday they will all treat me like the boy who cried wolf because they won't know if I am teasing them or not.

    Thanks for the laughs, Lilly. What a great way to start my day.

  16. The older I get, the more of a fooler I become. Or is it more of a fool? I don't know, I get those words mixed up.

    Nice post, Lilly. I especially liked the comment about it being a crime to be in a Scottish band. ;0)

    I used to teach at a colege in New Hampshire that had a small pond in a grove just below my office window. There was a faculty member there from Scotland who, at the end of every semester after turning his grades in, would put on his kilt and take his pipes and walk around the pond piping Robert Burns songs. The first time I saw it, I thought we had a ghost on campus.

  17. Oh, Lilly, you make me laugh out loud! Don't change. I'm sorry you grew up being afraid of those old fuzzy hats! Now, mice in the ice cubes. You should go right now and punch your sisters in the stomach for fooling you like that! lol
    You keep on having faith in people, that's a good quality and you are soooooooooooo beautiful!! Do you have a towel on your most gorgeous little head?:)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Now that is what I call a post. Lilly my lovely, I don't know where to begin: firstly, my Scottish father was a bandsman. But he was in the Army and I can't recall him ever wearing one of these dead bears. Ugh. But as far as I know he wasn't convicted of any crimes of bad taste and sent to Australia, but he and my mother surely did wanna emigrate to Australia...

    Then I laughed out loud at your sisters' taunts. I was the youngest of five, and my elders seemed to find it amusing to tell me things like, "You're adopted." and so on. Laugh? I nearly killed died of it...(??!)

  19. You are such a riot, Lilly. I'm not as easily fooled as I used to be, thanks to the college of life. But I can still be fooled.

    As a child, I refused to believe there was no Santa Claus, and was about 12 when I finally admitted that it was my mother and father putting all those presents under the tree.

    Have a great day!

  20. LILLY?!?! You're going away for a week??! But but but...

  21. Your stories never fail to make me laugh. I love the way you write..and the skewed way you look at I know it's all of the evil doings of your sisters. FOR SHAME LADIES! But thanks for messing her up so we have something to laugh about!

  22. I tend to take what people say at face value.

    If you are convincing enough in your story why would I question you?

    Later I would always find out that I was being completely bullshitted.

    Sometimes I'd feel played but then sometimes I'd think "Man people lie about some pretty dumb shit".

    Peace - Rene

  23. You're a hoot! :-) My grandfather was a Captain in the British Army, and he wore one of those bearskin hats when he was on parade. They are not made out of real bearskins anymore because the folks at PETA protested. And the bears they were made from came from right here in Canada. The Inuit used to cull the bears because bears reproduce like ... well, bears. Now we have so many bears, they walk right into town and go through people's garbage cans on a regular basis. Check this out. *heh*

    I am gullible too. My father had convinced me that I would just hate apple pie. He said it was "awful stuff". To this day, I don't care for apple pie. My father loved it!

  24. I am picturing you at 5 YOA, "rescuing" ice cube to save the mice. ROFL

  25. Lilly, This was hilarious. I am afraid I have an older sister, (13 years older) and she delighted in telling me stuff to scare me to death, too. My parents left me in the car with her one time while they visited the funeral home and she scared me so bad, they heard me screaming and came outside to see what all the ruckus was about.
    I had been asleep in the front seat and she woke me up hanging over the seat acting like a monster and this was at night! For weeks I was afraid of her and thought she was a real monster.

  26. Great stuff, Lilly! But there's no greater sound than the skirl of the bagpipes by a massed pipe band (or men wearing skirts with dead bears on their head if you prefer)

  27. You poor thing!!

    I guess I'm the "fooler", because I take a sick pleasure in occasionally tormenting The Bella. Of course she believes everything I tell her because I'm The Mom!! But hopefully in not too harmful ways. (I hope!)

  28. This story is too funny! Especially the ice cube thing! Sisters can be so cruel!(I was the older sister and I did things like this often to my little!)

  29. Well, Lilly, you seem like the nicest person, however 'gullible' you may be. I'm gullible to the point of being naive. Call it an 'innate built-in trust' until proven wrong.

    Could've been worse, Lilly you could've been tortured by 2 older brothers!

  30. @ Moony - yes I don't expect to recover but I do hope to have my radar a little shinier in future to detect the undeserving. Thanks for dropping by.

    @ Jon - true. Bad luck about the rugby scores but lets face it even the Aussies got beaten by the All Blacks 39 to 10. Ireland did extremely well though.

    @ Fe - what, so you can take advantage of us, he he. Don't take that detector for granted Fe, it's worth a great deal. If you are ever in the market to sell please let me know.Thanks for dropping by.

    @ Matt - yes, I fear I sound like a psychologists dream patient don't I with all my stories. I just see the hilarious side of life now (for reasons you know of). Oh my, I can imagine in your family that a lot of this went on. Fun times and no, I don't hold a grudge against my sisters. I did have a younger brother and sister too. Keep doing the pranks on your family - they probably have come to expect it now and look forward to it. Thanks for your comment. Always love you stopping by.

    @ Grandpa - oh no Grandpa, we don't do grammar on this blog - its definitely 'fooler' - new word to give it some real meaning. No, you don't want to be either a 'fool' or a 'fooler'. You just want to be foolproof. That is a funny story about the Scottish professor, mmm yes I could never get the bagpipes either or haggis or their love of football come to think of it..but lovely, lovely people.

  31. @ Shelia - and you can guess that I love pink too can't you? Yes, I am wearing a towel on my head in that picture. I just had washed my hair and was putting my post up and thought I needed a quick picture. So I popped on the lip gloss and tried to cut most of the towel out. A girl has got to do what a girl has got to do for her blog. What a laugh it all is anyway. Glad you stopped by. I have asked Santa for pink cake stands for Christmas after seeing your blog.

    @ Braja - so you are Scottish too. My daughter has Scottish grandparents. And I have an adopted Scottish daughter (she has a mother but I am her second one...long story). Can I just enquire Braja, were you laughing at me or with me??? And I am so glad your father never wore one of those dead bears because I would have had to think twice about frequenting your blog several times a day. Yes I am going away but planning a travel expose of past adventures while I am gone. I have just discovered that all my posts are about my misadventures and hangups and phobias and what not. I am looking like a more unbalanced individual with each passing day. Makes me curiously happy for some absurd reason. Take Care.

    @ Nikki - 'But thanks for messing her up so we have something to laugh about!' Well I never thought of it that way. Trust you to put a positive spin about it. I may look upon my sisters in a whole new light now. Thanks for dropping by. Um and look who is talking aobut people making them laugh - you make me shreak out loud when I visit your blog.

    @ Rene - yes it's funny how the person that is gullible is the one that is laughed at and made fun of often. The person that lies is somehow vindicated - no, I do not understand that at all. Thanks for dropping by.

    @ Eric - you would not be picturing me rescuing ice cubes and laughing per chance would you? It was pitiful. Nothing funny about it. You see I so believed them that each and every ice cube I looked at got checked over thoroughly. I could have worked on a factory line I think after that. Go and look at an ice cube and I bet you are going to have second thoughts yourself now....

    @ Jo - wow - bears who walk by your house and pinch your garbage? Makes for an interesting neighbourhood. Yes I am glad PETA stepped in on this issue. There is something positively horrible about wearing a bear on your head or anywhere for that matter.Please just do not get any ideas next time you see the bear taking off the lid of your garbage can. Thanks for dropping by and for the link. Appreciate it so.

    @ Gran - yes the college of life is tough and I wish the lesson weren't as painful sometimes. I just have a question, what do you mean Santa Claus is not real?

    @ Mike - WHO IS A REAL SCOTSMAN READERS - yes the sound is fine and very stirring (I went to my share of Burns dinners in my time) but did they have to dress like that just to play the bagpipes?

    @ Judy - oh that is terrifying, outside a funeral home and all. I can just imagine. Yes I would have been traumatised too.

    @ Queenie - no, not the poor Bella - you know she is going to be writing a blog in decades to come and she will repeat these stories. Your latest video was too cute by the way.

    @ Jennifer - ok well at least you are honest - that is what siblings do to each other. It's part of life's horrific journey I think.

    @ Christine - yes that's true two brothers would have been worse. except I have one younger brother and he was just lovely. But I'm not sure how he would describe me though. Nah, I was too busy dissecting ice cubes to have the time to tease my was a full time job for a while..

  32. Yes I'm a sucker. I've been married TWICE! Both disasters.
    And I only had one sister ...

  33. Hey've been tagged...come check it out.

  34. @ June - yes deep down I think it has nothing to do with sisters either either. I think its time we formed Suckers Anonymous and fought back!!!!

    @ Nikkicrumpet - I am almost too scared to look at your tag to be honest I can only imagine......

  35. It depends on what mood I am in, but I am usually trying to get something over on someone all the time. In a good way though, I do not fool with the nightmares though. They are some ugly hats, when I was younger and in Band I had to wear something like that, I hated them.

  36. I was rolling all thru this post!

    I could believe Vegemite was made of cows blood. That stuff is vile and does have an iron taste to it!

  37. oh, my ex husband used to tell his son that his grandma had been born a boy. He also told my stepson that if he didn't go to sleep, sleep monster would get him. Yes, my ex was an azz!

  38. @ Dwayne - no, its great when people just muck around but its when people manipulate you in a bad way that is really wrong. You played in band?? Yes, the hats are BAD....

    @ Wheres my Angels - you have tried Vegemite? I would only ever have it on toast and just a light spread - it's very salty really. Oh gosh, glad you ditched the ex, that is kind of all shades of wrong hey?

  39. I've never actually had a problem with the pipe bands hats, but I guess I've never really thought about the fact that they're wearing bears on the heads!!!

    I'm a sucker too. We lived at one time on a farm with pretty steep hills. I clearly remember my father telling me that we bred special cattle as their legs on one side were shorter so that they could get around the hills easily. I twigged all was not quite truthful after about six months....

    Thanks for visiting my blog too! Hope to see you visit again soon :)

  40. @ Anette - your story just reminded me of a time my sister and I went into a butcher shop when we were teenagers (not sure what you call butcher shops in the US). My sister asked for a leg of lamb and the guy said to her which did she want the left or right leg. She asked him what the difference was and he said well these sheep were standing on the side of a hill most of their one lege is shorter than the other.....oh dear he had us going. So maybe my sister is a bit of a sucker too! Thanks for dropping by. Loved your story.

  41. This was just so hilarious, Lilly. Thank you for such a fun post to enliven my Saturday. I see that you really are a chip off the old Des. I must be a sucker, too. Pickpockets are forever choosing me to target. They haven't gotten anything yet but they keep trying. I must have "Clueless" written somewhere on my forehead.

  42. @ Kay - glad it made you smile. Please take the most care then wont you - to get robbed would not be a good thing. Stay safe!!

  43. Hi Lilly (I always have an incredible urge to say Hi lo after that- my daft sense of humour). Anyhow, Great post hehehe - you definitely should be on the stage -hilarious !! Thanks for the mensh too... I don't know how you manage to cope with this blog, your list of commenters is growing by the day.. you must be typing in your sleep missus... No wonder you have such a huge following though 'Love' your sense of humour. I was never frightened by the 'feather bonnets' but always wondered what the 'hell' they were for though... Anytime I see them I am reminded by a 'Carry on film' the one where Sid James orders his men to stand and face the enemy, lift their kilts and flaunt their 'weapons' towards them so that the enemy run away - It always cracks me up!

  44. Hi Kate - even your comments are hilarious!!! Well when you have got em flaunt em I suppose and Sid james certainly did didnt he? I never did find out the secret about what guys wore under their kilts but I have to tell you I did enjoy watching Scottish Rugby fans in their kilts and boots. Something a bit manly about a bloke in a nice tartan number I have to say!! Hope you get some visitors because I love going to your blog - always funny and inspiring at the same time. Bi Lilly Bi Lo - he he

  45. I'm gullible, too...but not as much as I used to be. I think my abusive ex taught me alot in that area...good post and you are down right funny!! :)

  46. Funny! I am somewhere in between. I don't fall for the emails that say Bill Gates will send me 10 million dollars if I forward it to all my friends, and I don't want to help Sergei from Bangladesh and get rewarded for my help. But it is harder with people in person... mostly b/c I want to believe of the good in people.

  47. OMG! This is so funny! Those hats are something. My sister told me stories like these, too, which had me shreiking in fear, only to have my parents wonder what my problem was. This is too funny!

    Thanks for stopping by my bog yesterday!

  48. @ Alex - yes I think abusive ex's are the best teachers we can have -glad you thought it was funny and glad you stopped by.

    @ Andrealeigh - oh gosh those emails are so annoying too. Yes its harder when you have face to face contact with someone and they try and put it over you, particularly in personal realtionships. It says more about them though I think. Thanks for dropping by.

    @ Krissy - hope you enjoy your SITS feature day - what fun it will be. Siblings ....where would we be without them though!

  49. great post and to think that you made a difference out of your fears are awesome! As for your Q, I'm sometimes the foolie and hardly fooled :) Lucky me? u decide he he


  50. @ Maricras - that makes you walking the middle ground I think -which is the best way. Thanks for dropping by.

  51. As you can see by all the comments, you are not alone... I am just as gullible as you too!

  52. I thought I was the QUEEN of Gullible-town.

    that was hysterical!!!!!!

  53. lol Lilly
    I can understand the bear on the head confusion...but vegemite...I always thought it was made from oxtails...maybe I have it confused with marmite...
    yes I have had my gullible moments but I think my ex SIL stole the show one day when she asked my brother if the Pope was catholic :D
    great photo!!!
    you really captured 'that' look :))

  54. LOL - that was so mean of your sisters Lilly.
    I am a sucker too someone once told me he had a job peeling baked beans and I believed him.

  55. Firstly Lilly, you are a great writer who has that rare ability to write as if you are's so clever and witty.

    Secondly, out of the options given, I cannot find one to suit me because I AM a fool.

    Thirdly...What do you mean about Santa not existing?


  56. @ Betty - you know this must mean that either only gullible people replied or on the other hand there are more open and people in the world.

    @ Vodakmum - no I think I have the crown - thanks for dropping by.

    @ Kim - he he - is the Pope Catholic - love it! Oxtails hey, mmm that would have done me in too! Thanks for dropping by.

    @ Trish - that is hysterical too. Peeling bakedbeans, he he. Seems like everyone has their gullible moments!! Thanks for dropping by always love to see the picture of those babies.

  57. @ Henry - that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, seriously. Particularly coming from you. The MOST brilliant writer on the web. Thanks for dropping by and reading my too long posts - I know you are very busy!!

  58. I am pretty easily taken too:-) I like your first commentators idea of a support group:-) Hee, hee, hee.

  59. @ Susie - yes, I think we may need it at this rate. I am making those pumpkin and ginger muffins tomorrow.

  60. Morning, sweet Lilly! Thank you so much for your comments today. You're so right about the effects these tragedies have on folks. I don't know why the media has seemed to drop us. Sometimes there's a little snippet on the Houston news. No, I don't think it's moving along very fast, but I really don't know. I hear people all the time talking about how their insurance won't pay for this and how the poor ones who are relying on FEMA are so upset. That's why I bury my head so much of the time and try to block it out, I don't know if that's a good thing or not. But I am so thankful we were spared.
    Lilly, I always appreciate so much you taking the time to come and visit me.
    Have a beautiful week and
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  61. ha ha ha You definitely have me laughing! OH I was the absolute worst as a kid but still carry some of my sucker-ish traits through my adulthood.
    perhaps the worst is that I once believe that the people who were killed in movies {westerns come to mind} were people who were on deathrow. yeah. i'm not even kidding.
    I guess it's not so horrible trusting in people. Just sucks when people take advantage of that trait.
    great post!

  62. I'm incredibly gulliable. I fall for anything. It's really quite sad.

  63. I am definitely the fooler, but my kids are starting to fool me.

    Ha ha about the bear skin. Older kids are sooo mean.

    Shortly after I met my Australian wife we got talking about aspects of Scottish culture. I told her that Scottish people have a porridge drawer where pre-made porridge is poured in and cooled and that it is then cut up into squares ready to be served. She has never forgiven me for that one. When we went to Scotland she asked my brother where his porridge drawer was?

    Talk about a violation of trust.

  64. My favorite Scottish band is the Bay City Rollers.

  65. I believe I am foolproof, at least 98% of the time.

    I found you through susieshomade.

    Love Australia. I have a series of books (13) on the colonization of Australia, that's how much I love it!

  66. Have a great time away - thinking of you! :)

    Oh, I've come home and seen my house in a new light.

    Have called Ezy Scrap to come take away some things, have Salvos coming to take away the old spare lounge suite, am getting rid of one of the old huge computer desks int he study...

    And am looking at my last bedroom wall - still have to sand the old frieze off and paint that one last wall.

  67. A bear head. Hehe. That is cute. I kept wondering, "Why would this upset her?" Love it, not that it upset you, mind you. This was an adorable post.

    But sadly, I can relate just a little too well. Go ahead, ask Greg if I'm gullible. I'm so darn gullible that Greg said, "The word gullible isn't in the dictionary" and I said, "It isn't?" Yeah, I feel for that for a second.

    I believe in people. I trust people and Lord knows, that trust has been used and abused, but you live and learn.

    It's a nicer life to believe in the good. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it. Sticking to it like a bear to a person's head. Hehe.

  68. Hi Lilly...hope you had a good Monday! :) Stop by and check out my Diva pics.

  69. I try to be foolproof but am probably a foolie more than I like to admit!

    Love your blog, it's hilarious!

  70. @ Shelia - thanks truly for posting the story. I think its important to do so and it was a Blue Day after all. Glad you are ok.

    @ Ashleyb - you are so right - its all ok if there werent sharks out there waiting to feel on the openess of others.

    @ The Blonde Duck - you are anything but sad, its the people who manipulate you that are sad. Stay just the way you are.

    @ Colin - your poor wife - see what can you expect form a man whose forebears wear tartan skirts, truly. A drawer of porridge....she will never let you forget that I bet.

    @ Rebecca - yes I used to love them myself - not sure that they had happy endings though. My ex went to school with one of them..

    @ thotlady - oh I am so glad that you love Australia - you must come and visit one day.

    @ Leslie - Oh, that's what a break does for you - sounds really positive stuff. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

    @ Aleta - and that is what makes you such a gorgeous person and Gregory knows it!!! The great thing is he can have a laugh yet still would never let anything horrible happen to you. You went through all that in the past because you need to strike gold and you did!!

    @ Alex - I saw your Diva post and loved it!!!! What a clever idea wouldn't it be great if people did that all across the world?

    @ Little Chick - oh glad you thought it was funny - life is kind of like that if you forget the bad stuff we all deal with. Glad you stopped by.

  71. my mum used to tell me if I ate the pips of watermelon one would grow in my tummy... I did believe that for a while.

    Nowadays, I have a fair radar - or maybe I am just overly suspicious....

  72. Very funny, Lilly. Unfortunately, I'm in the same league as you--the foolie. The bad part is that I never learn, either. Just like you, I always take people's words at face value because that's the way I am.

    I still believe in Santa Clause and all of that Disney Make-Believe World. I'm always in a dream world, I'm afraid.


    Thanks again for a great post.

  73. "I'm just not your typical Australian who has a built in bull sh** detector. The lifeguard was looking the other way when I was wading in the wrong end of the gene pool."

    Tee hee!! Very amusing. Even though I've got quite a large bull sh** detector I still get hit over the head with that red flag from time to time. Good to know we're not the only ones :-)

  74. Reading your post is hilariously entertaining... And just so you know: I am a fooler, but the only one I can fool with that is the foolie in me.

  75. You are absolutely hysterical. You make my day every time I get a chance to poke my head over here into your world! Thank you!!!!Jane

  76. Your site is extremely excellent ... keep up the good job!


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