Sunday 12 October 2008

Silent Sundays

I seem to have had a little Martha Moment today. A rare event which seems to only happen when the planets are aligned.

Sunday. Spring. Sunshine. Sharing. Spectacular.

1. Morning, beautiful day 2. My favourite Bircher Muesli 3. Scent of spring flowers 4. Baking Pumpkin Scones 5. and Gingerbread cake (recipe courtesy of Barbara Blundell) 6. Drive in the sunshine 7. Planting the new vegetable garden 8. Grilled Salmon and Salad 9. Apple and Pear pies 10. Rhubarb and Passionfruit 11. Blue Pacific 12. Goodnight, sweet dreams

And at the stroke of midnight, this rare cosmic event will dissipate and madness and mayhem will ensue. Ready for Monday morning.

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