Monday 13 October 2008

A little dose of Australia!

In honour of being featured on Where the Blog Are You today, here's a peek at the beauty of Australia with the trailer from Baz Luhrmann's film Australia, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. I cannot wait to see this film when it's released next month. Hugh looks particularly, well, hot.....


  1. I loved both films. Toni Collette is amazing.

    BTW, the posting looks rather skewed in Firefox.

  2. AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! This is SO AWESOME!!!!!!! I really want to watch these movies are very motivational you know! Before my HH know's what's happened to him we'll be hostnig a garage sale with Muriel'
    s Wedding playing in the background!

  3. Hi There visiting from WTBAY, other great aussie movie is Candy, and Getting Square!

  4. Hello from WTBAY. I love your blog Lily, even if some of your posts are rather on the long side (and I though I was bad!) Please add a follower button so I can see when you add a new post... Ciao for Now....

  5. I loved Muriel's Wedding and all those Abba songs. I have to go watch it again. I am looking forward to watching the new Hugh and Nicole film too.

  6. Hey congrats on being featured on Where the blog are you. Those look like some awesome movies.

    PS Your lay out has gone haywire.

  7. I've not seen Baz's Austrailia (it's on my list now though), but OMG I loved Muriel's Wedding (Toni Collette was amazing) and Priscilla! Thank you NetFlix! aAnd Thank you Lilly!

  8. Lilly, you said a mouthful when you said that Hugh Jackman looks hot. Thanks for posting this trailer; I had no plans to see the movie until now. Have a great Monday.

  9. @ solomon - I know there is some problem all fo a sudden with viewing my blog in Firefox i will have to investigate - its to do with the Youtube Videos.

    @ louisa - thank you for starting your site - its a great opportunity to network with other bloggers.

    @ Katy - thanks for dropping by and yes that is true they are great films too - we have so many now!

    @ Joce - yes, I know what you mean I need a lesson in brevity - ah well I will keep trying. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for ALL your comments!

    @ Sarah - I know Abba - whats not to love - did you see Mama Mia?

    @ Eric - thanks - yes well seems like there is a compatibility issue with Firefox and the You Tube videos. I will find out so i took them off the post for the time being.

    @ Politigirl - thanks for dropping by and Australia is released on November 14!

    @ Gran - yes Hugh is not only hot but a lovely guy as well - I have my fingers crossed tht it shows Australia in a different way and more accurately shows our countryside. Hope you have a great Monday too. The weekend just goes way too quickly!

  10. Congratulations on being featured on Where the Blog are You!

    Australia must be very, very beautiful.


  11. Hot is the word Lilly.
    One thing though - the trailer makes Oz look a bit like America's wild west. Okay we have horses and dust and jackaroos but ...
    Well done on Where the Blog are You? ... I'm about to get organised.

  12. Doesn't Hugh Jackman ALWAYS look hot???

    Congrats on your WTBAY day! :)

  13. hello there - better late than never ... am on the road so internet is a little shakey - but did not want to miss your big day :)

    Enjoy !! le

  14. I can't wait to see the film! I have the heart for Australia, the country was really kind to my mum when she had her scholarship many years ago...

  15. @ Nina - yes it is but everyone's sees theri home that way too! Imagine what you could paint though? Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your Georgia O'Keefe info.

    @ June - it is going to be interesting to see what they do with it really. It is beautiful in Kunnunurra though. Baz is into the aesthetics in a big way so I am sure it will look more beautiful than it is but I am looking forward to it because I think we need to be presented in a more sophisticated way thant some of our earlier films. Hope you got onto Where the Blog are you - good networking opportunity perhaps.

    @ Femina - yes he does and doestn he always seem like a nice, nice man.

    @ Le - Oh you poor thing travelling on the road ans till commenting - take care and have a good trip!!

    @ Khaye - oh your mother was at school here? How wonderful - I hope you get to see the film and enjoy.

  16. I think that the only people who are going to love this film are women, gays and anyone who believes aesthetics takes precedent over anything else in life. Baz and his wife Catherine are perfectionists so it will be a beautiful film. I am sure they have left no stone unturned in the making of this picture but lets hope they make it realistic too. I saw the pictures Annie Lebowitz did of Nicole and Hugh and they were over the top and perfectly detailed. I like imperfect beauty. I will be going to see it though or dragged along by my other half. Nicole leaves me cold and Hugh is too hot (male jealousy) so maybe between them it will work. Where the blog are you sounds interesting.

  17. Congrats on being featured on WTBAY!
    I like Hugh Jackman because he's hot! Phew!!
    I have to watch this film and Australia is truly beautiful!

  18. I want to see this film, too. Congratulations on being featured on Where the blog are you and thanks for your comments.

  19. Hi Lilly. Message for Dad

    "The whole world waits with bated breath for 'The Launch ' Hope it's done in style with balloons,speeches,a salvo and maybe a cake.Also would you like another daughter or have you enough with Lilly? I have been without a dad since 1971 and would love to have another one. They are quite useful things . Would you consider adoption ?I'd be no trouble. I wouldn't touch you for a loan or need taxiing anywhere. I keep my bedroom neat and tidy and do any chores without complaint.I hope you will look favourably on this proposition and look forward to hearing from you
    Love from Barbara "

  20. Dearest Luminous Lilly (great)

    I can now understand why Australians are so beautiful, having descended from people who look like Hugh J and Nicole K.

    I just love the real-life approach of the big-budget film industry.

    Is the problem solved with firefox? I use ff and it's always fine for me.



  21. Let's here it for Hugh Jackman. He ALWAYS looks hot!

  22. This forthcoming Australia movie has a lot of appeal. This suggests a widespread desire to revive epic drama and romance which has often taken second seat to other genres in pop culture films.

  23. @ Stephan - you could be right too but you guys get heaps of films anyway. Oh I imagine going and seeing this agian and again. Wouldnt it be great if it was another Gone with the Wind...I hope so.

    @ Eastcostlife - yep he is hot I think we all agree.

    @ Judy - thanks for your comments too. I wish we had Halloween here. Some do celebrate but its not very big.

    @ Barbara -
    i have read you message to my Dad and he said there is always room for one more - he has four daughters! hopefully Friday will be his first post. He has been a little unwell for a couple of days - too much excitement. Thanks for your very sweet message. Have I told you you hahve a terrific wit - I love fun people!

    @ Hello Henry - no unfortunately we dont all look like Hugh and Nicole - who'd have thought they were both over 40 for starters!! Yes, they may well overdo this movie but I kin dof like overdone - I loved Baz's previous effort too. As for Firefox well I think it has to do with my Youtube video posting so not sure - I had a few clips psoted and it was doing funny things for those that use FF. Ah well

    @ Preston - he does too - I never like him much before but men get better as they get older and women just get older (I cant believe I said that but its the truth becaue I am a living example. I am just working on my mind instead these days - thers always room for improvement, he he).

    @ Liara - I am hoping it paints Australia in a positive light. We need a mature, and confident take on our country. We have tended to focus on stereotypes in previous Australian movies I think. Thanks for dropping by.

  24. Lilly, the movie looks like a sure hit. I had not heard of it until now. Ah, Nicole Kidman, what was that loony-bird Tom Cruise thinking? Oh, sorry, I was drifting a bit there.

    Anyway, I love your silent Sundays, but where's the fairness? You show those fabulous dishes, the beautiful blue sky and more delicious dishes and I can't comment!!! Actually, it may be just as well, I would have to wear a lobster bib to keep the drool off the keyboard.

    Congrats on being features on "Where the blog are you", that is really cool. And very much deserved.

  25. Australia - I wish to visit once.

  26. Hello, I was here hopping in your blog.

  27. @ Matt - I hope it does well - might do good things for our tourism too. Not so fond of Nicole or Tom for that matter, he he. I love baking and I hated it at a time I should have liked it - just not a conventional person I guess. I have never made an apple pie before this weekend either. Simple things kind of are important to me now.

    @ Hobo - well i hope you get to visit Australia too sometime,

    @ Marlyms - thanks for dropping by - come back again.

  28. It's an interesting movie worth watching.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I like the nice collage you posted earlier. I love laid back weekends. It's always rewarding to take it easy once in a while and enjoy life.

  29. @ Rachel - thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments. Yes quite weekends are the best!

  30. So, what's Hugh got that the rest of us haven't then? I cannot see it myself lol! I am sure one of you will remind me though.

  31. I am also hanging out to see this film!!!!!

  32. @ Heart of Rachel - yes i cannot wait - jsut hope it lives up to all the expectations - the pressure then again it cost 150m to make - hard to imagine really!

    @ Stefan - ok well he is charming, happily married to and older woman, has two children he seems to be forever phtotographed with, is a great actor, singer, dancer and just to top it off is extremely good looking. Is that enough for you to get the picture? Lol!!

    @ Swift jan - congrats on your WTBAY day!!! Hope its fun!

  33. Hi Lilly,
    I'd definitely be going to see the movies. I like both Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. And most of all, I like Australia even though I haven't been there yet. But one of these days, hubby and I'll make it there somehow. Thanks for sharing.

  34. WOW! I just saw a five minute preview of thismovie and now I cannot wait to see it.

    Hugh is just so hot...

    Popped over from SITs - great blog.

  35. Well apparently the video is not available in the United States... however I recently watched some behind the scenes and I can't wait to see it. Hugh Jackman is delicious. ;)

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog:) Your compliments are much appreciated and very kind. :) I hope that you have a tender cozy weekend as winter is well on it's way... oh wait ... your in Australia... it's probably beautiful with sunshine there..right? Well, all the same... have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to reading more of your work as well. :) Not to mention falling more in love with Australia. It is a beautiful adventurous place. :)


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