Thursday 9 October 2008

Lilly has a dot com

And a possible new guest blogger.

More about that later.

I spent some time with my father today while my mother was away.

My Dad needs full time care. He is 81, 6 feet tall, 60 kilos, nearly blind, deaf in one ear, not very mobile and has a mind like a steel trap.

He also gives the most incredible advice, has the most beautiful sparkly blue eyes, is sports mad and is incredibly funny.

As soon as I arrived he told me he was giving some very serious thought to being a donor when he dies. Now given he has already had about 15 surgeries and various body parts have already been 'removed' or operated on, I couldn't quite imagine what he had in mind.

"What do you want to donate Dad?" I asked.

"Well, I have only one thing of any use and I want it to go to someone in the family", he said very seriously.

I moved closer to him because I could sense this was going to be one of those conversations.

"What are you thinking you would like to donate?" I said.

He paused, and looked at me with a very solemn face.

"My hair," he said.

"Your hair?" I asked incredulously.

"Yes", he said, "My hair is the best part of me. So I want to give it to my son or son in laws given they are all follicly challenged. I just have to decide which one would benefit the most from a hair transplant."

I just shook my head and he burst out laughing.

I ALWAYS fall for his stories and jokes.

He then asked me how that internet writing thing was going.

"It's good fun", I said, "it's better than a therapist and today I even got my own dot com."

"Oh, I'm not even going to ask what that is," he said, "I just hope it's legal and above board".

He then asked if I would read some of my blog to him and explain how it all works. I've never really talked to him about my blog even though I've tried to encourage my mother (who is already a published history author) to start a blog. I just assumed that Dad wouldn't be interested.

My father used to use computers but he cannot read a computer screen now because of his sight. I read him a couple of my posts and some other blogger's posts (a few of you might get his reviews later - he was suitably impressed).

He then pointed to my new laptop and said, "what name did you give her?"

I said, "I don't have a name and why is it a her?"

"Of course computers are hers," he said.

"The minute you get a new one a better one will come along. Their language is impossible to understand and after getting one you´ll spend half of your salary in accessories." he laughed.

Dad then asked for some paper and a pen because he wanted to write something. I was curious because my father never writes anything now due to his poor eyesight.

He started writing quickly so I left him to it and went to get him a coffee.

When I came back he was just finishing his third page. He ripped the sheets off the pad and handed them to me.

"What's that?" I said laughing, "you haven't written a letter in 20 years."

"Oh, that's a story for your blog", he said matter-of-factly. "I hope you can read my writing. I think you need some help. You could be a lot funnier".

And of course, as expected, his story is hilarious. So, I guess I may have a new guest blogger on my blog (or he will want to start his own). So stay tuned. This is a man who makes jokes to the medical staff even as he is going under anaesthetic and about to be operated on.

He is proof that no matter what life throws at you, if you smile, share a joke and a laugh with those around you, you can get through most things in life. Better still, no matter how old we both get, he always manages to teach me important lessons. Today I was reminded that I need to focus on my father's many abilities not his many disabilities.

So stay tuned for Des Says. I guess I am happy to share one of the most important people in my life with you all.

A man with sparkly blue eyes, a great sense of humor and, as he said, a damn fine head of hair.

Please note the new Lilly's Life blog address.


  1. What an inspiration your father is, Lilly! So that's where you get your sense of humor from!

  2. He is proof that no matter what life throws at you, if you smile, share a joke and a laugh with those around you, you can get through most things in life.

    That's it. Enough said right there. Proof that (ahem) great minds think alike!

  3. Thanks Gran. Yes he is and I love him so. I wish he could give his sense of humor to people because a lot of people would benefit. Have a great weekend!

  4. Mr Bill - well you are one of those people who also have an incredible sense of humor and must make a lot of people around you happy. All I know is you have a very funny blog and your posts make me smile so thanks!!

  5. I too have a father who is very, very funny and "well read". We share a lot of similar likes as well. It's so inspiring to read about how much you obviously love your dad.

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Larke - thanks for your comment. Fantastic lucky you - another Dad with a great sense of humor! Aren't we lucky! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I see where you get your sense of humor from, Lilly! You're father sounds like a great Dad.

    I think it's great that you read your blog to him. My Mom is blind. She has a computer that talks to her. I don't know if this is something your Dad would be interested in?

    Can't wait to read what your father wrote! I laughed when I read "I think you need some help. You could be a lot funnier"

    Hehe... that's a parent for you!

    And story about a hair thing.... in the plantation homes in the South, you can find Crosses made out of VERY intricate strands of hair. Instead of putting hair in a locket for memory, they made crosses out of it. I do a lot of jewelry making and let me say ~ very impressive (though a little eerie).

  8. Your father sounds like a trip. I love that. I try to live my life in that way...because even at your lowest point, there HAS to be something a person can laugh at. And what a great way to bring yourself up when you're low and keep yourself up when you're up.

    Awesome post. I can't wait to read his "blog."

    And in a completely unrelated question because I'm curious...and you've probably been asked this a million times already but I gotta ask anyway... do American accents sound as cool to Aussies as Aussie accents sound to Americans?

  9. Hi Lilly
    What a great character and a wonderful inspiration, Please will you tell him "Love from Barbara- eagerly awaiting your Blog contributions. My hair is thinning rapidly so if there's any left over please could I have a little bit-especially if it's blond ?"

  10. I think it's really cool that you and your dad are close. And he's absolutely right about computers.

  11. Congrats on your
    This is very fine news!

    You and your Dad have a great deal in common, which is fabulous!!!

    It is wonderful to try to see humor whenever and wherever possible.


  12. I also like that statement 'no matter what life throws at you...'
    It's inspirational.

    Your dad must have a lot great of stories to tell.

  13. Great post! Lucky you, still having your father. I'll look forward to seeing Des Says. :)

    Re: the

    How'd you do that! Inquiring minds want to know. :)

  14. Lilly, your father sounds an awful lot like my daddy. I lost my dad in August and I would have loved to have shared some things with him from my blog.

    I would have also loved to have shared some of his wicked, dry sense of humour with everyone.

    What a gift you have been blessed with!

    Peace - Rene

  15. Congrads on your dot com!! Your dad sounds like the kind of dad/grandpa that everyone would want. I love his hair to share! that cracked me up. When he does his post I am going to have to make sure I don't have a drink at hand like I did this time because when I read that line I spit water out my nose :o)

    I can't wait to read his guest post.
    Thanks for sharing you dad with us.

  16. This is so refreshing and I look forward to reading your dad's blog entry. When you said he had sparkling blue eyes, my own dad jumped into my mind because he had those same eyes and was also 6 ft. when he was young. I love that he still has such a great sense of humor. Great post.

  17. Lilly - What a fabulous post! Your relationship with your dad comes shining through in this post. I just love his sense of humor and his "take" on things. His sense of humor sounds so much like my dad; he loved playing tricks and telling jokes. Cherish every moment with him!

    Also, My aunt (Dad's sister) and my uncle are both blind and they use their computer religiously. My uncle makes part of his living teaching blind people how to use a computer using special software. Your dad may not be interested in something like that but I just think it is amazing that blind people are able to use a computer almost as well as those of us with sight.

    Again, wonderful post, I just loved it. And congratulations on the dot com!!! I think that is terrific, and (as evidenced by the number of comments on your posts) you are developing quite the following. I hope your new site becomes very popular, and lots of people get to know the Lilly we all are blessed to know, so they can enjoy your sense of humor and your terrific storytelling!

    Good luck and congratulations!

  18. Oh, Lilly! He sounds so much like MY dad, - even the hair! ;-) Can't wait to read his new posts!

  19. OH....I can't wait to read what your father wrote. Hurry up and print it!!!! :)

  20. Do you notice Lilly that many of us girls on here all think our fathers are incredibly funny. Isn't it the best? You know what is going to happen now don't you? He is gong to want to take over your blog, lol! You better set the boundaries girl otherwise I can see Des's Life being the new title. Cannot wait to see what he says! Hair transplants indeed. Does your brother or brother inlaws read this? Very funny! You have to post his picture as well.

  21. Lilly, your dad and mine would have been great friends if they had ever met. I love your dads sense of humor, and his outlook. Simply amazing.

    You not funny enough, half the time I read your posts, my sides start hurting from laughing so hard.

    I would love to read some of his stories. I hope you can post them soon, you have me in a state of anticipation.

    Congratulations on your Dot com.

  22. Have you any more where your Dad came from Lilly? You could do a roaring trade!
    Be careful of the blogging thing - he could nudge you out.
    You've got him right on the page with us all too. A big gold stamp on the back of your hand for this post!
    Thanks for dropping by on Journeys again ...

  23. congrats on your dot com .... isn't it fun to just have you and the dot com ...

    You are blessed to have your dad - what a star he is ...

    My dad is 74 and now teaches 'oldies' how to use the web and computers in generl ... yet he refuses to read my blog - odd but typical ... have a lovely weekend - le

  24. Laughter is definitely the best therapy there is.

    When I read about you and your Dad and your shared sense of humour it reminds me of me and my Dad, we also have a great relationship and a very good sense of humour.

    I loved your dads analogy of a laptop, very funny!

    When will you be posting his story...I look forward to it.

  25. 1st of all thanks for your kind words. Yeah, yoga may improve physical condition, particularly regarded as a solution to modern life stress. But yes, there is always a but ....and I'm focusing on that but, in fact 'buts'. Yea I would like to add your site in my blog and if you back link my site, it will be great for me.
    Oh, your dad is an incredible person even at 81. If you add my site pl mail me your link at

  26. Wow, Lilly. Tht's really cool. Your dad sounds like a hoot. :-) Can't wait to read his stories -- if they're like yours, he may have to get his own blog!


  27. having a sense of humour is so vital Lilly and it sounds like your Dad has a wonderful view on life....

  28. I have an award for you at

  29. Lilly I can now see where you get your sparkle from.I can't wait to read his story.He sounds a hoot ... not an old coot.

  30. Ps I should have read all the comments ...honest I didn't copy.

    Did you ever read Olive's blog - she wrote it with Mike.

  31. This post tickels my funny bone! Humour nurtures good health. Your dad certainly has a lively mind. My dad has not spoken about particular organ donation to me but I would bet that subject would make great dinner conversation during my next visit!

  32. Sounds like you have a great relationship with your dad. What a cutie!
    Life of a Juggernaut

  33. I'm looking forward to hearing what Des has to say. Sounds like you're blessed with great parents Lily :)

  34. as a baldy, let me just say that I am really envious of men with a full head of hair.

    only a 'baldie' knows...

    1. how the rain runs straight into your eyes, off the top of your dome

    2. how the worst thing in the world is when your toupee flys off in the wind and you run across the road, trying to catch it, as the whole world laughs.

    3. how much more it hurts when you bang your head on something.



  35. To Aleta, Tami, Matt, Barbara, Solomon, Soul Merlin, Joce, Ac, Liara, Trish, Henry, Kim, Pearl, Eric, Sarah, Jud, Rene, Leslie,Nina and Chrstine - thanks everyone for your comments. I read them out to Dad and his blue eyes were twinkling moreso. He has had a couple fo bad days so I am sure by Friday we will have his first post up. We really appreciate your comments everyone!

  36. Oh my that's such a great post Lily. Made me miss my dad more;( He sounds like a great dad.

    So I guess you got your funniness from him;)? I found it funny too that he said; you could be funnier! I am looking forward to his guest posting!

    Congrats on the dot com by the way! I will edit your link on my blogroll. You found my other blog too hehehe - I really should stop making new ones cause one is already difficult to manage.

  37. Awww..your dad sounds alot like mine. Sweet but funny and onery. My dad gives EVERYONE a hard time...nurses, waitresses, me, ect.

  38. Now we know where you got that witty sense of humor! Your dad sounds like great fun to be around. The best is yet to come...I'm waiting for that post!

  39. @ Jade - thanks for stopping by - you are one busy girl with all your blogs. I appreciate your comments.

    @ Tiffany - yes Dads are clearly all very much alike no matter where they are it seems.

    @ Trouble x 2 - thanks Tia, nice to see you here. Yes his post is coming Friday. Bless him, who knows what he is going to come out with. I trust him, sort of.

  40. Lilly, I just read your dad's blogs and loved them. he should start his own blog, what an amazing and wonderful man.


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