Thursday 16 October 2008

Des Says


Hello, my name is Des and I am a blogger!!

Lilly's guest blogger.

I am Lilly’s father; the one she told you is donating his pride and joy, his hair, to his loved ones (or at least the ones who need help in that area). I am growing it now so there's more to go round. It’s good to give back and if I had any more body parts that worked, I would happily donate them too. Unfortunately, I don't have any that do.

Lilly tells me I’ve finally arrived. It’s nice to be here. In fact, at 81 it’s nice to be anywhere.

I only discovered what a blog was a week or so ago. We never stop learning and the older you get the better it is to discover new things. At least that’s what I keep telling her. Personally, I still have time on my side.

Even though I'm ancient I still think I'm incredibly handsome. I'm also nearly blind so that may explain a few things. I believe our eyesight starts to fail the older we get for a reason. I think it's God's way of being kind to us as we age. He knows we still have to look in the mirror on the odd occasion and any nasty shocks could be detrimental to our health.

Fortunately, I am still in my first marriage. I guess it’s wrong to talk about my marriage as if it's a temporary arrangement but I think it’s wise to never take anything for granted. My current wife hates it when I talk like that. Being deaf helps me deal with her concerns in a polite, yet interested way.

I appreciate and love my wife a great deal though. She’s the talent in the family. She’s made it easy for me in many, many ways. For instance, we got married on her birthday. So every year I give her flowers and a present (I never missed even when in hospital - I didn’t want to risk a further injury). I can proudly boast that I’ve never forgotten our anniversary in 50 years.

Lilly has always been on the unusual creative side. She's No 3 of my five children. You know what they say about middle children. I guess I could tell many, many stories to embarrass her but after she read some of her blog to me I notice she does a fine job of that herself.

Has she told you the story about the time she got her hair cut by a la-de-da French hairdresser? She sobbed over that haircut for the next ten years. Never mention the words French or hairdresser to her in the one sentence, ever, because the waterworks will start all over again. Decades later. Or, did she tell you about the amount of time she spent as a teenager trying to make a simple sponge cake? Being the good parent I was, I encouraged her to live her dreams. A few months and two hundred failed, rock hard sponge cakes later, I was left with a very attractive path in my garden. As luck would have it, once she finally perfected the sponge she never made another one ever again. I better stop there though because she owns this blog and I shouldn’t really bite the hand that feeds me.

I don’t sing or dance anymore. Or bunjee jump. I do a little gardening. I watch sports. I listen to politics. I drink a Scotch whisky every day. And I like to talk. Strangely, my family encourage more drinking than talking. I eat five meals a day but still cannot put on weight. My boyhood dream was to be an astronaut. Sadly, while I now can finally make the weight restrictions, I seemingly don't make the age restrictions. C’est la vie.

Life is full of swings and roundabouts. By the time you get to 81 you’ve learned a lot. The hardest thing is trying to remember it all. I keep my brain busy. I think the most important thing I've learnt is that there is no point in worrying about anything. Most things you worry about never materialise anyway. Happiness for me has come from having a close knit loving family (even if at times you wish you lived in a different city), great friends and being involved in the community.

In my next post (if Lilly lets me back some time) I would like to tell you about the six essentials of life that my father taught me when I was a boy. If you think Blanche’s advice is behind the times, wait till you hear what my father said to me. Maybe some of that old advice is just what we need in these uncertain times (although I can tell you a whisky a day doesn't hurt much either).

Supposedly a good blog should have a good ending and beginning and nothing much in between (are you reading Lilly?), so I will leave it at that for now.


PS: Barbara, I have given careful consideration to your adoption request. Four daughters such as mine (think about it, that's Lilly x 4) would normally be quite enough but I have been looking at your blog and I see you are self sufficient, a fine cook, knit wonderful jumpers and are extremely witty. Given I already have one daughter who lives in the UK I don’t think one more would be too burdensome. As long as you never mention the medal haul the British took at this years' Olympics, things will be fine. I look forward to hearing whether this will be agreeable to you.


  1. Well Dad, it's a really great first post, besides your little stories about me (but I realise they could have been way worse). You are most welcome to come back and be a guest blogger any time you feel like it on Lilly's Life. Every blogger will tell you it's addictive and I think you have caught the bug. Oh and by the way, I think you are incredibly handsome - the mirror is not lying! I am incredibly proud that you are now a blogger, another string to your bow. I think all your grandchildren are going to be in shock! Love Lilly

  2. Oh, this is such a great post! Yes, please let him come back. We will be waiting to hear the six essentials of life... Thank you so much for your wisdom and perspective, Des.

  3. Des, it was a true pleasure to meet you. I myself take a glass (ot two) of bourbon everyday. I'll toast you this evening when I do.

    Thanks, Lily for sharing your dad.

  4. Hello Mr. Des

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I loved your story and look forward to your next post :o) ~ Thank you for sharing your humor and Lilly stories.
    I hope you have a great day.

    Lilly, thanks for sharing ~ funny stuff you dad has there!

  5. Hello Mr. Des

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I loved your story and look forward to your next post :o) ~ Thank you for sharing your humor and Lilly stories.
    I hope you have a great day.

    Lilly, thanks for sharing ~ funny stuff you dad has there!

  6. Lilly, thank you for sharing our Dad with the world of bloggers.

    What a treat! I can't wait to read what he has to say next!

  7. Lilly, your father has lived up to the hype! He has provided some wonderful insight. I took notes.

    Please bring him back again sometime soon.

  8. Well, now we know where you get it, don't we, Lilly? :-) Very enjoyable post, Des. I do hope you come back, as I'd like to hear those six things your dad told you.

  9. Hi Mr. Des ~ I thoroughly enjoyed your post. What a wonderful sense of humor! The beautiful thing about humor is the truth found within it, dressed with a smile. I look forward to reading about the six essentials.

    Hi Lilly ~ Ummm, any pictures of that hairstyle you want to share?

  10. We want Des! We want Des!

    I don't mean we don't want you Lilly. I just mean that your dad is a dear! And based on the picture you posted, still very handsome at 81. I love his outlook on life. How fortunate for you to have someone like that to look up to your life. Even in one post, I can see where you get your amazing heart and outlook. He sounds amazing and I look forward to another one of is posts soon.

    Maybe he should start his own blog!!! Imagine the hits he'd get!!!

  11. I absolutely loved this post... Des did a fine job! A big thanks to Lilly for sharing! And 81...hmpf my Gram would say, "that's meerly a spring chicken!"

    I look forward to more wisdom and follies!

  12. Hi Des ~ First all all, I promise not to mention the medal haul we Brits took at the Olympics (I didn't even know we did) ~

    I have no hair - I remember one child asking me why I kept the bits at the side - so I should put in a small stake for a few strands. I am also on the lookout for a new bladder and colon, and a left ear-drum, so if you know of anyone - put in a good word for me if you will.

    It's really neat that you married when you did ~ anniversary and birthday together. In the theatre we call it 2 for 1 - it sounds like the show is good. :)

    I'm glad you mentioned Blanche...I keep scrolling to the post on Lilly's blog to gaze at her again.

    so Des, good to meet you (I won't mention French or Hairdresser I promise)


  13. Mr. Des,

    Great first post. I look forward to reading more in the future.

    Also, you are not even close to ancient. BTW I can tell by your pic that you are indeed very handsome.

    I'm not trying to hit on you. I'm just stating the facts.:)


  14. I am so teary eyed right now. Your dad is so clever and quick witted. I think that is why you are so smart and capable and creative. I am sort of envious because I wish I had a healthy relationship with my dad! You are a great daughter to him!!! I look up to you girl!

    Life of a Juggernaut

  15. Hi Des,
    Congratulations on the wonderful launch! No doubt you'll soon have a flourishing fan club. Have you arranged for autographed photographs to be readily available? Also have you considered having some T-shirts made with "I LOVE DES " printed on the front ? I'm sure they'd be best sellers and in great demand.

    I've printed your post, for one reason to show some old biddies I know in the hope that your indomitable spirit and keen sense of humour will be an inspiration to them all. For another , I wanted your adoption offer in print so you can't rescind. Thank you for your consideration. I would love to accept and join your family. It will also mean that I'll have something I've always wanted -- a sister- and x 4 at that
    I promise never to mention the vast number Olympic gold medals we won.
    I look forward to the development of our relationship and your future posts.
    Your loving daughter,

  16. Please come back. I want to hear about the 6 essentials.

  17. Des, I think you should start your own blog. And Lilly must get her good looks from you!

  18. Hi Lily, it's nice to meet you. I'm so glad you popped in to my blog, too!! You're so very pretty! I've enjoyed reading what your Daddy has written, he seems like a fun guy!! Let him come back, he probably has some good stories about you we would love to hear about! lol Hope you'll come back any ole time.
    Be a sweetie,

  19. Des, you absolutely slay me. I cannot wait until you write again.
    Just some good, old fashioned uncomplicated common sense. Unfortunately it's not that common anymore.

    Peace - Rene

  20. Des, truly nice to meet you. We'll have to get a few more of those cute stories about Lilly. You have to keep her on her toes you know, good for the blood pressure. You have a sense of humor so like that of my late father.

    I look forward to your six essentials of life. I'm sure I can have a glass of scotch whiskey ready and waiting. If Lilly gives you any trouble, just let us know, we'll handle her for ya LOL.

  21. How sweet you let your dad post! My Dad would have said one word: Hello.

  22. Hi Pop!

    What a great first post! I knew you'd be a hit...

    Love Jordan

    PS. You are a very handsome man, spose I had to get my good looks from somewhere ;)

  23. Hi and welcome, Des. What a great opening blog! I haven't yet read everything Lilly's written (there's so much!), so I can't be sure, but I don't think we've heard about the ... er ... foreign ... um ... hair thingummy guy.

    Just a thought, when my eyesight gets a bit worse, I just MIGHT decide I WILL try bungy jumping - I won't be able to see how flaming scary it is then!

  24. Welcome Des, we knew Lilly must have got her sense of humor from somewhere. Liked your Lilly stories. something tells me she has a few in her life to date!

    You also have more hair than me which I find particularly disturbing given I am in my 30s.

    I have been thinking, since you were very generous to adopt Barbara you may consider another son. I notice you only have one and that's a hell of a lot of women you pair have to contend with. I drink Tooheys, I like football and cricket (although I am a Pom) and I
    love prawns on the barbie. I too would promise never to mention our beating you in the Olympic medal count but it must be a first musn't it? So how about it mate? Am I in or not?

    Seriously well done and I look forward to hearing from you on the six essentials of life. I could do with some help in that direction.

  25. Hello Des, such an honor to meet you. I loved your post, and what a fine post it was. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and, Sir, your "middle" apple surely must make you very proud, indeed. All of her blogging friends adore her. She really has one of the best blogs in the blogoshere, as you can tell by the number of comments she gets on her posts, and now with some guest posts from you she may have just put her blog in a category of it's own.

    I am so glad you decided to post on Lilly's blog (it is addictive, isn't it?), and I hope you and Lilly will make it a regular feature. As you can tell from all the positive comments to your post you have many new fans. And I hope you don't mind, Sir, being sort of an adopted father to those of us who are not fortunate enough to have our dad's with us any longer (that is if Lilly doesn't mind sharing you).

    I look forward to the next installment of "Des Says". Until then, take care of yourself and think of some more funny stories about Lilly.

  26. I want more Lilly stories, Des! What a great post.

    Welcome to blogging. I hope you start your own blog soon.

    I hope you write about the six essentials of life soon. Lilly has your sense of humor!

  27. Hi Mr Des, Wonderful post. And I cant wait to hear more of these wonderful pearls of wisdom from you...

    Lilly, maybe you need to go on a vacation and handover your blog to your Dad :-)

    In short, Des Rocks !

    (Waiting to read more. ....)

  28. Go for it, Dad!


    What a handsome devil you are too! And what a mop of hair …a lot 30year old men would be pleased to have your locks!
    Des you gave me such a laugh …love to hear more of your stories PLEASE!

  30. Wow what a cool bloke you have for a Dad Lilly. Half your luck!
    I reckon he has a lot more than hair to recommend him - can't beat a keen sense of humour. And wisdom to boot.
    I wouldn't worry too much that Lilly owns the blog Des. I reckon there'd be a riot if she didn't invite you back.
    June - another Aussie sheila.

  31. Wow it's definitely a great post, Mr. Des!

    Lily, you must let him come back- pretty please. Or maybe you should make him his own blog? What do you think?

    Can we see a picture of that said haircut? LOL! Looking forward to that.

  32. Des, I think Lilly should bump off Blanche from the site, give her to Henry who fancies her and you can come back (Lilly did say you can come back anyway when you want). Good on you, for blogging, I haven't tried it yet I just read other peoples. Look forward to the next post.

  33. Hi Des, How nice to meet Lilly's dad. I can see where she gets her writing ability. I enjoyed your post very much and like everyone else am eagerly awaiting the six essentials of life. You will probably be hooked after this and Lilly will be giving us the name of a new blog by her father. Thanks for a great post.

  34. Thank you Lilly for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. Love your posts. Love your Dad. He has a great sense of humor. Welcome to blogging.

  35. Well Des, now I can explain Lilly's fine sense of humour and her good looks. I'm really looking forward to reading the six essentials of life as I totally agree with the no worries strategy of living.
    Do come back, and maybe you and Lilly write a piece together - some sort of father/daughter dialogue - as I think it would be soooooooo funny.
    Lilly, your father is an inspiration!

  36. Loved your post, Des, and look forward to many more.
    Lilly is a very lucky woman to have a father (and mother) like you.
    I see now where she got her great sense of humor.

  37. I loved it! and yes i agree, I want to read more.

  38. Des, what you say about not assuming anything is permanent is very wise. I like that idea because then you do not get disappointed or shocked that way if something happens to take that away from you. Very entertaining post.

  39. I just loved this seem like such a dear sweet man. Maybe you should start a blog of your You do a great job at writing! If you don't start your own then definitely post on here more. By the way, you have beautiful daughter. Thanks for your post on my blog, Lilly!
    Kimmis Krazy World
    Flipping Adventures
    Kims Kountry Kitchen
    Postcard from Somewhere
    Busy Bee Village
    Talk Time with Kim

  40. I really like that part about being deaf. I am just about there myself at the age of 42. It is so nice to be able to take my hearings aids out and see lips moving but no sound LOL. This is one of the first times that I have read the blog but it is great that you had you dad as a guest. Wonderful job and a wonderful post by your father.

  41. Hello Des --

    Welcome to the blogosphere. So... are you going to have your own blog soon? :)

  42. hello, have a nice weekend!!

  43. It's so sweet to read your dad's blog. There is a plenty of knowledge and information on the net for everyone.

  44. What a hoot! Cracking up here. Going to have to go change my depends after this post!

  45. Guest bloggers are so much fun to read! I love your dad's story of the shortcut; having married his wife on her birthday. Lots of people go through phases where they almost forget special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. The get both in one hit is truly marvelous! Ds also remarks how he is always learning. This helps to explain his youthful zest for life. When a person is unmotivated or uninspired, the outlook changes.

  46. Hello Dad

    Thanks for spending the time with us ... we could all use a great cyber dad I think ... cheers le

  47. Hi Lily!! Well, I'll tell you what - I do agree that Donny Osmond is still as cute as a bug. But honey, you're gorgeous!!
    Thanks for popping in to see me today!
    Be a sweetie,

  48. Loved this! Your dad is so witty and wise. Have him back!

  49. Thank you everyone for welcoming me to blogging. I very much enjoyed all of your comments and I will be back soon on Lilly's Life to share some more stories with you. Thanks again.

  50. Des has a new fan!
    Love the post :) I can't wait to hear "the six essentials of life."
    Come back soon!

  51. Classic.

    Your Dad writes so well and is hilarious!

  52. well Des...
    welcome to the world of blogging!!
    I can see where Lilly's fantastic sense of humour comes from :)
    I have to say that you're a very handsome fellow and your hair looks great :)
    I'm a great believer in a scotch a day !!!

  53. Well, it is nice to meet Des!

    It is easy to see who is a role model for Lilly's sense of humor.

    This was a very nice post!

  54. Fantastic! New to Lilly's blog... but lovin' it. Des -- Gimme six! I can hardly wait! Adlibby

  55. Hello, Mr. Des! I have looked at your picture, and you ARE an incredibly handsome man! So, whether you can see yourself or not, that's one less thing you need to worry about.

    I can't wait to read your next post. I will be on the edge of my seat!

    Blessings to you, Sir!

  56. Thank you Troublex2, Tif, Nina, Kim, Adlibby and Renae for your comments on my post. I will be posting another story on the weekend. I hope you come back again.

  57. Gold! And definately worth the wait. Welcome to blogland Des :) I look forward to hearing more... <><

  58. I love what your Dad had to say. You SHOULD bring him back sometime.

  59. Hello Des,
    Now I know where Lilly gets her natural comedic talents. I absolutely love your first post. I'll be coming back again to read more.

    Fifty years of marriage is most impressive.

    Your post is full of life and laughter. Thanks for making my day this weekend. And welcome to the world of blogging.

    (Lilly's friend in Cheyenne, Wyoming)

  60. Hi Lilly, I came over to you from Sylvia's blog. I just met/found Sylvia and now it's led me to you. I was scrolling down your blog quickly because I'm supposed to be working on a project right now, not reading blogs. Anyway, your Dad's post caught my eye (maybe because he's so handsome) and without intending to, I read the whole piece. It is just magnificent. I actually laughed OUT LOUD which ahem, caught my husband's eye so he knows I probably wasn't working on organizing our trip photos. Your dad is a man everybody should have for a dad. He is so full of good humor, love and creativity. I can tell he's creative. He's also a terrific writer! Good gosh. He should write a book. I'd buy it! Tell him to start a blog, too. I'd like to be a follower.

  61. Hello sir,

    i dropped by to say i enjoyed reading your thoughts. I suddenly miss my dad today more. Some things you've said here are strangely familiar.

    It's wonderful of Lily to have you as a guest. would love to read more of your coming posts. Take care.



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