Friday 24 October 2008

Blogging Baffles Brains

No, not Mine or Yours.

Theirs. The ones that don’t necessarily get ‘it’.

The whole Blogging phenomenon. That is.

Was it something I said? Yep.

Was it something you said? You betcha!

It hit me today about how much your writing and artistic endeavours are affecting my life. Yes, I’m talking about you sitting behind that computer screen.

It’s like some kind of 'blogmosis'. It creeps up on you and before you know it you are talking about your favourite blogs in your conversations with family and friends.

Today I met friends for lunch. We started to discuss politics. US politics.

In the course of the conversation we talked about political ads. I started quoting Matt's latest post from Matt-Speak. The words just slipped out of my mouth without a second's thought.

"Who‘s Matt?", someone asked curiously.

"He’s a great blogger from Texas" I said.

"Oh, right!"

Then we spoke about a mutual friend who was going camping in the Tasmanian wilderness. I spoke about my blogging friend Robin from Naked in Eden who lived in the Australian rainforest for ten years.

"Who's Robin?", they chorused.

"She’s an inspirational blogger from New Mexico", I said.

"Oh right!" Eyebrows rose in unison.

I started to feel a little uncomfortable. I was inadvertently ‘blog-dropping’ to people who didn't have a clue what I was talking about. Maybe it was totally inappropriate of me. I could see the silent wheels of ‘WTF’ turning ever so slowly in synchronisation before me.

Then we got on to the subject of clairvoyants. I opened my mouth again. I told them about Henry from the UK (Soul Merlin who has three blogs), his wonderful spiritual experiences and his creative writing.

"Who's Henry?".

"Oh, he’s a wonderful blogger from the UK," I mumbled. " I think I need to send you my favourite blog links so you can see for yourselves."

My level of 'blog dropping' and my need to talk about them made me think about how much I am learning and gaining from seeing the world through others’ eyes. Reading blogs and hearing different points of view has increased my understanding about lots of issues. Even though I've never met any of my favourite bloggers and more than likely never will.

I only wish language and political barriers didn’t prevent us from communicating more freely with those in say China, Russia or the Middle East. How much more could we learn and therefore better understand?

We all know about the nature of ripples. We throw a stone and it causes ripples. We say something and it causes ripples. We take action and it causes ripples. We bloggers belong to a community – and our behaviour in that community causes ripples. All those ripples affect other people. Whether we realise it or not.

I’d therefore like to mention a few of my long standing favourite blogs (that I have had since Lilly's Life was born) that continue to create ripples for me. In different ways.

As well as Matt, Henry and Robin there is also Jon who is a freelance writer in Ireland, Tasha whose writing a novel online, Nina from New York whose art I have started to collect and who is a wonderful talent, Judi(jlo) whose jois de vie inspires me every day and the incredibly funny Horatio salt from Wundurful Wurld who is guaranteed to have you laughing for days. Go pay them a visit because they provide a balanced dose of what is entirely good for you.

Of course I have many more blogs that I have discovered in recent times and whom I follow and often feature in the left hand column of my blog (they aren’t ads they are just my favourite places). There are so many talented people in the world and all I can say is thanks for sharing and making my world a better and more interesting place.

Yes, I am looking directly at YOU!

Tell me, am I the only one that feels they are walking this fine line between the real world and the virtual world? Do you find yourself dropping names of bloggers into conversations or retelling their stories to others in your life? Have you actually met up with other bloggers or joined blogger groups where you live?

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  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean by all that. Yes, it's true, bloggers do talk about other bloggers almost as if they know them, although, of course, they mostly don't. No, Lilly, I can't say I've ever met any of the bloggers who's work I like (apart from one that I knew before I started blogging) - apart from anything else, they're from all over the world. But isn't that the point? What I tend to think we're doing is substituting the physical community that often seems to have died out throughout many (most?) western societies, with this virtual one. Like-minded people, even people who don't think exactly the same but like to debate can, through blogging, discuss what's going on with in the world and yes, the ripples do occur and they do have some sort of effect - good or bad.

    Long may it be so, because I for one enjoy communicating with others, whether they agree with me or not and I certainly DO learn not only what others think, but often WHY, which is sometimes more important, don't you think?

  2. Oh gosh Lilly, I even quote other bloggers!( giving them credit, of course)

    I just love this online community of writers and dreamers.

    Especially the writers from far away places that I may never see in my lifetime.

    Peace - Rene

  3. You have just "said" what I was "thinking" today.

    Exactly. You hit the nail on the head. Yep. :)

  4. Lilly, You are so right about the blogging world out there. I do the exact same thing you do when I am with friends. There are so many interesting people that blog and they have so many wonderful things to say. We are a community and a close one at that. I have some friends I have tried to get to join me in the blogging world that are just not interested. They don't know what they are missing.

  5. Hey Lilly

    Oh my gosh I do this all the time! I will be talking to someone and I say "my blog friends" said this or that. It's good to know I am not the only one that does this. Thank you for making me Normal :o)

  6. Morning, Lilly! Oh, I know exactly what you're talking about. I feel my Blogging friends are some of my best friends. I visit with them more than my 'in the flesh' ones!
    I've not had the priviledge to meet up with any bloggin friends yet, but it would be wonderful.

    Now honey, you've just got to make you some cornbread! This stuff is so good. When you take it out of the oven, cut you a little triangle into and slide some butter, or oleo in there and yummy!
    If you make it, let me know what you think.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. S and I are both relative newcomers to the blogging community, and each of us moves through the blogosphere in somewhat different but overlapping circles. I honestly never thought we would, but now at dinner we talk about who said what online today the same way we talk about our families or our working colleagues. Blogging's part of our life now and bloggers part of our real community.

  8. Hi, Lilly,
    Great post, again.
    Yes, we are fortunate as bloggers to have friends from all over the world.
    You and I are a prime example of this phenomenon of blogging friendships.
    Never met you, never even heard your voice, but count you a real friend.

  9. Actually.. Lol. I dropped YOUR name very often.

    I love your posts and feel as if your a friend, even though we've never met and chances are high that us meeting IRL won't happen.

    My family has come to know you through what I comment on about your blog. Now they ask, "How is Lilly doing?"

    Most of my friends know about my blog, so they aren't too afraid or shocked when I blog drop a name, but it does still get an odd look from time to time.

    The Internet has some scary people out there, but it's worth the risk when you find the quality friends.

  10. This was actually on my mind just the other day.
    People are starting to look at me funny when I mention Barbara in the UK or Lilly in Australia (I think I've started to say "Oz", something no one in Minnesota does) or when I quote another blogger's views on politics, economics, culture, etc.
    I think of other bloggers as my friends, and I guess I haven't put too much thought in to why that is so. I should think about that!
    Have not yet met any fellow bloggers, although it seems I have somehow run across a number who actually live quite close to me (Tami, for example, lives about an hour away or so).
    Other than that, though, one of the things I truly enjoy about blogging is the fact that these are people whose opinion I either enjoy or have never considered, people from all around the world, people I would never have met had it not been for the internet. I think it's fabulous, and I will write for as long as I have something to say; and I will read as long as others are speaking...


  11. I do talk about my blog friends to my family as if they were real friends. Strange. And I've also learned a lot. Interesting your point about us losing out on those people who speak other languages.

  12. :) If wasn't for my friend Shannon i never would have known about the blogging world. Ever since i i just cant stop blog stalking other people. Just the thought of reading about someone elses life and stories i get ALL GOO GOO. There was a couple of times when i was in the mall or a restraunt and i see people that i have seen on the blog world. *boy do i want to just go up to them and say I LOVE YOUR BLOG* but i have to content myself.

    ANSWER: I have never met up with anybody on the blogger world, i do end up droping conversations about blogs that i have read to friends and family. *honestly i think it get on my friends nerves, but who cares* And even though i have not met anybody on here i do feel as if though i made new friends. :D

  13. hahaha... I'm doing that all the time!

    I'm starting my own Singapore Bloggers Association where like-mind people gather to network and socialise.

    I have this group of Norway blogger friends who talked about me during their recent bloggers' meet. Hey, I'm flattered.

    I'm spending too much time blogging...

  14. I'm so glad that I'm not alone.

    My husband stays in a constant state of confusion when I "blog drop." He can never get it straigh-- my "blog friends," my "work friends," and/or business acquaintences.

  15. Totally get it. I do that all the time with my husband. He's like, "who are you talking about?" And I feel like a big loser when I say that it's a "friend" from online. He's nice about it though and I appreciate that.

    I like what you had to say about ripples. It's really true and I never thought of it that way.

  16. Oh I second this! It's hilarious how most of the conversations I start with my hubby have to do with a subject on someone's blog. LOL

    I'm thankful for the blogsphere. I feel so much more 'connected' to others. Being a SAHM can be kind of lonely sometimes, but blogs make me feel like I've traveled the country in one day!


  17. I do not even own a blog yet love reading them. I am not sure what it says about us but I think people are looking for connections like cjw666 says. We shouldn't fight it but just enjoy the experience in full knowledge that there are a lot of nutters on the internet highway as well. Less so in blogging land I think because of all the work people have to go to in order to blog. Its just another part of life and like everything should be done not at the expense of anything else we do in life.

  18. So, so true -- I enjoy blogging so much, plus checking out others' thoughts. Both my husband and I read numerous blogs and gather various opinions, from politics to other news.

  19. The internet - and blogging - has made the world a much smaller place. But it's great that your views are available for people all over the world to see. It's self publishing on a grand scale!

  20. lilly, you're too kind. thanks for being such a loyal booster for wundurful wurld.

  21. Oh dear Lilly girl, we ARE in deep aren't we!!! LOL :)

    I have told friends about your wit and humor and intelligence and my sweetheart knows that I think you are the absolute bees knees; he doesn't even ask any more "Who's Lilly." In fact the other day he asked, "Have you heard from Lilly?"
    I just started laughing.

    He also knows about SoulMerlin, Horatio Salt, the technical skills of TimeThief, the wit and poetry of David, and on and on and on. Now he just asccepts it. But my friends sometimes find it a wee bit weird. LOL

    I have realized lately how I too have been affected by these wonderful people. AS well as my view of the world (the way the news makes out like the world is full of horrible people), well yes it does have horrible people in it, and yes, I also have known for a long time that it also has good people, BUT BUT BUT...blogging has made me realized the huge EXTENT of the good hearted, helpful, kind people in the world. That is VERY cool!!!

    And I am so untterly blessed that your soul has touched mine. You bring something wonderful out of me, and I love it and you! Robin.
    Thank you for the honor. :)

  22. I find I spend far more time with my blog friends than my "real" friends. I LOVE the blog world! How did I live without it... hmmm

  23. Well, I have to say I am glad you did this post! I have felt like a total blog freak lately. I have met so many wonderful bloggers (Robin Easton...I love her too) that have really touched my heart. I have connected with them in so many ways. I am actually refreshing myself on foreign languages. I am finding myself talking about things that I have never even thought of before. My teen son thinks I am talking about imaginary people. It does sound so crazy. That is OK. I love meeting everyone from all around the world.

    I am looking forward to following your blog.

  24. So spot on dear Lilly. I have stopped refering to them as bloggers when I discuss them outside of blogworld - I now just call them friends ....

    eg my friend Jen in Oklahoma ... my friend Lilly in Canberra ...

    Just makes less waves with the 'real life' person I am conversing with.

    One of the nice sidebars to blogging is that maybe two or three of my real life friends plus MIC my real life husband, now catch up with me in cyberspace.

    So we are waaaay more connected when we do see each other in the flesh.

    Have a great weekend - I am off to check out your art girl that you are now collecting - le xox

  25. First time viewer! I saw your comment on my blog today. Thank for visiting. It is amazing to me that people I don't even know are not only commenting, but following as well. It must be the 14 kids that draw people in.

    Anyway, Thank you for the nice comment and as for the question, well I am going to use your question as my post tomorrow. I hope that is ok.

    I have only been blogging for a short while, but I am obsessed. I also feel quite a connection to the people I read. I was flipping out last weekend because it took Tia so long after being back from her cruise to post. Well, now I know why, she was reading the twilight series.

    My kids follow along when I talk about the blog world. When I say "Stacy posted a minute ago." They all know that Stacy is the mom in Maryland that just lost her baby. When they hear me rolling on the floor laughing they know I'm reading Tia or Loralee.

    My friends already think I am crazy. I have to tread lightly. Not too many people have so many kids, most people think I am a day away from the nut farm, I don't usually let them in on my secret blogging obsession. The first thing they would all say is, "How do you have time to sit on the internet all day?"
    I do feel like the people I read are friends. There are days I really need all of you!

  26. People at work laugh at me when I talk about bloggers around the world. I've met one blogger, a friend from the northeast U.S. who travels to Seattle with her husband.

    I've met some wonderfully talented and funny people since I started blogging in 2005.

    Great post!

  27. Hi Lilly, have not been blogging for long, but I undertand what you mean. I now say "oh, a friend of mine... or one of my computer friends..." when referring to bloggers in real life... gets a bit tricky when your blog is sort of a secret from people close by...

  28. I think that the internet is such an integral part of our life that we are conencting with people in different ways. I mean it appears that more than half of people meet their partners via the internet these days. I just think a lot of people think the internet is a little suspect and while I believe people should be careful about revealing too much personal information (as there are con artists out there) all is ok. I read a fair few blogs and yes it's almost like you know people in some way. That is not a bad thing.

  29. You said it girl. I am amazed that people know and understand blogs so little in Oz. There's sometimes even a bit of stigma out there when you mention them!
    I know who's missing out though ...
    Can you see my supercilious smirk?

  30. Thanks everyone for your comments I will visit each of your blogs in the next day or so. Seems like everyone is in agreement. Not everyone understands what it is we do as bloggers but we all enjoy it and will continue to do so! We are indeed the lucky ones!

  31. Yep, I do it too. My partner will often stop me in the middle of a conversation and ask, "who are you talking about? I've never heard of ......"
    It can be quite a chore explaining who and why I'm mentioning them in the course of our chat.

  32. My family and friends no longer look at me funny...they now know who I'm talking about. Last night, I had a halloween party, and one of my blog friends drove over 90 minutes to come. It was great! When she walked in, I felt like I'd know her forever, which in a way I have! I wish I could meet all my fav's!

  33. I know EXACTLY what you mean!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! Yes! That's exactly it! Blogging is this whole different world, and those who don't blog just don't get it! Like when I say I have Blogging Friends ppl are like....ok....yeah. How can they be your friend, you've never met? And I'm like, well, we both read about each other's whole life so we know each other!

  34. Nope, you're not crazy!

  35. Lilly, first of all, thank you for the mention and link in your post! I was pleasantly surprised when I read your post to see my name there. Second, you are absolutely right, I also drag my blogging friends into conversations with my personal friends.

    And the reactions I get are very interesting...some people seem to have at least a small grasp on the whole blogging phenomenon, so they'll say "Oh, really, in Australia? That's cool.", or something like that. Others though just sort of go "Oh.", like in your post because they really have no idea. It's funny.

    I have not yet met any bloggers I have met online, but I think you are really onto something with your question about walking a fine line between the real world and the virtual world. While it might still be fairly easy to meet fellow bloggers within one's own country, with economies, air travel and the threat of terrorism getting worse all the time it will probably become more difficult to travel to many destinations in the future. While I have always wanted to, and still plan to, visit Australia, for example, the reality is that it is getting more expensive and more dangerous to travel to such distant countries.

    Therefore, developing good friendships online is very much a trend that I think will continue and grow indefinitely. Of course, with technology getting better all the time also, I think computer cameras will become more prevalent among internet users and talking live with your online friends will be as easy as emailing them, and with much better picture quality than we have now. It's very exciting in a way, but I still would love to be able to meet fellow bloggers without the threats that exist today.

    Another fabulous post, Lilly. You sure know how to garner responses from your fans.

  36. Hello Lilly,
    "Lilly, my friend in Australia," is how I say it to my friends, to my sister, and to my husband when I talk about the funny posts I've read in your blog. And I do mention your name many times in conversations because of your natural comedic talents that are so evident in your writings.

    Thank you very much for the special mention in your post. I have to ask you about Horatio Salt. I haven't been able to leave comments in his site. I couldn't see a comment area there anymore. Let me know how I can leave comments there again because his stuff is very funny, indeed. And Matt, I'm glad he's back to blogging again.

    Have a great weekend,

  37. I'm stopping by from SITS, but you are so right! I talk about blogs all day everyday and people that don't do the blog thing look at me like I'm crazy most of the time! But I know they wouldn't if they would give it a shot themselves!! I love "meeting" new people!

  38. I've just entered onto the blog scene recently, but I completely understand as I am part of a mom message board and I talk about them all the time, my family & friends just nod at me anymore when I talk about them, but I have noticed in the past week, me bringing up some decorating things I saw on blogs. :o)

    Have a good weekend!

  39. Lilly,
    Firstly, I want to thank you for mentioning my blog in your article!
    I read more and more blogs as time goes on.
    I am a regular reader of your blog, for example.
    I know very few bloggers, as it happens; it's odd but true!

    I do, occasionally, discuss blogs that I read, with my husband and daughter.

    I hope that more of my friends and acquaintances will become bloggers in the future. :)

  40. I spend so much time reading blogs that it is hard NOT to mention them. I once mentioned blogging to a lady at my gym and she looked at me like a was a child molester. For many people, blogging connotes "strange."

  41. Absolutely I know what you mean. The ripples can be amazing. Just last year I discovered that one of my work colleagues knew a large proportion of people I knew online through a forum. But she knew them through an entirely different community, so opening up another area to me. The ripple effect once again. It's interesting how well we can get to know each other online, and how much personality does in fact show through.

  42. Hey you did not mention me, I did catching myself talking about the post you did with your father though. I really thought that was cool. And I actually like the virtual reality a lot better than reality.

  43. I'm with you all the way...I do it and I try to stop myself...I don't want to be one of "those" people....but you can't help it! Blogging has become so entangled into my life. I feel like I know you people we are real friends. Now I just say "my friend Cindy" and don't tell people that she lives far away and we've never met. It seems to help from making me seem NUTSO!

  44. I, too, know exactly what you mean! I feel closer to many bloggers than I do to people that I see everyday. And, by the way, thank you so much for coming by my blog and I'm adding you to my list. I was at a very low point in my life when I friend introduced me to blogging four months ago and it was as though I came alive again and began to pursue writing and photography, all the things that I loved, but had put aside. It's a great non-physical community that is unbelievably supportive of it's members.

  45. You've done it again Lilly - a prize on WTBAY! Goodonyer mate.

  46. I do it too. My friends look at me like I'm a bit crazy - but their looks are starting to look less crazy than they used to. I think they're kind of used to it now.

    And yes...Pearl and I are close by...which is refreshing to know. There are "others" out there just like me close by.

    Well..maybe not JUST like me. She should run screaming if she's :)

    I'm so tired I forgot how to type tonight. You have no idea how long this took. Oy!

  47. hi Lilly
    hmmm I haven't met any blogger IRL...
    and I haven't blog dropped...yet :)
    unfortunately I missed a meetup in Sydney recently due to personal commitments....
    I do think the internet and blogging is wonderful for acquiring so much knowledge..
    I have learnt so much about art..that it's not funny :)
    ps I love your illustration for this post :)

  48. Wow, 47 comments. I guess I'm late as usual.

    I do the same thing all the time. I talk about my blogging buddies, as if everyone should know who they are. I know I've mentioned you more times than many, because you make me laugh so much. I have mentioned Henry, Tasha, Vikki, and so many more. I always get that eyes rolling, distant look when I explain they are my blogging friends.

    So many people have such a hard time believing we are a community, be it virtual, but a community just the same. They can not fathom that a person can feel support and friendship from an internet acquaintance. I feel sorry for them, because they are missing out on what I have just recently discovered.

  49. That's pretty funny! BTW - Matt is one of my favorite bloggers as well!

    I've done the blog-dropping thing as well with friends and family and I get the cocked-eyebrow look. LOL.

    I also have some friends who just don't get it why I really enjoy the blogging thing - so - when I start bringing up some of the stuff going on at my place I get the old "uh huh..yup..sure thing."

    Who needs those virtual games like 2nd Life when we can have our blogger friends who are REAL!

    Good post!

  50. How perfect that I followed you from Caroline at The Zen In You.
    I'm visiting from my Virtual Girls Night Out.
    I'm happy that I came across your corner of the blog world!

  51. Lilly, I'm so happy you came by tonight! I'll be sure to let you know when I do this again. (It comes around just about every Friday night. Portland, Oregon, US time that is!)
    I'll be back before then!

  52. YES I DO!!! My parents are immigrants from Italy to here in California, and when I say "blog" they think I have lost my ability to speak for a second.

    Thank you for posting on my blog! You are first one from "down under"

  53. Now you've made me do it! I've completely stopped working on my project to read another post on your blog. This is so much fun. How wonderful to meet you. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to add you to my sidebar of blogs to visit so I can come back again.

  54. I have awarded you - go see - love le

    ps when I grow up I wanna be you :)

    pss given that we ar probably the same age I'd best get moving ....

  55. Hi again, Lilly. Thanks so much for visiting back. It's nice to meet a fellow addicted blogger. If you go back a bit on my blog when you have time, you'll see that I blogged the entire 24 days that we traveled through Japan from September 20 to October 14th. I only say this because you said you enjoy traveling. We've been to Australia and New Zealand and LOVED it! You've got the nicest people there.

  56. I was doing a random search for women's blogs on BlogCatalog because I love to support women writers, and found your blog. This is a great post. I can relate because I never knew how many friends I would make when I started blogging. It was just a way for me to get the millions of stories out of my head and into some tangible format. But since then, I've made great friends and have broadened my mind immensely. I even had two blogger friends from Washington DC come and visit me here in Paris. It was great to meet them.

    Since I also have a political (angry ranting lefty) blog, I have many Middle East blog feeds that I read, that are all in English, and that give me great insight into what's really going on over there. So if you are interested in any of them, let me know.

  57. I do it too, and a lot of time I confuse my friends :).
    I even feel I relate to some of them even I don't know them in real life, and it affected me when two of the bloggers that I often read made entry about her/his family lost.
    Anyhow, I tag you for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
    Only if you can :)

  58. Had to respond - loved the "licked the cupcakes" comment. I'll always look a little closer now. Lol.

  59. I love the image that heads this post, and love your words. Of course you aren't the only one who feels this way. I cannot begin to tell you how much blogging has come to mean to me in a few short months.

    Oh,BTW, Kay sent me. I like your blog very much. I'll be back.

  60. All the time!

    Not sure why your cupcake post is comment closed but I have to comment here anyway!! lol

    Ever made any GOOD vegan cupcakes. I have been looking up recipes but not sure if any are good. An elderly woman I take care of, is allergice to all Dairy products so I have to make alot of vegan stuff for her.

  61. Hi, I found your blog through SITS. You were the comment above me and to my delight saw that you are Australian. Me too! It's nice to find another non-American. I like Americans but you you know what I mean. You are only the second Australian blogger that I've found.

    I like your blog, particularly your Dad's post. He's sounds like quite a character.

    I'll be back.

    (And yes, I do quote other bloggers too.)

  62. I was just reading your blog about the cupcakes and thinking how creative Ruby was when I got your comment on my blog. WHAT a COINCIDENCE! You must be sending brain waves to me all the way from Down Under. How fun is that? I love this!

  63. Hey Lilly, you've won an award.

    Check out my blog for details.

  64. I find myself doing this ALL the time! I feel a little silly that so many of my friends and family live in the real world while I find myself perfectly content making cyber friends. And i don't use the term "friend" lightly in this context either, because I truly do feel like I've made some friends.

    I wouldn't give up blogland for all the self-humiliation in the world!!!

  65. 2 weeks ago, my sis was on a 4-day trip to Australia and the first thought that came to my mind was that she'll be going to Lily's home. this was her 2nd time to go there, but i never knew you then. And then i thought, I'll tell Lily that my sis visited Sydney and that I got a stuffed Kangaroo with a baby Kangaroo in her pouch as a souvenir.

    None from my family ever read my personal blog. I have other blogs that I don't mind them reading. That one- i prefer for them not to.Luckily, they don't spend time online at all and blogging is just a word for them.

    I dont spend that much time blog-hopping as much as I want to but the few blogs I read, I think yes, they affect me in some way.

  66. I'm really the only blogger at my school (I'm a teacher) and when something unusual, funny, or strange happens I always get:"Are you going to put that on your blog?!" I'm glad they don't look- many a time I've written about them!

  67. It's really funny, this post, but so true! You get to know your fellow bloggers. You follow their lives and when they don't post for a few days, you wonder where they are. Blogging is amazing!

  68. well, dear Lilly, you'll be surprised/amused/hope-not-freaked-out to know that some of my Romanian friends know about you and Des (oops i guess it slipped out in casual conversations) cause that's what "friends" do: talk about each other and i think blogging is the new "making friends routine". now the best part in my opinion of this friendship is actually a paradox (you know me, always analytical): the fact that we do not see each other in the flesh is what makes these friendships eternal and full of reciprocal respect, and beauty: we know each others dreams, hopes, fears, ups and downs, but we don't judge each other cause we actually don't know each other in the "society-kind" type of way, even though we actually get to know each other even better. i guess we're all characters in this huge novel called "blog". glad to have you n some of my character's chapters!

  69. @ rocksnowhite - oh how sweet is your comment. I am more than happy to be in your chapters, truly. One day you are gong to write a book and I am going to say, mmm I knew that girl when she was blogging......

  70. Oh but I have. Then again, I probably wouldn't reach out to other bloggers who live nearby if I weren't an expat. When you're new somewhere, any way of meeting people (well almost) is an avenue worth investigating.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  71. Hahaha! I know how it is...I would often mention blogger friends into conversations and
    my husband (would wonder): "who's that? Do i know her/him?"

    "me:Ohh it's my blogger friend from ...."

    There were some that visited Sg and we planned to meet but the scheduling is sometimes difficult.But I would definitely want to see blogger friends in real life.

    So when are you coming over? ;)

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