Tuesday 28 October 2008

Abbey Road

I was going through some boxes over the weekend and found these coasters.

They are not just any ordinary coasters. These are special coasters.

Just because of the fond memories they hold.

They are made from old vinyl records (does anyone out there remember them?).

Many of them are old Beatles records.

Hundreds of years ago I was on a working holiday in London. One of my jobs was selling Walls ice cream at the Home Show at Earls Court Exhibition Centre.

It required some talent let me tell you. And I wasn’t very good at it. No, not because I ate the ice cream but because I kept giving away the frozen assets to other store holders I became friends with.

Like the guys from Abbey Road Studios.

To be fair, I would throw the money in myself at the end of the day.

Which of course meant that I more than likely made zilch from the job. However, I gained much more from the experience.

At the end of the exhibition I won a prize (I always suspect I may have bought this with free ice creams) to go to Abbey Road Studios (where the Beatles recorded 99% of their music), then to the EMI factory, out to dinner and then to see Evita on stage. I also got piles of gifts, the packs of coasters being one of them.
I got to see Paul McCartney's house in St Johns Wood where chickens were running around the yard, met Cliff Richard and Alan Parsons (Alan Parsons Project) who were recording there at the time and walked that famous crossing (watch the live webcam) which appeared on the Beatles 'Abbey Rd' album.

The thing that struck me most was how old the recording studios were. I recall on one of the studio walls was a picture of the Australian Opera singer, Dame Nellie Melba who had recorded for EMI in 1904. She apparently died from complications from plastic surgery in 1931, the year Abby Rd Studios was opened.

Of course I was a bit too young (fancy being able to say that now) to be a real Beatles fan so I perhaps didn’t appreciate the significance of visiting Studio 1 as others may have. Out of the four Beatles, I followed John Lennon's later career and still have a collection of his poetry and music.

My friend and I had an amazing time though. The only problem was we went out to dinner with the head of the Studios and one of the engineers and we drank ouzo, a lot of ouzo, neat ouzo (it was the first and last time). I seriously do not remember seeing Evita at all although apparently I was sitting (or lying) in the front row. Possibly unconscious. Or asleep.

I did have the courage to see it years later just to find out what I had missed.
It’s amazing how the smallest of trinkets, which could be junk to someone else, can create such memories. I am just glad my collection of trinkets cannot talk.
That London experience was eventful to say the least. There are so many stories. In fact for some reason all my travels have been eventful. You will, no doubt, get to hear about them over time. As I am going to Thailand in three weeks I am sure there will be some more adventures, more sedate adventures, to add to the list (I am just praying that it does not include a plane falling from the sky or being in the centre of political unrest).
One thing I can assure you of, my next travel experience will not be ouzo laced. However, cocktails on the other hand, could result in a whole different story...

How about you? Have you had a brush with fame or know somene who has? Has a celebrity of one sort or another unexpectedly entered your sphere like an alien, landing? Maybe you met Sharon Stone in line to meet the Dalai Lama, ran into Martha Stewart at Macys, or maybe you are Mick Jagger's love child. These things happen. Anything is possible, right?


  1. I loved hearing about your adventures! I've had a few myself, but they were way before your time. I worked with Steve Allen who was a friend of a guy I was dating at the time. I got to sit in on recording sessions of a group that I loved, but unfortunately I'm having a senior moment now and can't remember who -- let you know later if I remember. I've had a fun and wonderful life with great memories whether I remember them at the moment or not. Thanks for sharing your memories and when I remember mine, I'll share them with you!

  2. I know this is not the cupcake post but I just have to comment ... I love that the cupcake is once again rising to the occasion over the muffin - ya the return of the cupcake :) le xoxo

    ps my word verficication here was stall - like a cupcake stall - how odd !!

  3. I have longed to run into a few actors but the only person I have seen up close was Keith Urban, married to Nicole Kidman at Heathrow Airport in London. I couldn't believe how tiny he is. She goes for the short guys it seems. I would like those coasters too. At least they are novel and a talking point. By the way who would want anything to do with Mick Jagger, he leaves me cold. In fact all the Rolling Stones do -they look strange to me. How they are still alive I will never know.

  4. Sorry - still laughing over this:
    "She replied, "It was easy. I just licked them."

    That is SO gorgeous!

    Loved hearing about your former life in London. I have a former life. It was as a public servant in Barton.


  5. @ sylvia - you must share your stories - I love hearing about people's lives.

    @ le - how freaky is the word verification - I dont know why some blogs dont have them and others do, can I turn it off somewhere? Yes I am into cooking in a major way - for strange reason. I started makingcupcakes because my extold me it was a stupid idea. Mmmmm

    @ Sarah - given Icam form the country and western capital of Australia I have seen Keith Urban before he was a big star of course. Yes he isnt that tall but vey cute.

    @ Leslie - yes when Ruby said that and was so serious all I could do was congratulate her for a job well done and explain that perhaps its not a grea tthing to do. No time but the present to have a food safety training course. Bless her. You were a public servant in Barton. Havent we all been public servants in this fair city? Yes me too. Oh the pain - I bet you have your stories. I expect to see some swanky public service building photographed for your site and decorated suitably. Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Oh how fantastic!

    Abby Road was the very first CD that I ever purchased and owned myself (during the transition between audio tapes and CDs).

    The closest I've come to meeting anyone famous?
    Hmmm... In 1995, 4 guys were stuck in the middle of the lake, in their boat, without gas - my best friend and I headed out to rescue them in ours - turned out they were part of a band that was playing in Lollapalooza at the Gorge in George (WA). I can't remember the band's name anymore, so I couldn't say if they had any real claim to fame or not.

  7. It is most interesting to read about your life in London; you were sure lucky. I have never been that close to any celebrity ... at least not till now. I have only seen a few in the street but was never crazy enough to approach them to get autographs.

  8. @ Tranquility - thanks for dropping by and for your comment. My fancy rescuing guys who were stuck in the middle of the lake - what fun!

    @ bk - no, I would never ask for autographs either, even if they wre right in front of me. However if I saw a sportsman I liked I probably would. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  9. Hehe,
    I'm liking hearing about your wild side. So that was you leaning your head on my hubby's shoulder at the Evita show in London? We were there, and I smiled at the beautiful young woman, so out of it during the show. It sure is a small world, Lilly!

    Gotcha! I'm in my playful mood tonight as I'm writing this comment after reading your fun post. I hope you took my joke kindly. We were not there at all, so you're safe. LOL.

    Unfortunately, I haven't been blessed with such an opportunity to meet any celebrity.

    Enjoy your trip to Thailand. My hubby was there in the 70's and bought a bunch of gold and rattan furniture, what I was told later when we got married. I'll be looking forward to hearing about your new adventures.


  10. Oh, Lilly, you've been holding out on us, darling! What a story! I loved the Beatles and to think you were right there! What a fun walk down memory lane and those coasters!
    This summer I saw Larry King as he walked past me in Las Vegas. We were waiting to go into see Cher's show! He looked so old and frail!
    Oh, these guys were not as famous as the Beatles, but do you remember the country group, The Gatlins? Well, I went to high school with Steve (older than me) and Rudy (we were in the same grade and sang in choir together!) Larry Gatlin, was much older.
    I met Mary Kaye Place once sitting all alone in a Austin Restaurant. I'm not very shy and went up and sat down by her and talked a big. She seemed to be shy, or maybe she just didn't want me bothering her. But I bothered her just a bit, in my oh so nice way!
    Thanks for the story and be safe on your trip and we'll be waiting for more stories.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. @ Tasha - see I thought you looked familiar - oh yes I like your sense of humor. Its so long ago its another lifetime - for some reason Australian travel a lot particularly when we leave school. I cant say I have had a boring life although sometimes I wish I was more settled. Glad you went to defend Matt - things are heating up on the political front!

    @ Shelia - oh yes I know the Gatlin Brothers - she used to be somebody's baby. Yes siree I do remember them. Larry King - doesnt he have young children too? Oh you saw Cher - how good would that have been - I would love to see her. And Tina Turner. Thats what I love about you, you have a great and warm personality - I loved how you said you werent very shy!! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the peanut butter cookies!

  12. I met Deep Purple in 1984, backstage in Minneapolis. My friend Chris begged a lighter off Roger Glover (bass player) just to say she had something of his. He had a really good sense of humor about it.

    I also got backstage at Aerosmith in 1983, but they actually, uh, wanted something from me in return for the pass! HA! Not likely.

    I, too, am just slightly too young to have been a true Beatles fan, but I do love them!


    p.s. Yes, btw. Karen will be getting another limerick -- and another coupon! -- just as soon as I can find one post-worthy! Any recommendations?

  13. Hi Lilly.
    Many years ago - more than twenty - I had a friend whose father was a tour promoter. Needless to say I got lots of backstage passes for gigs. I among other things shared a pint with Lemmy (I drank in those days), and managed to meet my idol Phil Lynott.
    However, one thing I'm particularly proud of is the fact that I beat snooker legend Steve Davis. It was sometime during the eighties, he was snooker's big thing at the time and was in Ireland for some competition or other. He walked into a snooker hall where my mates and I would hang out and challenged me to a game of Space Invaders.
    You didn't really think I beat him at snooker did you ?

    By the way, got the new AC/DC album. Great stuff. They are back to their best. Isn't it fantastic that after all these years they can still rock and get into the charts ?

  14. I love your story! What a cool experience and keep those coasters for all the lovely memories.

    I've been around a lot of famous people. We used to live in Park City, Utah where the Sundance Film Festival is held. I'd had dinner th enxt table over from Tracy Ullman and stood near Jamie Foxx and been around many others.

    Since moving to Connecticut. I've met the Ghosthunters, who are more famous on a smaller scale. I've been backstage at Conan O'Brien's show and stood right next to him.

  15. Great post, Lilly. I, alas, am not too young to have been a Beatles fan and witness.
    My Dad had a knack for publicity, and whenever an opportunity arose he would arrange for the scout troop to make some kind of presentation to a celbrity, which meant I got to meet a lot of people. Probably the greatest was when we presented a portrait he had painted of Elenore Roosebelt to her. But I got to meet Roy Rogers, Tennesee Ernie Ford, the cast of the Rin Tin Tin show (a show about a dog at a cavalry fort in the old west). But my best memory was when mad a presentation to Jim Arness (Marshall Dillon from Gunsmoke. He was in town to make an appearance at the fair the same year the Rin Tin Tin cast were there. We presented a mock up of anewspaper from my Dad's hometown to him one evening at the TV station after he finished an interview. The next day, I was backstage at the grandstand at the state fair. We were waiting for our time with Rin Tin Tin, and I was simply standing by the dressing rooms by myself while my Dad was off with the photographer somewhere. Around the corner came Jim Arness. I said hi, and he said hi and asked me why I was there. When I told him what I was waiting for he asked me if I minded if he waited with me until it was time for him to go on stage. Then he picked me up (I was about 10 or 11, so it wasn't like I was a little kid) and sat me on a wall , leaned back against it next to me and we talked for about 20 minutes justy about small things. Then he said see you later and left.

  16. The nearest I ever came to a celebrity was looking out of the window of a bus at a stop light, and seeing Nat Cole in the front seat of a white convertible. The back seat was full of his albums.
    Oh, and I did see Johnny Cash in person in a little bar, when he was first starting out. I was standing right up in front of the stage. He was a good looking cowboy back then.

    But my mother was named for the opera singer you mention. (Her father sang tenor in a vaudevillian quartet, and he was very fond of opera.)

  17. Hey Lilly

    It's funny to think back now on the things were did as youngsters that we did not appreciate! I too remember "albums" I still have some vinyl albums. One that is dear to me is the one that was signed by Freddie Murcury of Queen. And I have to say as I was reading your story I knew who all the artists were that you were talkign about. That was the music I listened to "back in my day"

  18. That is a fantastic story Lilly!!! Ouzo though...ouch!!! I can't remember - is that black licorice tasting???

    Those coasters kick some serious butt. I love them. That would be a HUGE conversation piece with my friends. LOVE them.

    No big running-into-a-celebrity stories for me. I met John Amos of Good Times fame at a bar in downtown Minneapolis once. I've also met a few MN Vikings, which doesn't mean much to anyone reading this but me. :) I was at the same club as Prince once long ago. Didn't meet him and heard he was a jerk. Oh...and this is REALLY pushing it...but I have sold insurance to a Real World castmate. How's THAT for fame??? :)

  19. "I am just glad my collection of trinkets cannot talk."

    LOL. I have a few trinkets like that as well. Great story, Lilly!

  20. Well, I met Gavin DeGraw in 2005. We went to one of his small concerts, and I went to the back of the venue to smoke a cigarette, and he was back there smoking weed. It was actually kind of awkward.

    I love the record coasters. Cool stuff.

  21. i loved this post. gimme more bittersweet reminiscences, pleeez.

    me? i was walking down a street in banff, alberta behind the actor charles bronson. he had his hands folded behind his back, strolling, and the crowd of people on the sidewalk parted to allow his stately and unfettered passage. he detoured into a toy shop, and i was the only one with the temerity to follow. after a bit of pretending to shop, i heard a honk and looked up to see bronson holding a bicycle horn with a rubber squeeze bulb. he smiled and said, "did i scare you?" 'Nah', I replied bravely, and we made our way back to the sidewalk, Bronson with his new horn, perhaps to be used to carve a swatch through the teeming humanity.

  22. Well, ya saw my Richard Simmon's post right. He is considered famous right? I just never posted the pictures of me on stage with him, and I won't be!! lol

    That is a WAY COOL (I'm so 70's today) adventure.

    Oh I did get to ride to the Jay Leno show in one of the Limo's that brings Jay's famous guest. A friend of mine's husband was part owner of the limo company. I didnt' get to meet Jay Leno though:( I did get to touch his car.

  23. @ Pearl - oh my Deep Purple and Aerosmith - now you are talking! Well you can claim to be nearly a groupie then! I love them both. Now let me think of something for Karen - she deserves something VERY special I think.......

    @ Jon - I knew you would have met someone - Phil Lynott - oh my. Yes, I do not even follow snooker but know who Steve Davis is - that is a story that I would dine on for the rest of my days - how hilarious. I would get a tshirt made - onthe front I beat Steve Davis world Snooker Champion and on the back - at Space Invaders. Lol! so glad you ahve the AC/DC album. The only thing I cannot stand is Angus dressed up as a schoolboy still!!

    @ Alyson - living where you did in Utah must have been interesting during festival time. It is hard not to stare at these people as though somehow they are different. They do have some kind of star quality thought that means they stand out from the rest of the crowd though! Thanks for dropping by.

    @ Grandpa - Rin Tin Tin - oh my everyone knows about that show - how amazing you got to meet all those people. Your father could have been a very successful publicist by the sound of things. What a fantastic story about Jim ARness as well - Gunsmoke is another show we all know about. Wow you could write a post all on your own about those experiences. I love hearing about things like that. You truly should do a post about that part of your life in the boy scouts and what your Dad did to get the attention of the stars of the day! Thanks for leaving a coment and sharing with us all.

    @ Bobbie - wow Nat Cole and Johnny Cash. I never ever liked Cash but my daughter has really got into his music in a big way (he has had a resurgence) and I really like his work and listen to it now. Then I saw that movie Walk the Line the other night and I just loved it so. He was so lucky that Roseanne came into his life - what a woman she must have been. She really gave him a second chance to live. Thanks for sharing your memories with us. Oh and there is a link with Nelli Melba? How small is the world. A truly lovely story...

    @ Mind of a Mom - oh wow that is special - Freddy Mercury - what a loss to the music world he is. Loved Queen - that my dear will be wroth money one day..

    @ Tami - yes its horrible anaseed (sp?) tasting stuff. I was trying to be all cool abut drinking it I think at the time. I came from a small country town in Oz and was not sophisticated in the least. I learnt a lot that trip and got to do some amazing things. Travel is the best for broadening the horizons for kids really. Oh I think you have had your share of brushes with fame Tami. Selling the insureance was a good one - least you got something out of it at the same time!

  24. How fun! I enjoyed reading through your memories.
    I met teenage heart throb Kirk Cameron (not so much a teenager anymore) at LAX on my way home from a fashion show. I thought it was so neat to get to talk to him and have a picture taken with him. As he was a big crush of mine back in the day. (He is TI-NY by the way) The best moment EVER was at a Josh Groban Concert last year. I was sitting there waiting for him to come on stage and all of a sudden he is standing RIGHT next to me. He was belting out his song like twelve inches from my face and he grabbed my hand (probably because he was afraid I would faint on him or something). It was absolutely pathetic. I was like a thirteen year old girl who just met the Jonas Brothers! Could not think, could not breathe, could not nothin'. He is my all time favorite singer and that was absolutely the greatest "famous person" encounter ever.
    ha ha Thanks for pulling these memories back up to surface for me. So much fun!

  25. @ my3sons - yes and we can't tell our stories until our children are grown up - mine is, so it can all come out in all its gory detail. Thing is my daughter has many of her own stories that are way more cool than mine. Wish she would start a blog but she claims she has no time. Too busy collecting stories. I can just reminisce....thanks for your comment and share some stories about your own trinkets too wehn you can.

    @ cant hardly wait - there you go thats pretty cool and I see what you mean about being an awkward moment too!! Thanks for your comment and for dropping by.

    @ horotio salt - oh dear well I have many more of those stories fortunately or unfortunately. London, LA, NY you name it I was embarassing myself all over the world. It seems to only occur when I travel though...Charles Bronson -how funny Mr Tough Guy with a bicycle horn - great story. Glad you were brave enough to follow him too. They must get so sick of people pointing and staring and probably would much prefer it if people just yelled out and said hello. I am not usually the star struck type - the only exception to that would be if I came across George Clooney or Richard Gere..then I would be struck dumb...I would just be praying I had my best Lavender Dream lip gloss on. Is there a Lavender Dream lipgloss - if not, there should be!!

    @ wheresmyangels - you went on stage with him, lol - you only posted your daughter on stage with him didnt you? I couldn't believe how he hasn't changed in the least. He looks exactly the same!!! Jay Leno and the limosine - that is a cool story. Oh if limos could only talk I bet they would have some stories to tell! Thanks for stopping by given you area busy girl!

  26. Not really. My parents took me to Pittsford, PA. when I was young to attend a Kathryn Koolman meeting. She was a faith healer, (for lack of a better term.) I was trilled. It was a big deal back then.

  27. @ awake in rochester - oh that sounds exciting. What was she like? I am right into faith healers and the like. There are a lot of con people who are doing this but a lot of really good ones too. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a memory with us all.

  28. Oh this was a fun post! (Oh and by the way...thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my SES post over the weekend. VERY interesting about children's self-esteem being established between 0-3 years.)

    My brush with fame was when I danced with Alec Baldwin on New Year's Eve. I used to work for special events at a well known place...met several stars, but he's the only one I danced with!


  29. @ pennies in your pocket - oh my how cool was that? Alec Baldwin. I always liked him despite all the controversy surrounding him - who knows what is made up or not. Something tells me you have stories to tell about your life in special events - you also must have great organisational abilities. Event management is hard work!!! Thanks for dropping by.

  30. Lilly, I wish I could hear the stories your trinkets could talk, they could tell a few stories I'm sure, LOL. Uzo eh, that can be a dangerous drink, tastes good, and sneaks up on ya.

    Don't you just love finding these old items that bring back the fond memories of youth.

    I met CW McCall one time. He sings old trucker songs like convoy

  31. @ Eric - yes I have to say they could and I have to make sure I collect a few more too - there is still life in the over 40s gal yet! Even though ouzo is off limits - it was one of those once in a lifetime disasters I do not wish to repeat. Cw McCall - I looked them up - kind of sound like a Johnny Cash - given I really like him of late I dont mind their sound!

  32. Dear Lily,

    Oh my,you certainly have been through so much adventures in your life (im so envious) all those places you've been, and those experiences, wow! i haven't bumped into anyone famous in my life yet.I also keep a lot sentimental trinkets in my boxes, would probably post them one at a time... and you're right, they hold so many memories and feelings.

    Take care on your trip to Thailand and Have fun!!! =)

  33. @ Rachel - well you are so young so you have a whole lot of years to do lots of different things. Everyone is different and we all do different things but as you say you have lots of momentos of great memories already. And your sister came here for 4 days? Wow. Oh that is exciting. I hope you get to visit one day soon and we will have a big Aussie clebration. Tell me Rachel is your personal blog still going? Thanks for your comments. I have missed you and hope you are well.

    @ ashley b - oh yes I remember Kirk - they always seem to be way smaller than they are on our TV screens dont they? Oh how exciting about Josh Groban - now I would have been the same as you - did anyone get a photo for you or I guess they dont allow photos. That's such a great story and one you will remember forever. He looks really hot lately too - he has changed his look I notice. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

  34. What a great story and what a wonderful memory tied into those totally cool coasters. :)

  35. I had a kind of embarrassing run into Keanu Reeves when they were filming Matrix in Sydney. It was in downtown Sydney, early hours of Sunday morning, and the streets were closed off for filming. Oblivious to this, I managed to find, without even searching for it, the only little laneway that was open, and to drive into the set. They weren't actually filming at the time, but Keanu Reeves walked across the road in front of my car, gave me a "WTF?" look, and smiled as a crew member told me i was on the set and could I please leave. When I saw the scenes they had been filming in movie I wanted to yell out "Hey I was there!"

  36. Hi Lilly, I thoroughly enjoyed your story, and the insight into your free-spirited youth. Oh, I WOULD have eaten all the ice cream, by the way.

    It's very cool that you got to meet some famous people along the way. I really haven't met any famous people. I suppose there are some I wouldn't mind meeting and getting to talk to, just for the experience.

    I did run across Janine Turner, the actress, a few years back (she lives in this area) while Christmas shopping. Of note here is that I have always had a big crush on her, so when I saw her I had to act "cool" so I just walked right passed her without speaking. I did look at her and she looked right at me and smiled, so I smiled back and kept going. Stupid me, she was single at the time so, who knows, maybe my attempt to be cool and unaffected by her celebrity cost me big time. At least I keep telling myself that. LOL

  37. Your working holiday in London sounds exciting, you've really lived! Now we just have to wait to hear about the Thailand experience.

    I may try that rice roll recipe one day, I thought it would be a lot harder than what the recipe says.

    My daughter touched Raphael Nadal and saw Roger Federer this summer at the Roger's Cup tennis tournament. They're larger than life.

  38. @ Preston - yes it was cool, something to remember when I am old and can't move anywhere - thanks for dropping by. I shall be over to visit you too!

    @ Braja - THAT is THE BEST story I have ever heard. People would have cut off their arms and legs to get THAT close to Keanu. Hilarious. It is going to make me smile all day and do you know something I would have done something similar I bet. I LOVE IT!!! Something tells me you also have loads of stories too. Your blog posts are so much fun and I love your sense of humour - something about the Aussie sense of humour I think.

    @ Matt - Its usually not the famous people that are the most fun anyway I bet. Its the locals of places you visit. Australians travel a lot when they are young its something we do a lot of, maybe because we are so far away. My daughter had been to more countries by the time she was 19 than I still have visited. Everyone does it on a shoestring which is always the best way. Australians under 30 can work in the UK for up to 2 years now quite easily. Janine Turner oh yes she is very cute, Well I dont blame you I wouldnt have known wha tto say either and then may have thought I had made a mistake and it wasnt her after all. Least you saw her!! Must come back and see how your blog is going - saw theocmments flying back and forth - how great is that - A DEBATE!!!!!

  39. I think I kinda love you , Miss Lilly! Beautiful blog! xxoo

  40. @ Nancy Ellen - why thank you maam. I will be back to yours to listen to Jackson!!!

  41. Living in L.A. part-time, I've seen fame, but I haven't brushed it.

    Wait, that's not true. I think I asked Kirsten Dunst a question once, when I was visiting the set of Spiderman. I think it was something about tennis.

    OK, two more. I distinctly remember saying to Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy the following gushed words: "It's nice to meet you." Exciting, huh?

  42. @ Nanny goats in panties - I bet that Kisten Dunst is telling eveyone she saw Nanny Goats in Panties! Love your blog by the way - too, too funny!

  43. Just the words Abbey Road got the memories flooding back for me Lilly. I am old enough to be a fair dinkum Beetles fan.
    I have an EMI vinyl mono (33.3rpm)copy of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Clubs Band pressed in 1967 - one of the original series.
    My kids always knew what to buy for my birthday and Christmases.
    I remember when the boys came to Australia and the place went mad with screaming teenage girls - we hadn't seen anything like it!
    A joy of getting older is the huge number of memories.
    Like Sylvia I remember the Steve Allen Show and loved it.
    Actually, I worked on television in the very first year in Australia. Channel Seven.
    There weren't many commercials so we had to fill up the time in between the I Love Lucy and Leave It to Beaver episodes with promos - little films and what they called 'telops' which were slides made of cardboard with voice over. Primitive!
    I could go on ...
    and probably will in future posts on 70 Plus and Still Kicking.
    June in Oz

  44. @ June - Somehow I KNEW you have lived an interesting life. Please, please write some more on your blog about it. I would love to know some more about television and what you did an dhow it all worked. I remember NOT having a TV as a child. My mother was anti them for a long time and then we were closely supervised. Do you remember when No 96 came out - oh the furore over that. I recall all he excitement. Strangely I recall my parents watched that because my older sister used to sneak behind the doors and watch the show then tell us all about it. We were only allowed to watch Bellbird and the News. do you remember those and nothign other than the ABC. I look forward to more of your Aussie stories June and I hope you enjoyed your WTBAY Feature Day!!!

  45. I met Rascal Flatts and I know a lot of Texas music artists. I've interviewed the Wiggles, Gabriel Inglasias and One Republic. That's it!

  46. Lilly, do you have an RSS feed that I can follow? I've created a blog tab on my Google homepage and I wanted to add your blog to it. :)

  47. Yes, I remember records! I couldn't believe I saw that picture on your blog. I had to do a double take. Someone actually still has them. Greg does as well, a collection of old records. My brother still has records AND a record player. OMG, I just felt old. I used to love those scratchy records. Lol.

    Nope, never met anyone famous. Though I'm tempted to go to the French Market and walk around if I know that Brad Pitt is in town. Lol. Never have seen him though or Angelina!

  48. Great story! Never met anyone famous :(

  49. @ the blonde duck - you interviewed the Wiggles, children the world over would love you!

    @ Aleta - no these can't play as traditional records as they are just the inside of the record.So they are only useful as decorativ epieces or drink coasters. I dont have any vinyl records left now. I gave away my entire collection to someone else. No regrets.

    @ Caroline - thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  50. Let's see, I met Roy Rogers and trigger when I was a kid. The writer Michael Chabon signed a book for me almost two years ago (that' when I made a fool of myself).

    And that's about it for me!

    Great true story!

  51. waht agreat idea for coasters!!! I want them. There is a estaurant by me thatses album covers for their menus. I've had some great experiences being a wardrobe stylist in NYC-and just running into people who lived in my neighborhood on the street corner (like Ben Stiller).
    glad I came on over from SITS

  52. Hmmm..let's see. I worked backstage at college concerts and met Kenny Loggins, Dolly Parton, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Gabe Kaplan/comedian. I was on Oprah/as a guest..that was fun! I'm so happy to have found your site- it seems as if my children's website is quite popular with Australians (!!) so maybe you can give me something great to talk about to them:)

  53. I lived right across the street from Earl's Court Exhibition Centre. ...a long time ago but ah, it was good.

    What adventures indeed!

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