Friday 12 September 2008

What the.....

I am le puzzled (it's not hard).

Twins, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are supposedly now the cause of the major problems gripping the world economy and global markets.

How funny does that sound?

Since when do lending mortgage companies have nicknames?

When the world economy finally goes kaput and I have to get a cow in my back garden, its name is going to be Fannie Mae.

And in the vein of an Aussie asking WTF?? - watch this video, The End of Ze World (in case you never watched it when it was doing the rounds years ago - LANGUAGE WARNING BUT FUNNY!)

Have a great weekend everyone. I am going to be studying livestock raising myself....and how to live off the land.....what kind of cow I wonder... so many questions.....oh I wish I had been a better girl scout.....oh and I might just have to get a pair of CROCS!!! YEEEEEEEKKKSSSS!!!


  1. I'd love to learn more about sustainable living. Let us know what you find out!

  2. LOL... Fannie Mae, it's a household name around here, but it is funny to hear it from a different perspective. Too funny.

    My parents took to creating a veggie garden this year, after the tomato scare. I like that alot. My grandmother, Maw Maw, lives off of her property. She used to have chickens and cows and turkeys. She still has a huge vegetable garden that she maintains. I think everyone should be more self sufficient these days.

  3. Dear Lilly,
    That video is funny and SO creative! I am going to send it to my kiddos.
    I'm not one of those who have a problem with the language if it fits the context.
    Although, my son's favorite film, The Great Lebowski, was just too much for me, with f--- being every other word for two solid hours!
    Your weekend of living-off-the land learning sounds very interesting - I hope you are going to share with us.
    BTW, sorry to hear you have been sick the last few weeks.
    Love ya,

  4. @ Ac - Well the first thing is I am going to quiz my parents who both had to live through hard times early on in their lives. I think its all something we should do without question. We need to rely on ourselves a bit more. Besides you only have to taste the difference between organic, homegrown anything and the stuff from the store to see there is a big difference.

    @ Aleta - ok, you know this means that you have to ask your grandmother about the tricks to her vege garden. I applaud your parents and grandmother. And I totally agree we all should be out there doing it too!! O h gosh, you know what this means though, I may even have to get a pair of CROCS!!!!

    @ Hi Jlo, yes I have kind of recovered from the nasty flu - never had it in my life so I guess it was my time except everyone has had it for weeks and weeks. Hope it does not spread across the ocean..Yes I think context is ok in regards to language - and I do kno what you mean about that film -didnt enjoy it either. I will definitely share with you - I think we should all share ideas in this area.

    @ Hello Tash, nice to see you drop by - yes there is something about this little video that makes me keep returning to it, WTF?? indeed!

  5. Fanny Mae is a household name everywhere in the world now - do you suppose that there are a lot of babies being christened Freddie and Fanny these days? I do not understand macro economics but all I know is the whole world is having a hard time and we all do so need to learn to do without and be more in control of our own destinies (the best we can). We don't need as much as we think we do. And Lilly going without also means NO CROCS!!! Does that mean you intend to milk a cow as well? This I would have to see. I think the government should issue a cow and a box of vegetable seeds to every household with instructions on what to do.

  6. Lilly - be careful with the cow. I think cows are starting to get blamed for a lot of our global warming (a small amount of imagination is required here). You wouldn't want to contribute to that problem, would you? I'm kidding, of course.

    My mother lives in Visalia, California, where so much of this country's veggies and produce are grown. You can stick a stick (ha-ha) in the ground out there and it will grow into something. Her and all her neighbors give each other whatever they grow in their own yards, like oranges, strawberries, avacados, lemons, pears, vegetables, etc. Talk about living off the land!!

  7. You make me think of the stories I heard from my grand parents about their "Victory Garden" during WW II. Not a bad idea these days, save a little money, and know where your food came from.

    The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac thing still bugs me. I just cant seem to figure out exactly how I feel. One side of me is mad they are getting "bailed out", and the other side is glad. What makes me mad is the CEO's are reportedly still going to get huge bonuses, $9,000,000.00 and 12,000,000.00. Saw it on the news the other day, I wonder if I can believe it.

  8. @ Matt - global warming - just another thing to get up to speed on. Its just one little cow....who knows where its going to end. I do hope you are out of the way of the hurricane and I pray that everyone will keep safe. Thanks for dropping by.

    @ Eric - I agree, our grandparents had to manage better because of the war and depression and I guess they have lots of information that still would be handy. As for Fanny and Freddy its sounds terrible - like all big banking institutions -huge profits and big incomes for the management team - its WRONG. Thanks for stoppy by.

  9. I have chickens and eggs and a vegetable garden. Best thing I ever did. We need to learn how to live off the land while we have any land left, that is.

  10. Wow farmer Stefan, good on you! You must give me tips on your vege garden - couldnt come at the chickens I do not think though!

  11. Oh, that was so funny and yes ... I guess it's time I broke down and get me a pair of Crocs too - tee hee!

    Thanks for stopping by my site Lilly. Hope you are having a good weekend and hope to see you again soon - Kellan

  12. Kellan - thanks for dropping by. Crocs ..mmmmm...they will have to be green ones so they blend in with the vege garden..

  13. As one of these people affected by these companies, all I can say is the names suit just how ridiculous these banks are. This is going to get so much worse as the country is broke and can't afford the debt the Bush Administration is in because of the War. That is the bottom line.

  14. So...I'm typing this and on the tv is all the news of the latest global financial crisis.

    It all boils down to taking too much out and not putting enough in...greed.

    If there was a holocaust, people would return to prehistoric conditions in days. No one really knows how to be self-sustainable. No Gas, Electricity, Water. No telephones or TV faxes texts or anything.

    The thought is very frightening...and the video is funny, but true.



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