Thursday 4 September 2008

What is the worst fashion trend?

I was asked this question today and initially I couldn't think of anything.

However, when I was out in the shopping centre this afternoon I did happen to notice a few examples of fashion trends that are questionable. To me, anyway.

So, the worst trends in my book are:

1. Wearing sandals with socks. There is nothing attractive about this look at all. If you feel self conscious about exposing your feet in open sandles then wear shoes. Can someone explain this one to me? It's just WRONG.

2. Crocs. Worse still, Crocs in all shades of lollypop fluorescent colours. I can't take them seriously. Wearing plastic on your feet does not look comfortable although many people tell me they are really comfortable. I think they should be banned anywhere outside the garden.... and they don't seem to go with any clothes of any description. Perhaps if you are under 8 you can get away with wearing them in the same way you can can get away with wearing colourful rubber boots...but you have to know once you are past 8 they look kind of ridiculous. OK, I realise everyone has a pair or two except me it seems.

3. The humble 'green' shopping bag. I am all for using the green bags in the supermarket and to carry shopping except now you see them being used everywhere as the new fashion accessory. It's all shades of wrong.... I know you can get them in all colours, patterns and so forth BUT they were never meant as a replacement for a handbag, surely.....

So tell me, what fashion trends irritate you?


  1. I hate bra straps showing with no sign of constraint with tank tops.
    Although, thank goodness that the fashion police haven't caught me with my bra straps and crocs as I would be found guilty wearing both!

    I think that I have grown out of the Croc phase though, ever since my Facebook friends joined the group, "Those Crocs Make You Look LIke a Dumbass"

  2. @ Life of a juggernaut - oh gosh yes, they are a world wide trend. As for Crocs maybe I have an aversion because I have huge feet and wearing bright colourful plastic paws on them would just draw way more attention to me than I could handle. Some things I just cannot do despite how comfortable they may be. I like to be invisible in the crowd and some day I wish I had more guts, fashion wise.

  3. I chuckled because I totally agree with you on the sandals with socks and the crocks. I think the crocks are the ugliest footwear fashion. The design alone don't do anything for me.

    My teenage boy still wears his pants so low, I feel like pulling them down. I think it's the worst kind of fashion for any male species. LOL.

  4. ahahah...sorry..don't mean to irritate you :))
    But I did/ have those 3 things you list here.
    1. I had to wear this when I recently went to a volcano which is covered by hot sands (I didn't wear shoes cos the volcano is on an island with a beach so I wore crock strap sandals)
    2. yes I have crocs, not this one, but the maturer look ones :-D
    3. I have this too, but I never use it!! I always forget to bring it with me when I shop. Terrible, I know.

    Witty post :))

  5. You truly are a riot. I laughed over this post because I hate wearing shoes after years of going barefoot.

    I love these type of sandals, any sandal for that matter. I also love flip flops too.

    I must confess all here.

    And since I hate wearing shoes I started wearing socks with sandals in winter here. But I DO color co-ordinate...and lots of people seem to do it here in the Southwest, USA. SO now you know another dark secret of mine Lilly dear. LOL :) (Gosh I've missed you and being here -- been buried in work.)

    Okay, okay I must fess up. I have at least 4 pairs of crocs. Okay maaaybeeee 6. LOL LOL LOL BUT, I again color co-ordinate. And it depends on what I wear them with. Dresses....absolutely not. Baggy carpenter jeans...yes. schlepping around the house...definitely. A quick run to the grocery store (late at night)...sure. The garden, hanging with friends, etc., yes.

    Now, I do use the bags for shopping of love of nature and all. BUT I would not use that for a purse. I mean how absurd is that?!!! ....I use a small back pack!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL I kid you not! It goes everywhere I go. And people have become quite used to me doing it ever since I left YOUR jungle over there!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL I'm laughing my face off right now.

    Notice how it became YOUR jungle when I was "forced" to defend myself? Like when parents say to each other, "YOUR child is miss-behaving." As if it's not their child too. I laugh over that one.

    Okay what I find weird here in the Southwest is that there is a lot of obesity and yet no matter how large someone is they will wear skin-tight clothing. Huge belly hanging our, boob popping over the top, pants showing a plumber's crack, etc. I kid you not. But then maybe that's not such a bad thing to have no shame around being over weight...but then maybe it's not about shame but rather a lack of awareness in health.

    BTW, I love the new photo. You my girl are gorgeous and charismatic and fun and a pure heart of gold. I have really missed being here. Thank you dear MUCH!!!!

  6. @ Tasha - oh yes, how could I forget about the low pants...good one!!

    @ Ori - ok well wearing crocs on a volcano I think is allowed and I will have to check out the 'mature' style of croc too! Thanks for dropping by I will go and check out your blog!

    @ Robin - he he. You are so funny. You have six pairs of crocs???? OK well you are allowed because of your level of outdoor activities - so you are wearing them for practical reasons not fashion reasons!! Socks and sandles??? NO WAY!!! Even if you colour co-ordinate the socks. Flip flops YES!!! I agree if only we could all go barefoot life would be good - maybe its time to set a new fashion trend. And back packs are more than ok too. Hey I have never even been to my jungle really - outer edges and thats it. I somehow think its YOUR jungle Miss Robin and I am waiting for the book to find out what its all about (I know you would think given its right on my doorstep I would know more). Thanks for dropping by you always make my day and make me smile. Oh, and I expect to see a photo on your blog some time showing me your socks and sandles and your array of crocs - somehow I bet you get away with it and look gorgeous!!!!

  7. Haha you know I couldn't think of any other "worse fashion items" than what you already have listed.

    Socks on sandals- Hmmm I need to confess- I do wear this too but only to go to the mountain and with long pants.

    Crocs- I could really not convince myself to even consider it even if they are giving it away for free;)

    The green bag - I have these too but not as a purse.LOL - na ah of course not!

    Enjoyed this post alot and love the new profile pic Lily! By the way, my old blog is being held hostage by Google. I hope it gets resolved but for the mean time lemme show you my new baby - MommaWannabe.

    Hope to see you there.Cheers!

  8. Seeing Robin confessed I too also have to confess. I have 5 pairs of crocs and they now need to be surgically removed from my feet. Comfort outweighs aesthetics. Quickly changing the subject though the fashion trend I detest is ROMAN SANDLES. Now Lilly you HAVE TO SO ADMIT that these are way worse than crocs. Surely. I think I will also send you a pair of crocs to test drive. I also agree with everyone elses' trends, the bra straps under the tank tops, the muffin tops and skin tight clothing on the wrong bodies, the low cut jeans. I think we should all vote on the worst fashion trend of all time from all of these.

  9. @ Jade - wow, love your new blog, how exciting for you!! Hope your other one gets a free out of jail pass soon. OK, you are pardoned for wearing socks and sandles when out climbing - you live in very hot and humid weather anyway. Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Sarah - Robin is the winner on the number of pairs of crocs she has. But five pairs? So what do you wear them with? Given I respect both of you ladies I am going to have to try a pair BUT I would never leave the house or garden with them on - couldnt do it, not even for a bribe would I do it. I agree maybe I will set up a poll to see which is the worst fashion crime. I have committed a few myself - oh makes me embarassed thinking about them too!!

  10. Hey - I thought I was the only person who didn't own crocs!

    And those green bags - um, I use a lesportsac thanks. :)

    You asked how often I have been to Italy - eight times.

  11. Leslie - hey that makes two of us without crocs. Eight times? Wow I bet you know it well by now. I would like to hear about your favourite part of Italy on your blog one day. I need some inspiration to get back there again.

  12. Hey Lilly

    Okay that is a total riot! You can add me to the list of those without Crocks! I hate, hate, hate them. But what I hate even more is my neighbor. He is a Socks and sandals guy. He has these black knee socks and he wears them all the time. Sandals, dress shoes, slippers doesn't matter and always with the same nasty sport shorts, He reminds me a "A dirty Old Man"
    even the dog gives him the titled head look... hehehe

  13. The Mind of a Mom - oh yuk - what a classic - shame we cant get a picture of your neighbour then but then have to live next door to him. Now we have one more on the NO CROCS side - Yipee!!! Thanks for dropping by I am going to add your site to my list.

  14. Loved the sandals comment Lilly. Unfortunately i do see alot of ol hillbillies here in Kentucky wearing them. Guess its easier when you are running around barefooted outside like i do sometimes to put them on to run to town or greet company when you don't have time to wash your feet lol.

  15. He he Gary - sandles are allowed as long as you lose the socks! Thanks for dropping by, nice to see a visitor from a No 1 site!!!

  16. agree on the crocs, never been a big fan of the socks and sandals either, although i remeber wearing toe socks with flip flops and i was quite a hit.
    i feel rather wise 2day and i will share some of my wisdom: what is a cool fashion trend for someone will find a counterpoint in annoying someone else.
    needless to say what i hate about crocs is appealing to crocs fans and what i find appealing in the way i dress is hated by others.
    conclusion: i don't believi in trendrs. or in fashion. i just believe in good taste that will never go unnoticed.

  17. I do not own crocs. Like you, I just have never been able to buy into the trend. ;-)

    I cannot stand those low-rise jeans - especially on someone sitting in front of me at the football stadium. Don't people know that when you lean forward, everyone behind you can see almost everything? Or is that the whole point? Well, it is a view I don't enjoy. No matter how cute your little tattoo may be.

    At least now, people seem to be wearing longer shirts, so it conceals some of the view . . .

  18. I used to hate crocs too... But now they have come up with lovely designs that doesn't look stupid on you but sassy instead.

    What fashion trends irritate me? super low pants and those tiny tees that teens were showing their bellies. I can't seem to understand why they need to show those?

  19. @ rocksnowhite - toe socks with flip flops - he he there is a picture. 'Good taste that will never go unoticed - those are wise words!'

    @ Renae - ohhh that would certainly keep you distracted from the football game then. Something to be sadi for living in a cool climate, they have to cover up. Thanks for dropping by.

  20. Sassy Mom - thanks for dropping by. OK I have to go check out the sassy Crocs now if they have changed designs. And yes I so agree on the low rise pants and tiny tees.

  21. i too find it bizarre that people wear socks with sandals. I also have my grieviances against that particular model of Cros sandals. Not to mention they have also caused a few accidents for the public at the escalator here (toes caught and ripped off!)

  22. I may be in the minority here, but I just cannot stomach the "jeans with holes in the knees" look. I thought that look went out 10 years ago but I still see lots of people wearing them, even actors and performers on television. I just think it is tacky.

    Also, I have to agree with Tasha; those low pants have to go. Have you ever seen a guy walking down the street with one hand holding up his pants and the other hand holding a cell phone to his ear? Niiiiiiccccceeeee! I want to offer them my belt, but then I would be afraid that I would have a different suggestion for them on how to use the belt. :)

  23. @ Sho - that is horrible - they get caught on escalators and toes are ripped off?? They should be banned then hey? Thanks for dropping by!

    @ Matt - woo hoo lovely to see you stop by. Oh yes, the holes in the jeans - I never quite understood that one either but you're right people are still doing it and people who have millions to spend are big culprits too. It seems the low rise pants most of us have an issue with. We must be all aging...I like your example of the guy with one hand holding up his pants and the other holding his cell phone - made me laugh! And they are everywhere!!! Thanks again for dropping by! If you get stuck for story lines go with your sense of humour!!!

  24. Mini (or close to mini) skirts, especially worn by people with legs, etc. that are very ill suited to be displayed.

  25. Oh I so agree! The socks and sandals, well that's just sad. It isn't even logical. My 6 year old doesn't have a pair of crocs and I pray she will not be asking for some. The shopping bag, I did have a blue one until my sister brought back a lovely black patented Harrods one, so I have ditched the blue thing and proudly carry my new one and pretend it was me that went to London. (not really!!)
    I love reading your posts, thanks for visiting mine.

  26. LOL, My personal favorite is the cowboy boot's, shorts and cowboy hat. Can't people see how stupid they look. There are many more, but I won't go there.

    Your blogs loading better now, faster and the layout is more symmetrical, looks good.

  27. I hate multi-coloured hair. Like that skunk look with half the hair being black and the other half blond. Yuck.

  28. @ Ytsl - yes, yes that is a good one - mini skirts! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    @ Eric - he he, love that cowboy boots and shorts and cowboy hat - I need to do something in terms of blog design but only when I have worked out what I want to do - keep changing my mind but yours is looking good!

    @JKT - oh yes, the skunk hairdo. I saw someone with purple and black hair today along those lines. Then again you have to admire someone with the confidence to wear these kind of styles I guess. Thanks for commenting, appreciate it.

  29. I think the worst fashion trend ever would have to be the mullet haircut which people STILL are wearing twenty years after it was in fashion!

  30. Sandles with socks?!?!?! Arghz..someone call the fashion police please!

    I dislike seeing mismatch color clothings. Reminds me of the clown.

    I've been seeing lots of older woman using recycle bags as their handbags lately.. guess they find it convenient.

    p/s: The mini flags were in celebration of the nation's birthday recently :)

  31. I agree with you on the crocs. I just can't seem to like them even though they are the latest fad.

  32. @ Stefan - oh you are so right, how could we let that go?

    @ Napaboania - yes I have a thing about colour too AND THE CROCS!! Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Rambler - another vote for NO CROCS - thanks for commenting!

  33. Aaaww I hate crocs!! Your blog is really nice!!

  34. @ Dana - thanks for stopping by. I hate crocs too!!!

  35. hmmm... i have to add those leggings with stirrups for the feet, i still see some women wearing them, so unflattering=)

  36. Rachel - oh yes I forgot about those!!!!

  37. Lilly - I agree with you on all counts but the green bag sure makes a great carry -all -junk and cr@p for my twin toddlers.

    We have one pair of toddler sized crocs (well imitation) and my littliest guys fight over them all the time. Hideous yes but practical when they step in the you know what ...

  38. Babyamore - yes I can imagine with twins you would need all the extra bags you could find. They are strong and sturdy too and hold a lot. As for the crocs - kids are exempted I think when it comes to crocs - they look darned cute in them to be honest. However on adult feet it looks freaky - to me anyway!!

  39. I'm with you on the Crocs! My big one for the moment is bringing back the 80s and seeing tweenagers & teenagers walking around thinking they look cool!!! Oh dear...they have no idea.

  40. I agree with you both Lily and Lou... I'm pretty sure the socks & sandals habit was birthed in Europe, you see A LOT of it there... be warned! :P Also, I just can't fathom Emo... what the? And how will they explain their youthful mistakes to their children in the future?
    The exposed underwear is a turn-off, as are short shorts on any female with hips (ie anyone over 14)... as is any kind of Muffin top, ugh... and wearing various shades of red... so wrong!

    I could go on, but I don't want to sound disapproving ;)

  41. tried crocs once, they feel weird on my feet. I never remember my green grocery bags for shopping, though we use a dorothy the dinosaur one for a library bag, fits all those large picture books in nicely.

    How about men that tuck thier shirts in their pants and hoist the pants up over their tummys.....

  42. Well, I was a teenager in the 80s so I'm pretty immune to most trends since I surely wore worse, but I do hate Crocs. I also hate (in winter in Melbourne) the mini-skirt-and-midriff-top worn with a thick scarf and knee high ugg boots. And blue, frostbitten legs.

  43. So I think I dislike most low rise jeans with g string back straps poking out the top.

    I think I dislike this most because MIC remembers one kindy mum as "oh yes thats xxxx with the g string" PPPLLLLLEEASE us big ass girls cannot compete so keep your g's under control you skinny chicks :) le

  44. I was going to say G-strings sticking out- but Le beat me too it.
    So very wrong!


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