Sunday 21 September 2008

Silent Sundays

I saw this sculpture in the city centre today while visiting a flower festival (photos next Sunday).
No, I have absolutely no idea what is going on with this sculpture either (Leslie you may know). I walked round and round it to find a plaque, an explanation or something to indicate the artist's intentions.

Nothing. A quite spectaculor sheep sitting on a chair with its legs in the air sunning its nether regions and with clothes spread all around. Well I'll be damned.

Yes, I can think of lots of sheep jokes but ....
until I find out I am never going to get this image out of my mind.

I just do not see.
No Comments on Silent Sundays but I will put an update when I find out what it all means.
UPDATE: Apparently the above sculpture is a satirical salute to one of the City's early farmers. In 1825, this a Scotsman arrived in the city with 700 sheep to establish a Station. He returned to Scotland in 1835, leaving a flock of 20,000. The embroidered waistcoat on the chair arm refers to his flamboyant dress sense, and to an incident when his clothes were stolen by bushrangers. According to the story, he pursued and caught the bushrangers and retrieved his favourite waistcoat. Right, I still don't see it but I will take their word for it.