Wednesday 10 September 2008

Phew! What is that smell?


So tell me the truth do you sometimes entertain the thought of one day blogging for a living?

I do.

A fleeting thought perhaps but nonetheless it is a frequent enough thought that usually comes to me when I don't really want to get out of bed or leave the house.

Imagine being able to earn a living no matter where you are.

Imagine earning a living from writing your thoughts about your life, the universe and whatever comes to mind.

Imagine sitting in the sun on a faraway beach or being able to stay in bed all day with just your laptop and still be able to earn a living (err, that sounds a bit off but you know what I mean).

However given there are about 70 million blogs out there and very few professional bloggers I realise this dream is not an easy reality.

Professional blogging is a lot of hard work. There's the design, content and marketing. And what about the business model? Advertising, affiliate income or product lines. I am not sure I have that kind of dedication. And I don't have a niche to speak of either.

Truth is, it’s just fun to spill your guts every now and then and throw it out into the blogosphere. The most addictive part of blogging for me is finding other great blogs to follow.

Given my reluctance to take it all too seriously, it probably shouldn't be a surprise to me that my blog attracts a certain type of advertising interest.

For example, I got an email this morning from a company that wanted me to test one of its products and to write a review about it on my blog.

This was a first.

I got excited.

For a minute or two.

The product is called Super Concentrated Pheromone.

This product apparently guarantees the following:
100% Guarantee you will get your dream man / women (1 year Money Back Guarantee!), proven to be completely harmless with no side effects, smells cannot be detected by others making it completely private to yourself, long lasting effect after applied.

As opposed to what you may think, I didn't actually reject this offer out of hand (I know, I know). Beggars can't be choosers. I gave the proposal due consideration and although I smirked about whether such a product could actually give a 100% guarantee of finding your dream man or woman I was tempted to give it a try.

Gosh if it worked then the investment you would have to make in buying copious quantities of Super Concentrated Pheromone would be enormous. It would be like being addicted to Botox. Once you started and found it worked then maybe you wouldn’t be able to stop.

So even though it would have been hilarious to trial this little love potion, as some kind of weird science experiment, I had to regretfully decline the offer. With a smile on my face of course.

I also have to ask myself what it is about my blog that makes someone think I am a good candidate to test this product - that is, do I seem like I am desperate, dateless, over the hill and in need of some artificial stimulant to increase my 'romantic attractiveness' - because if so, perhaps I need to reconsider 'my niche'.

And if any readers need any help in this area and are prepared to make the long term investment, I'll put your person in contact with my person and they can do some business.

Looks like I am back to square one on the blogging dream.... however, if there are any advertisers out there who want someone to review BMWs or diamonds then I am definitely your girl......

Do you get these kind of funny advertising offers too?


  1. Oh what a hoot!

    And no - I never think about it. I know I'm not Pioneer Woman - she pretty well has the market sewn up. :)

    She's about to publish her first cookbook, spawned from the original blog. Good for her, I say!

  2. Ha ha ha - how funny would that be. Now to test it properly you would have to go out on the town one night and see how many blokes you attracted then you would have to spray on the old love potion and go out again and find George Clooney - ha ha. They can't be serious. Who the hell believes in this rubbish I wonder? Thanks Lilly for giving me something to smile about today. I wonder what it smells like? One day girl, the BMWs will come calling!!!

  3. That's funny! A lot of that sort of stuff gets filtered by my email provider, but I don't think I've ever received such tempting offers like that. It is my dream to make a little money from my blog. If you have any ideas let me know. Love your blog!

  4. You're way too funny! I've never been lucky enough to be approached. That's okay because I probably been so skeptic that I would have done the same thing. I agree with you that the reason I like blogging now is so I can interact with others, write my own thing, and read stories and funnies, like yours. When I'm blogging, I usually don't pay attention to all the extra things on the sides. I pretty much go straight to the posts to read, comment, and leave. It's a different thing when I'm on-line shopping. I go directly to the business websites and not the blog sites.

    Thanks again for the laughs.

  5. Oh that made me laugh. I'll take some of that love potion thanks!

  6. That is too, too funny, Lilly! No, I haven't gotten the idea that you are desperate OR dateless OR over-the-hill. The person probably just wanted a pretty blonde woman advertising the product. :-)

    But hey, I'm married. Maybe I should try it and see if it spices things up? But then again, what if attracts the WRONG man? Oh, that could be sticky.

    No thanks, I'll pass. I think you were wise to do so, too. (Grins)

  7. Now that is funny, do you take it as a compliment or an insult, LOL. Yes I have dreamed of making a living by blogging. But I realize also that I am a terrible salesman, and like you have no "niche", why is that so necessary anyway. I have made a whole .28 cents of my google adds, wow I'm rich.

    PS I sent you some link love.

  8. I laughed over this OUT LOUD!!! It's a riot... no, YOU are riot. Like SARAH I pictured you all dolled up and out on the town, even wondered if you'd head to King's Cross...isn't that place in Sydney...well, we'll just leave it a you porbably don't live in Sydney and maybe most of your readers don't know about "the cross". LOL LOL

    I think the company asked you because you are -- like henry said -- SO "charismatic" --- plus you are deliciously outgoing and funny and wild and wonderful. You just draw hoards of people to you like a moth to a flame.

    The company probably saw a real go getter in you. Which you are, but selectively. LOL LOL What they don't know is that you are a deeply sensitive, wise, insightful, loving, deep, grounded person. You are SO smart that you are actually the sort to make a hoot over their product just as you have here.

    Bamm! They missed the mark. :)

    And there is a GREAT distinction that they have completely missed. It is one thing to write about funny things like this and I think it takes a VERY grounded sort of person to do it. And it is quite another for someone to completely believe in everything that comes their way. It's only your open mind that makes you (like me) look at all possible options. LOL LOL

    SO does it work?? LOLOLOL :) :)

    Is there any left? LOL LOL :)

    Okay. Okay, I'm outta here.

    PS LOVE THE PHOTOS -- just exquisite.

  9. hi Lilly glad you are back to blogging .I am trying to catch up again but have over 1000 posts in my goggle reader ...argh.

    "Truth is, it’s just fun to spill your guts every now and then and throw it out into the blogosphere. The most addictive part of blogging for me is finding other great blogs to follow."
    I love this quote and I love your blog.
    I just delete all these offers (had only a few ... Viagra type ones).
    I would love to earn a living by blogging - very cool and by the pool even better.
    A girl has to have dreams who needs them !

  10. that is such a funny story!

    thanks for making me smile!

  11. @ Leslie - Have to check out Pioneer Woman - indeed good for her! It is a hoot alright!!

    @ Sarah - that is funny, girl!! Yes, that is how it would have to be done, can you imagine???

    @ Paula - now this tempting offer could be yours too if you really wanted it so, he he. Yes, wouldn't it be good to blog all day. I would love it so.

    @ Tascha - yes, I kind of see the funny side to most things really. Too much bad stuff happening in the world. Besides, for some unknown reason ridiculous things seem to happen to me all of the time. Know any good online shopping sites - always looking for some hot tips!!!

    @ Stefan - oh no, you don't want to have some of that stuff surely -you can make it on your own!!!

  12. @ Renae - what a scream that would be - yes I never thought of the down side of the product - 'unwanted attention'. Oh I get enough of that now except they are toothless and 80 (I jest, sort of). Thanks for dropping by, appreciate it.

    @ Eric - he he it was definitely an insult. You so could be a professional blogger, you have great writing talents so keep going!!

    @ Robin - I knew this would make you laugh out loud. What a cack this is and yes, Kings Cross indeed. I don't live in Sydney but near enough (the capital instead). I am moving to Qld at the end of the year so maybe I will get to visit parts you know only too well. Thanks for your encouragement, love your comments always my friend. We are so going to meet up and do a walk through the wilderness or a cup of tea on your book tour. One day! Keep inspiring me !!!

    @ baby-amore - thanks for dropping by given all your posts you have to catch up on - yes I am back blogging. I bet you get lots of advertising offers given you are one of our great Aussie bloggers. Your great posts have inspired me more than anyone else's, did you know that?

    @ Nina - glad I made you smile because your artwork has bought me loads of joy!!!

  13. That was hilarious! Can't say that I've ever received advertising like that. Lol. Then again, if I did receive something of that nature, I'd toss it out in a heartbeat.

    Too funny though...

  14. lol no advertising offers. well some friends or people i meet that would liek me to talk about their magazines or products, and my blog is new so i refuse plus they want it freely.

    lol yeah I'd love to blog to make money. lol then again i dont work, i just bog

  15. that was toooooooooo funny

  16. LOL. Really enjoyed your post, as usual I must add.
    I know a few people that could do with some of that aftershave, but I'm happy to say, you're not one of them.
    I agree, blogging for a living, in theory sounds good. But you only have to look around the internet to see how much competition there is out there. It's a dream that I'm sorry to say very few of us will fulfil.

  17. Laughing out loud! and thanks for your kind words regarding todays post on my blog. I actually got an offer from a web design site that wanted to advertise on my blog. I only know they were a web design site because I did my research...they failed to mention this in their emails...Weird..not gonna do it though! Uh.yah...laptop, bed and fulltime job combined with both..gotta be careful with that kinda job offer.

  18. @ Aleta - well it made me smile to be honest. You dont need any help in that department either - hope you are well!!

    @ bombchell - lucky you to be able to blog - fingers crossed those friends of yours will employ you to market their products soon. I will stop by your blog for a visit. Thanks for commenting.

    @ santosh pandy - thanks for your comment. I appreciate it and will stop by your blog for a visit.

    @ Jon - thanks for your ocmments. Strange things make me smile and often I wonder if anyone gets what I get. It would be great to be a blogger but I enjoy it as a little hobby and am content with that. You on the other hand do writing professionally dont you? I couldnt imagine the pressure of all that though and you do it so well.

  19. @ Distressing Delilah - I think I may feature you on my blog though - I still have to go back to your Etsy shop again and try and order. You dont need advertising as you have a wonderful product of your own. Keep going and you may yet inspire me to run - you make it sound exhilarating and it was indeed a wonderful post! Take Care.

  20. Hahaha,wow!That's funny- I am sure there are still some people who believes in love potions - but you? You definitely do not need it, girl!

    I'd like to do a review a on Lamborghini and Diamonds too LOL!

    Too bad my blog is back to square 1. I am starting all over. I made a couple of bucks on that one but I think my content suffered so I would try to stay focus this time.

  21. Jade - great to see you stop by - do you really have to start all over again? Ah well, least we learn a lot along the way hey. He eh when i gt the diamond offer I will pass along your name...

  22. :) I remember buying a small can of spray-on pheremone and trying to "score". I was amazed that it worked!!!

    (a significant proportion of the population do seem to be turned-on by monkey sweat gland extraction)

    On the other hand, it would be cheaper just to give up washing and deodorants etc...


    Ive got a friend who works from his laptop (a website designer) He joins us on tour (his girlfriend is a dancer in our show) and works each day...(envy)


  23. Henry, Henry, Henry - how hysterical. As if you needed some synthetic assistance. That is cheating!!! BUt, then again, it worked. Perhaps it was just that you were more confident because you thought you had some extra secret assistance! Well you are the first person to come forward to say they have tried it and it worked. Perhaps I could reconsider. Monkey sweat gland extraction? How romantic - but it is all interesting nonetheless. Oh yes, your lucky friend - there are lots of people no doubt, journalists, designers etc who can work from anywhere. It would be so good. You are a great writer, how about a book??? You must tell us about what you do on tour sometime - I mean the shows etc. That would be interesting. Happy touring and thanks for your comments, always love them!!

  24. What a funny post, Lilly.
    And look how many comments you've gotten! I think you are well on your way to professional blogging, with so many readers already! So very proud of you.
    And you are so good about responding to all your comments. Boy, can I take some lessons from you.
    Thanks, by the way, for becoming one of the first followers of my blog - I am honored.
    Keep writing and making us laugh and who knows where this blogging passion of yours will take you.

  25. Thanks Jlo for your positive words. Blogging truly is fun and there are so many wonderful people out there doing likewise. Of course I follow your blog - I just couldnt work out how to sing up before now!

  26. Count me as another person who's entertained the thought of blogging for a living. I guess it's an extension of writing a column for a newspaper or magazine... Funny thing is that to make a living from it, it actually may be more achievable for me to do the latter rather than the former (as I already work write for a newspaper)! What about with you?

  27. Ytsl - wow then you should got fot it if you write for a newspaper already. Newspapers have blogs dont they? Me? Well I started to write a blog simply to take my mind off a terrible relationship and to try and keep positive about moving forward. I just kept going longer than I thought I would. I am no writer by any means but there is something therapeutic in journaling isnt there?


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