Sunday 14 September 2008

(Not so) Silent Sundays

I showed a friend of mine pictures from my weekend's research of living off the land and told her that I would definitely love to have some Friesian cows one day.

She laughed.

She thinks I only like these cows because I am obsessed with all things black & white.

Can you imagine anyone who would think I would choose livestock based on their colour?

I assured her that I was basing the decision purely on the fact that these cows give more milk (less cream) than others and my grandparents had friesians on their dairy farm.

She then said, "well, I am not convinced. Think about what you may have worn, brought or made in the last week or so".

I did. And here they are.

Ummmm....looking at this, the evidence is a little incriminating. OK more than a little.

There were the black and white cupcakes I made. The white and black t-shirts I bought at the opening of a new shopping centre on Friday, the beautiful white stationary and black lace stickers for letters I sent last week, the La Dolce Vita black and white video a friend had given me two years ago which I watched for the very first time, the black and white accessories I put in the bathroom yesterday, the black and white tea towels I sewed last week, the vintage black and white pearls and earrings which I dragged out of the jewellery box and have started to wear again, the black and white pillow cases I finally finished sewing and the black and white patterned scarf I bought early last week.
And I could probably go on...but I won't for fear I will only be proving her point....and digging myself in a hole.
I do get a little fixated with colours and I've always been the same since I was a child. My favourite thing was to colour in and draw. It's probably the reason why I ended up eventually painting people's faces and having a great interest in interior design too.

I guess you wouldn't believe me if I told you that when my daughter was small there was a stage where I only allowed pastel colours in her bedroom and primary colours in her play room. Or that I would only allow certain coloured flowers in the garden. Everything had to match the whole colour scheme. I used to get lots of raised eye brows I can tell you but I pressed on.

My daughter coped although she now claims she is colour blind and doesn't have a clue which colours go with what. We laugh about this a lot.

Thank goodness, I loosened up a bit over the years but I still just love colours, textures and's just part of who I am.
But choosing livestock based on their colour?
NO way! (Although when I looked at those cows I did think that they would look ever so sweet with red collars or bells or bows. I also didn't tell her that I was also going to buy a pair of Crocs today but they didn't have any in basic black......).
I wonder what it's going to be like when I eventually get a vegetable garden planted. At least there are no black and white vegetables, are there?

I may be alone on the cow obsession but is anyone else got 'a thing' about colours too?


  1. You are so hilarious. I'm with you on black and whites. I don't have a good color scheme, but I always choose black or blue color. Hubby is the interior designer in our home. Everything has to be architecturally balanced and has to have a theme or color scheme in every room. I'm glad he's into that because I can't be bothered by it. If I were to be put in charge of that, everything will be a hodgepodge, without any rhyme or reason. Thanks again for putting smiles on my face. Good night.

  2. Nice to visit in your site. Have a great day and Greeting's from Jakarta, Indonesia !

  3. Yes, I am just the same about colours. Things have to match not to the point of obsessiveness LIKE SOME OF US LILLY! Too, too funny. I read your daughter's post too - she seems to have inherited your sense of humor. Thanks for the laugh. Every time I see a cow I will think of you (did that come out the right way? You know what I mean.).

  4. Thanks for making me chuckle, once again!!!

    I think that black and white is a wonderful color combination, too.

    And, your appreciation of color is very praiseworthy, in my opinion!

  5. So, I do love that cow too. and black and white.... though I'm more into green now. I do wonder what that means.... *giggles*

  6. Not many guys will comment on this no doubt but I always choose blue in everything much to my girlfriend's frustration. I like it, it doesn't stand out so it's easy. Cows make great pets but I am a vegetarian and don't eat dairy either.

  7. Hahaha! I love black and whites too.And I love those cows too- it's a pity they wouldn't survive the humidity in the Philippines.

    I have a new place now - hope u can add me up.

    Oh and by the way ,you've been Tagged! I want to see what you, a pretty, intelligent woman have in your handbag or purse.

    Nosey eh? Hehe! Details about it could be found here

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog. I popped over to visit yours.

    Does the deep purple of aubergines (egg plants)come close enough to black for a vegetable?

  9. @ Tasha - That is what a partnership is all about you meld your strengths. If both of you wanted to decorate it wouldn't work hey? Lucky you. He sounds like he knows what he is talking about too! When are we going to see a pic of your son and your husband on your blog - are they up for it? Thanks for dropping by you always make my day!

    @ aki gaul - thanks for dropping by my blog. I will come visit you.

    @ Sarah - are you calling me a cow??? He he, thanks for your comments, you funny girl you! somewho i guessed you may be just as pedantic about colours too!

  10. @ Nina - well I would have imagined you would feel like that about colour being the genius artist that you are. Glad I made you smile!

    @ Liferuiser - thanks for stopping by. Green is good. Yes, I go through different 'favourite colours'. I like green and rose pink together. Or green and purple as well. Certain shades though - see I am a nut when it comes to these things.

    @ Stefan - well blue is for boys isnt it? I think its a lovely and safe colour and always looks good. You have to stick to what feels good I say. Thanks for dropping by.

  11. @ Jade - OK I am up for the challenge. I am kind fo aprticular what I keep in my bag too so this should be funny! I will post tomorrow and yes I need to add you new link and will do that now. Thanks,,,,I think!

    @ Elaine - yes of course aubergine - which I love actually so thanks for that tip and I also love the colour too. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. I love cows! My kitchen is decorated in cows!

  13. Tammy, there you go, thank goodness someone who appreciates these beautiful animals. Do you collect cows - ornaments etc? Thanks for dropping by.

  14. Well Lilly, you can grow black radishes, and black and white peppers, white asparagus (grown without light, white cranberries, white tomatoes,black tomatoes, white pumpkins, black corn, black potatoes, white beets and there are possibly many more. So this means you can indeed hve a black and white vegetable garden. That woul dget everyone talking and rolling their eyes. How hysterical would that be?

  15. Loved your post. Being Irish I suppose you'll think my favourite colour is green. Hate to shatter the illusion - if there was one - but I'm partial to black. I remember years ago everything in my wardrobe was black. Black shoes, black shirts, black jeans , yes black underwear. It made choosing an outfit to go out in really really easy.

  16. i have a thing for blue and green (although i can't say which one is actually my favorite for fear that one or the other should get mad) so i completely understand the passion for colors. as for that farm, when you get there with cows and all give me a shout. i'll come to help around.

  17. @ Magee - thank you I didnt honestly know these existed - I need to be a bit more adventurous on the whole fruit and vegetable thing by the looks of things, thanks muchly.

    @ rocksnowhite - I never picked you for a blue and green girl. And yes you can come and help me with the cows - some smart person sent me an email with reason why I shouldnt be eating milk or dairy. I don't do much of either but I still want a cow. My grandparents had a dairy farm and all their cows would answer to their names.

    @ Jon - I am with you on the black I have to say - you can never go wrong. I like Green too but hey you have enough of that with all your wonderful countryside. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you took away some colour tips for your decorating!!

  18. I'm cool with black and white too. I've lived with all my stuffs in black and white until kids came into my world. Through them I've re-found color back into my life.

    Have a good week ahead!! :)

  19. I have been on a pink craze lately and I'm not even a girly-girl. I got an ipod for my birthday and was miffed my hubz did not get me the pink one, I GOT THE BLACK ONE!! You'd probably love it, lol.

  20. Hi there-just dropped in to say hello. I'm a dyer and love colour and enjoy mixing and matching. It's fascinating. I dye skeins of wool and knit them up.

  21. You have an eye for aesthetically pleasing things. I can appreciate that! I think a red collar on that black and white spotted cow would look nice. But, a hot pink on a rich brown cow would look better, don't mooo agree?

    -Andrea Cook

  22. Lilly,
    From reading this post, you would think you spent your weekend at a writer's conference instead of a "farmer's" conference!
    Your writing gets snappier and more engaging everyday.
    Loved this piece, loved the pics, and you've convinced me: I want one of those cows!
    BTW, my roomie Jeanette LOVES black and white, too. Her favorite store: The Black and White Store.
    PS Thanks so much for your prayers yesterday.

  23. I love black dresses and white dresses!I think black & white cows are adorable, so are pandas so are black and white dogs (like Rex and Fly in BABE! but i'm not much into zebras or striped clothing either. hmmm. when it comes to clothing, im not much into loud colors, but i love green and lavender and orange. =)

  24. The colors I mostly wear are red and black. I LOVE for things to match, to have a theme of some sort (for the wedding it's blue and white for a winter wedding and Fleur de Lis for New Orleans area).

    Loved your post and yes, Lol, I can see why you'd like my parents' renovated bathroom. I'll have to take pictures and post them when it's done. You'd love it!

  25. Thank you everyone for leaving comments!

    @ Barbara - thanks for dropping by I will visit your blog too! wow dyeing - that must be tricky - have never tired that.

    @ AC - yes, I also love brown and pink - I so totally agree with you!! I didnt realise that was you at first until you left your blog address.

    @ Napaboaniya - thanks for dropping by - that is true children do bring the colour back into your life - looks like I will have to wait for grandkids....

    @ Irish mom - guess what? I have the pink ipod - hot pink which I also like but would prefer black - we should swap!!

    @ Jlo - you mean there is a black and white store - no I never. I wonder do they have an online shop. I will have to google it - oh. Thanks for the encouragement as always. Yes I do love cows.. just sweet and passive.

    @ Rachel - yes I am with you on the organge and lavendar too! I dont go much on zebra print but I do like leopard print - not much but a little.

    @ Aleta - yes I knew you would be like that too - very organised I bet. And I cannot wait to see those pictures of the bathroom, I can just imagine how great its going to look! I may get some ideas for doing something likewise one day..

  26. Not sure I've ever had an obsession over color (you;'re spelling it wrong! ha ha!), although I do recall insisting in fifth grade or thereabouts that my school wardrobe be all in "jade". I'm not even sure that I was fully aware of what color "jade" was but I remember that it struck me as exotic, which is exactly what I am not, at least not in Minnesota.

    Perhaps I would be more exotic in, say, Jakarta?!



  27. I would definitely choose my livestock based on color. My hubby and I were just discussing that the other day, which color of cattle we would like better, red or black. We've decided on red. I would have preferred purple, but that's just not to be. Darned it! Hee hee :) To make real ranch people feel better, we did choose the type first. Yep, we're going with Angus!

  28. Troublex2 - Lucky you, you are really out there living on the land. Purple cows - its a wonder we haven't had them bred like that already. Angus cows sound very serious and professional - which is what you are doing I realise. Not trying to be a pretend farmer like I dream of doing one day. When you do get them I would love to see pictures on your blogs.

  29. @ Pearl - no you can be exotic where you are. Oh yes, jade green. Its a lovely colour actually and you are right I can't spell, he he. I wonder what people think if they dodnt really know there is a difference in the English and American spelling systems....

  30. Dear Lilly, You must be a monster to have your daughter protest colour blindness, in order to bring a little colour into her life :)

    I admit to liking black...the trouble is, it shows the dirt, almost as much as I'm going to have to learn to like mottled brown.

    The carpet in my front room is a floral mottled brown, green, black and muted orange/yellow.

    I haven't needed to clean it for years......


  31. OK Henry, I was a bit (a lot)of a colour Nazi and my daughter genuinely still has an issue with colours. And I probably caused that I ralise he he. She has no real interest in it all really. And she is known to take pictures on her mobile of what she is wearing and send them to me for advice. She's fine, we laugh, otherwise she would have sued me by now - she is a lawyer these days! But she knows deep down she cant really turn up to work in stripes and spots and pink fur etc. Yes, its always a good idea to have an undistinguishable colour for carpets - besides you are never home to clean it anyway - so it doesn't much matter really! Mottled brown is the new black, so there you go!! You will be the height of fashion.


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