Thursday 18 September 2008

The Mona Lisa

she ain't what she used to be, either

I just posted a serious post on aging below (yes, I can be serious every now and then) and I opened my email and saw this.

Mind you it's just not the USA either.

Even the Mona Lisa, it seems, is not allowed to age gracefully. Then again, given she is about 500 years old it was probably time for a makeover....

You have to smile or shake your head.


  1. Oh my God that is scary! Particularly as someone who looks quite like that just walked right by me.

  2. Lilly, if I am not mistaken that is a picture of you on the right, yes perhaps in your younger days......he he. The sad thing is as Leslie says the Barbie doll look is everywhere. She just looks familiar. I prefer the old Mona Lisa. She is full of mystery and intrigue. Wonder which ones blokes go for? Like I had to guess.

  3. Haha... Really funny. But I still prefer Mona Lisa as what she is. The one on the right just doesn't look right.

  4. hahaha...that was good!

  5. Funny thing here.. I work in a business environment. One of the coworkers was from Costa Rica. One day she told me, "You don't look American." Wow. First time I was ever told that! I asked what an American looked like. She pointed to two other employees. Then I realized what she meant. They had blond hair, blue eyes. I asked her what she thought I looked like. Her response, "European. French." Well, sure I have a heritage, but I'm full blooded American, brown hair and eyes.

    Isn't it funny how people classify based on looks? I like the original Mona Lisa too.

  6. Aleta was right on. People still have a view as to what an American should look like. Blonde and blue eyes. In this day and age? Unbelievable. It's more scary to go to Asian countries to see the young girls trying to emulate this kind of image through plstic surgery, contact lenses and hair dye. Sad. Very sad.

  7. @ Leslie - oh perhaps it was the Mona Lisa you saw...

    @ Sarah - yes um, very funny. I like the mysterious original Mona as well.

    @ Ravon - thanks for dropping by. Yes the orginal is best alright.

    @ bluejeansgirls - thanks for commenting. It is a little funny ist it?

    @ Aleta - you are so right. My daughter is very dark and people assume she is Italian or European too! Strange given I am 5th generation Austrlian and her father is English. I always think blondes can be pretty but its the brunettes in this world who are beautiful and exotic. Lucky you!!!

  8. Too funny! I've got brown hair and brown eyes--no blondes in out family, and our bazooka's are much smaller also :)

  9. Gran - yep I think shes turned into one of those Pamela Anderson Hollywood types. That's why most of us favour the original model! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  10. Hahah this is really hilarous! She does look like Pam Anderson!

  11. Am I old fashioned or am I showing my age age. I prefer the original. I wonder what Leonardo would say ?

  12. She looks like a cross between Paris Hilton and Jordan.

    Sarah...Of course I prefer the original (bloke indeed!)

    On the other hand...if they weren't implants (!)


  13. Thanks for your comments Nina, Jade, Jon and Soul Merlin - I think all of us prefer the original which says something ( I dont think that its beause we are getting too old Jon!). Henry for a moment there I thought you had met my daughter Jordan before I realised who you were talking about Katie Price (my daughter was named after the Jordan in the Great Gatsby!)

  14. If it makes the girl happy, what the hell! But hey, I think she might have gone just a teensy bit OTT with the boob job :)

  15. For years, if you lived here in America and had blonde hair and blue eyes you were assumed to be from “California”. Now it's "American". Amazing the influence Hollywood has had on our nation and world!

    At my age I pretty much rebel against the whole "cookie cutter" look when it comes to just about everything. What’s wrong with unique, right??? :)

    I started out blonde and as I got older my hair got darker. So when I was in my 20's I colored it a bit. Now, I just like being me. Dark curly hair, hazelish eyes and NOT 100 lbs.

    And not everyone in the US has fake boobs… :))

    There's something to be said for the "Old" Mona Lisa...

  16. Wow, if that doesn't sum up the state of affairs in today's world I don't know what does! I guess there really is no shame any more. And the sad thing about it is that I see mothers out in public with their young daughters who are wearing entirely inappropriate clothing and make-up for their ages, but the mothers do nothing. Sad.

    On a lighter side, I assume this was done by someone with nothing better to do, just as a joke, and in that manner it is pretty funny. Thanks for the laugh!

  17. @ abonny - yep just a teency bit OTT!

    @ Macnelly Family Adventures - it's funy but people have that idea about Australians too - that we are like Californian girls. Funny thing is, when I was in the US people used to often think I was from Texas because I was tall and blonde. Go figure. The world is a melting pot whatever country you are in. Thanks for your visit and comment Christi.

    @ Paul - funny comment - thanks for visiting I will visit your blog too.

    @ Matt - you are right - kids are not kids anymore. I saw an ad the other day for high heels for babies who couldn't even walk yet. I guess if Mona was in Hollywood she might have to conform though. Thanks for your comment.

  18. you would have thought she would have had a nose job. Looks like she skimped on the deluxe package.

  19. Kelley - so funny - not that I can talk about noses...

  20. Please can I have the last three comment/lines? They're just like the sort of promo-snippet they do for TV

    Think of it...Kelley, Lilly and could be the new Desperate whatever.

    In fact your whole comment thread reads like a first draft script (not the writing...just the editing together I hasten to add :)

    I'm impressed with your UK savvy (Katie Price)Jordan. Speaking of the latter, I'm so pleased you realised that I was not referring to your daughter of the same name.

    Can a boomerang circle the Earth?

    At least I can now hold my head high and with confidence.


  21. Reanae - I think Mona has had a lot more done somehow. Oh the pressure!

    Henry - ok, you write the script and I'm sure you can count us in. It is a bit funny reading it back. Of course I am UK savvy, I used to live in the UK, London for some time earlier in my younger days and more recently Scotland for a couple of years. My sister has lived in Hertfordshire for 9 years. Yes a boomerang can circle the earth but it depends upon who throws it..he he.


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