Tuesday 2 September 2008

And the Spin continues...just with a new face...

"Your basic extended family today includes not only your partner and children, parents and siblings but your ex-husband or wife, your ex's new mate, your new mate, possibly your new mate's ex and any new mate that your new mate's ex has acquired and on and on." So said Delia Ephron, screenwriter and producer of movies such Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail.

I think she is right on the money if looking at politicians so called secrets is anything to go by.

How much more can they dig up, make up or uncover about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her extended family just a few days after it was announced that she would be on the McCain ticket?

First, there were rumors that her baby son was really her grandson. Then it turns out her daughter is 5 months pregnant. Then her husband had a drink driving conviction 20 years ago. And not let's forget the sociopath ex brother in law who has also landed her whole family in hot water. So now she is labelled by some quarters as white trash? And all of this is supposedly 'rocking the political world?'

P-l-e-a-s-e.....isn't it called real families???

Here are a couple of blog comments I found written about her which give an example of the wave of comments being made on blogs around the net.

This is absolutely unacceptable. She needs to step aside and take care of her many children and grandchildren if they are not more than one. This is the result of spending too much time in the office and less time with the kids. IS THIS A GOOD RESULT?

Take Care Of Your Family First Sarah. Being focused on power and promoting yourself as some big to do will always result in damage to your family. You are a Mother and about to be a Grand Mother, that is impressive enough, don't get you life and family tangled any further, get out before it is too late.

Oh, who would be bothered putting their lives under the microscope in such a way. The truth just gets twisted anyway.

I truly just do not get the fascination. Am I imagining this or would some of the questions being asked about Palin never ever be considered in regards to male candidates? She is a poor mother because she was working up until a month before her babies birth, she is a poor mother because her daughter is pregnant, she is a poor mother because she should not be running for such an office with five children at home and on and on.

She was an unusual choice in many respects but perhaps a clever choice in many others. Only time will tell but please.....none of us would pass the 'political acid test' I am sure if faced with that level of scrutiny.

The sooner politicians are treated as human beings who have the same family issues to deal with that the rest of us do, the more realistic our expectations will be and the less power they will have. Putting our politicians on a pedestal only makes them ultimately believe they deserve better than the rest of us.

And as for being a professional working mother of five children? My mother did it with five children many years ago and my brother and sisters all survived to tell the story without turning into anti social misfits (well ok, four out of the five of us turned out ok - he he).

Let's stick to the political agenda not the side issues involving a person's entire extended family unless it's going to bring a country undone.

What do you think?


  1. four out of five? i must disagree. but agree with all the rest. it's enough that the political agenda is overlooked by the politicians themselves that we overlook it too in favor of personal life matters that just don't concern anyone except the people that go through them.

  2. Oh wow! The evil, twisted things they could dig up on my hillbilly, bipolar family.

    Why do they always pick on women about not being good mothers? Can't we be successful and great moms?
    Great post :)

  3. Amen sister! I like how you said it. Bravo.

  4. I must say Lilly I have a similar point of view, though I don't follow politics. But I do think it's unfair that the media are constantly digging into peoples lives to see what dirt they can dig up. I wonder how the media generals would feel if they were in a similar situation. One minute celebrities are on a pedestal because the media have placed them there, next minute they come crashing down because they have fallen out of favour with the media. Amy Winehouse is a typical example.
    Leave people alone to do what they do. So long as their private lives do not interfere with their working lives who cares ?

  5. Lily, agreed. Everybody has a right to a personal life and it is unfair and dirty tactics to make Ms Palin pay for the mistakes of others.

    The elections are won by the media and while I do want Obama to win President I would like it to be a fair win....not because of persecution by media.

    I wonder how the media would react if we said they were unfit to report and dragged out all of their skeletons?

  6. Oh I think she is being manipulated by everyone, including the Republicans. She is the token everything. I agree none of the informaiton coming out about her children or extended family is relevant when you really look into it all. Now I noticed they have a picture of the father of her daughter's baby plastered all over the internet. Poor kids. Welcome to the limelight!! I am for Obama too but this is just like Hillary. They seem to have way more to pick on when there is a woman in the spotlight just because of the multifaceted role women have. The children also have a father if anyone bothered to look. Makes me sick really - get that Rupert Murdoch?????

  7. McCain picked Sarah Palin because her lack of experience highlights Obama's relative lack of experience.

    McCain picked Sarah Palin because her past membership with a political party advocating Alaskan secession will only remind voters of Obama's relationship with Jeremiah Wright.

    McCain picked Sarah Palin because her extended (and growing!) brood means Obama isn't the only family man on stage.

    The Democrats are just walking right into it.

  8. I think it's great that he picked her. It's not unusual (but sad) that the her background would be scrutinized. THAT is what politics is all about, the foolish details that makes a "show" for the media.

    McCain didn't necessarily pick her for the good of the country as much as he picked her for his higher chance of being elected - but then again, isn't that the case for any running mate.

  9. Perhaps for every piece of dirt they are digging up, it's a good reason for her to hold the office. None of us are perfect why should we expect our politicians to be. I think she would make a good vice president, and who knows president. I know my Mother could have handled it, and she would not have put up with any crap either.

    If Palin can develop that "mother glare" you know the one when your mother is giving you that look. Maybe she could use it on congress and the media to get control of things LOL.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against a woman hold the job, and actually think it may be a good idea. I'm just trying to make light of her misfortune.

  10. @ rocksnowhite - yes you are so right, the politicians overlook the plitical agenda themselves - too true. Maybe they prefer us all talking aobut their private lives because it takes away from their political prowess. Glad to see you recovered from your music festival...

    @ troublex2 - oh I think we are related I am telling you. I agree the media does pick on females - Hillary was not mumsy enough and too cold and now Sarah has got too much mumsy going on it seems. Women cannot do it all the way society wants them to. I do like what Obama had to say about it all though.

    @jugs - Amen alright and thanks for dropping by.

    @ Jon - well Gordon Brown is not nearly as interesting is he - least Tony and Cherie were a bit more lively. I agree about the media - they dont care as they need to sell papers more than ever now BUT most of this stuff is now coming from the internet political blogs so its interesting how the face of media is all changing. Once it goes to print though the damage is done regardless of the truth factor. Oh the Amy Whinehouse story is a sad one - its almost like they want to topple someone successful - plus I never could understand why her husband is locked up like that for so long for his supposed crime either. I agree with you, family business is off limits unless it is somehow interfering with their professional lives.

  11. @ megan - you hit it on the head when you said the elections are won by the media - the US political process is so very different from ours isnt it?

    @ sarah - good comments. Yes I am sure that she was chosen for many reasons - mainly right wing ones. Nonetheless her poor kids should not be dragged into this. Yes, and Rupert well what can you say - a hard man I bet he is.

    @ stefan - great points - yes it was perhaps a very clever move. I ownder does she know what she is in for exactly. The next eight weeks are going to be so interesting.

    @ aleta - thanks fro dropping by considering everything you have been though. It was amazing to read about what it was like trying to evade Gustav particularly with Greg's condition as well. I hope things calm down and you get time for some rest and relaxation. In terms of the politics, yes you are right its just typical. Not nice for her kids though. Yes, I guess the choices they make are very strategic - its going to be interesting to see where this all ends. Take Care and thanks for stopping by.

    @ Eric - hello there. I think I caught the flu from you if it was at all possible, he he. Glad you are back on deck again. I am sure she can pull out that mother glare and something tells me she is one tough cookie albeit maybe a little naive at the same time. I just wonder what Hillary is thinking - all those years of work and she couldnt get on the ticket. Interesting days - thanks for stopping by. I will visit you soon to catch up.

  12. Aside from politics, look at you in the top 100!

    I was on there for ages, - for my topcatrules blog. :)

  13. Leslie - yes I am not sure what that means exactly - one hit wonder I think. I dont unerstand how they figure it out - it just happened. Thanks for dropping by,

  14. I don't follow politics, but I agree with you wholeheartedly. Leave the family alone, at least..
    Thank you for commenting on my blog. Love yours!

  15. Thanks for dropping by Paula - nice to get to know other Aussie female bloggers.

  16. I'm Canadian so I really don't know too much about this. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :o)

  17. Wish there were more -- much more -- like YOU!

  18. @ Tammy - thanks for stopping by.

    @ Lauren - nice of you to stop by - loved that post of yours.

  19. What bothers me is that Obama and others have said her family issues are her family issues and should be off limits. It's the media who keeps fueling this fire.

  20. Well, we do need to stop thinking of these people as just what they show us, or just what we see or are told on t.v. They are real..and also fallible.

  21. Thank you, Lilly! Well said.

    I am reminded of Jesus' words, when the angry mob was about to stone the adulterous woman. He said, "He who is without sin can cast the first stone."

    That certainly leaves me out.

  22. Hello Lilly,
    This is a great post. I commend Obama for saying that family members are off limits, especially the children. I also agree with you and the others that politicians' private lives, as long as they don't interfere in the governance of the country, should be left alone. I'm with Megan, we should start digging up on the media members own dirts to see what's that like for them? Oh, well, If Palin truly believes that she has something better to offer for this country in order to move forward, I hope that she perseveres and be steadfast in the face of all the negativities thrown at her and at her family. I think that the people who are saying that she's putting her personal ambitions ahead of her family are just plain jealous of her.

  23. @ skittles - yes you have to commend Obama because of what he said its true. I think a lot of the political blogs are now worse than the mainstream media.

    @ distressing delilah - I agree they are fallible and they are public servants there to do what the people want of them, not the other way around. But we shouldnt expect more of them then we do of ourselves either. Funny how we do that - thanks for stopping by.

    @ Renae - that is a great biblical quote and so relevant. Thank you so much for the reminder and for dropping by.

    @ Tasha - yes Obama did what he should have done. Its going to be so interesting as to where this all goes to - exciting times ahead. Who knows it may give you ideas for your novel.....thanks for stopping by and I always look forward to your comments.

    @ Meggie - thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

  24. How many people can say that it's been twenty years since their last DUI. At least he learned his lesson.
    It's real life people, we all have our problems, politicians just have to be willing to have it all exposed to the electorate.

  25. Palin, whose great appeal is the nose-thumbing ballsiness of her politically incorrect persona. She's a hunting, shooting former beauty queen/mother of five/career woman with a hunky blue-collar husband who not only works on oil rigs and runs a commercial fishing operation but is part Inuit and a snowmobile racer who has been dubbed Alaska's First Dude.

    The attacks on her expose the elitism, condescension and moral rootlessness of the feminist establishment. It will serve to shore up support for Palin among those who are not so intolerant.

    Her political life story does not begin in the usual feminist training grounds, not from a desire for power but a desire to help out at her children's school.

    Palin's family choices are not what every mother wants but they are choices plenty of our most accomplished women have made for at least two generations.

    Palin is a woman who does seem to be able to do it all, yet feminists don't believe she should. So who is holding women back from the glass ceiling?

  26. Miranda - wow , thanks for your comments. They have given me food for thought indeed. Notice how now they are coming out saying she had an affair with her husband's business partner. Oh gosh. I have always thought when it comes to the corporate world that women are not exactly kind to each other - too competitive and jealous. It's a shame. We do not have to agree with their politics but we should be able to respect another women getting to these public positions without casting doubts as to how they got there and where else they should be instead. It is all just about being decent to each other. I also think bloggers have a lot to answer for in all of this namely one Daily Kos who started the whoel thing about the baby being the daughters. Cant wait to hear her speech I have to say - its on in about 15 mins or so.

  27. Given one in four U.S. teen girls is infected with at least one sexually transmitted disease and there are hundreds of thousands of teen pregnancies every year, I would say this family is pretty normal.

  28. For those who think Obama is squeeky clean in the mud slinging of Palin - read thishttp://michellemalkin.com/2008/09/04/hey-obama-fight-the-smears/

  29. Very well said Lilly! No man would EVER be so subject to this kind of junk. I guess if she shouldn't have a full time job then every woman in the world that DOES should step down and stay home with her children!

    I am a stay at home mom, that is what I feel God has called me to but not every woman is and not every woman can. Let's not forget that she also has a HUSBAND!

    I'm pretty sure that he probably partakes in the raising of their children, or is that wrong too? Maybe people will judge him too for taking part in his childrens lives. If I recall, most "stars" have nannies that raise their kids.

    I don't hear anyone crying about them. No, they're not running for VP but the standard should be the same right?!?!? Their "poor kids" aren't with their mothers ALL the time either.

    As far as her pregnant daughter... Can we please not place the blame on the parents for EVERY decision our kids make be it good or bad...

    No one is perfect and no one is exempt from having things go on that some people would whisper about.

    I say leave the lady and her family alone. At least she is a real person who can relate to all the REAL people who live in this great country of ours.

  30. @ Magee - thanks for that link it was really interesting and scary!

    @ Christi (Macnelly Family Adventures)- very well said and THANK YOU for saying the critical thing that keeps getting missed. There is also a FATHER in this whole equation. I think its about respecting peoples choices. And as a mother of five yourself I think you are more than qualified to tell it like it is moreso than most of us. People just do not want to see her being able to do it all and want to pick holes in her life. Somehow she seems pretty strong though - it will be interesting! Thanks so much for dropping by, appreciate it.

  31. I loved her speech and am fascinated by her. That was the first time she ever gave a speech in front of a huge audience like that and she looked like she could have been in her living room!

    And has anyone seen the pictures from her inauguration as governor? Her youngest daughter was wearing a tiara. Some women in politics might have told their daughter- no Honey, we don't wear tiaras to political functions. But Sarah Palin let her daughter be a kid and allowed her to feel like a princess at a big function. I doubt she's lacking anything in the motherhood area, and I'm willing to bet she'd beat a lot of guys in a fist fight too!

    Good for her!
    And good for John McCain for having the shrewdness to pick her!

  32. Bettejoe - oh how adorable about the tiara - I think the moment she wet her baby brother's hair down was a classic too. That child may get a few votes on her own. Yes I agree it was a shrewd move and something tells me she is going to more than handle it - her journalism background is going to come to the fore well and truly. She looked extrenely comfortable and if there were any sign of nerves you could not tell. At this point no-one knows too much about her views on political matters but that will be shown over the next few weeks. More focu on her is going to take the shine off Obama's campaign - and I really like him too. Thanks for dropping by!


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