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Past Lives is a collaborative writing project involving bloggers from around the world. PART 1 of the story starts with a fictional Australian character named David. In an effort to understand and overcome his fears David undergoes Past Life Regression (PLR) therapy with the renowned Dr Harlowe. During each session a different blogger takes you back to reconnect David with one of his previous lives (links to these stories are on the left sidebar). Today David is seeing Dr Harlowe for a review session. After revealing nine past lives will there finally be enough clues to unlock David's present pain or will he have to reveal more past lives to find the missing pieces?__________________________________________________
"Ha-a! Sús-ki! Ó-ma-ta -wi-mo-o! Ó-ma-ta, Ó-ma-ta -wi-mo!"screamed David, repeating the loud, terrifying war cry of the Indian who had cut open his chest and ripped out his heart from his past life in Colorado in the 1830s.
Dr H
arlowe sat in the dim light grimacing as he reviewed the tape from David Taylor's last session. No matter how many tapes Gregory Harlowe had seen, he still found it uncomfortable watching the pain and terror etched on his patients' faces as they described their deaths in previous lives.

David was definitely one of his more complex cases. While he presented with a straightforward phobia, his vivid past life memories would suggest that he has some deep-seated fears and traumas yet to be revealed. Dr Harlowe had now examined all the session tapes and had noted particular scenarios which may assist in resolving David's issues.

Dr Harlowe was well aware from his own experience, the toll that this therapy can have on patients. He had also connected with many of his own past lives over the years.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock and his assistant, Petra, opened the door and said, “Dr Harlowe, David Taylor is here."

“Send him in”, said the doctor as he switched off the tape.

His eyebrows shot up in surprise when he saw his patient's appearance. David's hair was unruly, his face showed a lack of sleep and the dark shadows under his eyes told a story of their own. David also seemed to be limping again.

"Hello David, he said, "I'm glad to see you. How are you feeling?"

David sat down heavily on the lounge and muttered, "Fine thanks", before taking a sip of water. He then spluttered, "Truth is Doc, the...the last session we had really rattled my cage and I've had nightmares all week. I only came here to get my claustrophobia cured, and now I've found out I've had more lives that the longest running character on Days of Our Lives. I've not only seen them playing like a movie in my mind, but I feel like I've been reliving them over and over for weeks now. I've got enough problems in this life, without a whole heap more! I'm not sure how many more blood curdling deaths I can take".
Dr Harlowe chose his words carefully. "I understand, David. Your last session was particularly traumatic and I think it's a sign that we are finally getting close to unravelling the puzzle. Unfortunately the journey is often a painful one and there's no easy way to dodge the bullets. At some point during the process most people feel the same way you do, so try not to let it overwhelm you. You just have to keep reminding yourself that the problems you have today are invariably caused by, and therefore have the potential to be healed by, those problems from your past lives.

David nodded and Dr Harlowe continued, "The other critical thing to remember is that not all the past lives you have connected with may necessarily be your own past lives. There is a possibility that the scenes you recalled may be from old movies you have seen and forgotten about or even books you have read, not to mention your own imagination. Some of your past life memories may not even exist at all".

"So, let's just take a quick look at some of the key scenarios you have remembered to date. We can see if there any similarities between your past lives and then look at them in the context of your current life. Is that alright with you David?"

David sighed, "OK Doc, given I've come this far I guess I should see it through."

"David", interrupted Dr Harlowe, "I can see some definite synergies between your past lives. Do you notice anything?"

"Yes, yes, I see what you mean, it's really incredible", said David as he intently watched the images flash before him.
"Look here and then there and then at this one", said the doctor as he pointed to various images on the screen. "Everything that happens to us somehow, somewhere, sometime, makes sense. If it does not make sense in the context of this current lifetime, then it always makes sense in the context of one of more past lives. We always carry our unfinished business, unlearned lessons and unresolved thoughts with us from life to life.
David, I have a few questions about your current life that I would like to explore further. Tell me, what was your life like when you were a small child?"
"Well", said David, "I was born near Ayers Rock. My father, Harry, was an Aboriginal ranger and my mother, Clara, came from Norway to work as a governess on a cattle station. I was an only child. In some ways I felt like I didn't belong. I have coloured skin and blue eyes. My mother taught me at home. I felt different from the aboriginal children I played with but I was very happy from what I can remember."

"So how do you feel about animals?" said the Doctor.

"I've always loved animals. I think I have an affinity with them, sometimes moreso than with people. When I was a child my father would take me on his trips in the National Park. There were crocodiles, camels, snakes. You name it, I saw it. Julia my sheep dog was my best friend. When I was 12 my parents sent me to boarding school in Sydney which was something every kid from the outback has to do. During the first two weeks I was gone, Julia ate some rat poison. My father found her drowned in the Bay of Goat as she went searching for water. It was like losing my best friend and I felt guilty that I hadn't been there to save her. I never had another pet after that."

"So can you tell me when you first became aware that you were uncomfortable in enclosed spaces?"

"I was always scared of small spaces and my first memory of this is when I got lost in a cave when I was only a kid. Then I moved to boarding school and our rooms were tiny and cramped. I hated them. My fear just seemed to get worse over time. When I left school I joined the Navy because I've always been drawn to water which was kind of strange for a boy from the desert. I volunteered to work on submarines because I thought it might finally cure me of my phobia. But that didn't really work either."

"What about your health, how is that?"

"Well, I've always suffered on and off from pains in my legs and arms. Sometimes, if I get stressed I limp. The pain doesn't stop me working as its only bad at night. I don't sleep well and I have recurring nightmares, mainly about water. They say what you love the most is also what can cause you the most fear. So I guess it's true in my case. I've gone through loads of medical tests over the years but they have never been able to diagnose what's wrong. I think my last specialist thought I was 'nuts' - which I am kind of wondering about myself after all this.

Doctor Harlowe smiled and said, "David, you told me in your first session that you were single and divorced. Can you tell me some more about why your marriage ended?"

"Well, when I was 21, I was on duty in the Pacific and I met a beautiful girl called Tasha. Here look Doc, see this heart shaped tattoo on my left shoulder? I got that done the day after I met her. We got married within 3 weeks of meeting. We moved back to Sydney and within a year we had a baby....Simon. I had everything I ever wanted. ... yet ....I could never shake the depression, the pain in my limbs or the terrifying nightmares. It affected my life and my family. My wife left me when Simon was 2 and she took him to Ireland of all places. Since my marriage broke up I just have never been able to find the right girl. Maybe it's just not meant to be."

"David, thanks for that, it all helps", said the Doctor. "I am feeling very positive, very positive indeed. I believe we are close to finding the answers we need to overcome your phobias, explain your health problems and allow you to live whole again. However, while you may need a few more regression sessions, I also think it's important for you have a break. It's been harrowing and it will do you a measure of good just to relax and catch up on your sleep".

David nodded in agreement, still overwhelmed by what he had just witnessed. His mind was overflowing with thoughts about how his past lives and current life collide. Finally, after all these weeks, he could see how the therapy may indeed be able to throw some light on his current problems. However, while he was relieved, he was still a little nervous about where the next stage of the treatment would take him.
Dr Harlowe continued, "When we resume our sessions, I would like to take you back to the First Century AD if we can. The signs are all there David and all we need to do is find the missing piece or pieces which will solve the puzzle once and for all. I am extremely confident we can do that David. Extremely confident."
___________________________________________David is going to take a break from his PLR therapy for about 10 days to enable him to rest, get a haircut and more than likely finish the rest of his rum supply. Who knows what's in store for him. David's journey will continue with his 12th session scheduled for the 12th August at Soul Merlin's Flowers and Scorpions in England, United Kingdom. Something tells me David has seen NOTHING yet.....

If you would like to contribute to the story and join in David's journey, look for the clues and please email Lilly
or Vikki

Drawings - in the spirit of creative fun and having 'a go' which is what this project is encouraging us all to do, I thought I would draw and yes Tulip, I know Dr Harlowe has big hands but he also apparently has .....a big brain...too much fun!!


  1. Hi Lilly. Really enjoyed this one. You paint a perfect picture of past life regression. Keep up the good work.

  2. Dr Harlowe does have big hands ha ha - loved the big brain comment too - what aobut his feet? Good on you for doing this. Do you think this David can be saved? I think that his lover from a previous life drowned and he tried to save her and ended up trapped before he was rescued and then became paralysed. He is depressed in this life because he never knew what happened to her so thats why he has nightmares. Maybe he was a circus worker which is why all the animals. He was a lion tamer and his lady love was in the freak show. Have I got it all covered? I think everyone should have a chance to write his hapy ever after story and a prize is offered to the winner. What fun it all is.

  3. Well done, Lilly, you have opened up lots more possibilities for other contributors to David's intriguing past lives saga. The whole concept is exciting and very creative.

  4. David will AGAIN embark on another blast from the past! Thump thump! Thump thump!

    Can’t wait Mistress Lilly. But I would suggest you TELL your readers ONLY JOIN US IF THEY HAVE STRONG HEARTS AND MINDS. If they thought these past lives were scary…THEY AINT SEEN NOTHING YET!!!!!!! David will travel to places that will make the worst of beasts scream… Thump thump! Thump thump! Thump thump!

  5. See, you didn't have any trouble at all. This was great, and fun to sit through the office visit. I really liked the slide show. I bet David is ready for a break, and a bit of a rest.

    You did a wonderful job of bringing things in his current life out, that reflect on those stories we have read. Gee, I wonder why he has such unusual pain in his extremities, Hehehehe. I pictured his red heart tattoo, such an interesting, recurring object.

    How is poor David going to consolidate his past live's and find comfort and freedom in the understanding?

  6. So, do I get another go at this?

  7. Let me do one. I think that David was Moses parting the Red Sea. Lets see what the clues are, he is coloured, he has a broken heart, injuries to legs and arms,love of animals, boats and water, a fear of closed spaces and RATTTT. Can I PLEASE solve the puzzle? Can you give me Dr Harlowe's number I have a few phobias, fears, strange habits and a drinking problem that needs fixing....

  8. Thanks all for your comments - poor David - he is indeed doing it tough and, as Vikki said, I think this is just the start of things to come somehow. Mind you, I wouldn't mind being on his round the world journey without the awful death scenes included!! THUMP, THUMP indeed Vikki!!!!

  9. Lilly, I'm sorry to be so late in commenting. Life got in a way of my blogging, again! Hehe. Anyway, I like the way how you had Dr. Harlowe took some time with David to review his progress with his PLR. After all, this is what I would imagine to happen in a therapy, and not always going through hypnosis. And it's a good thing David is going to get some badly needed R and R. I would be too if I were in his shoes.

    I truly enjoyed reading this. You wrote this story in a way that brought David and we, the readers, some peace of mind and some understanding about David's phobias. This story somehow puts things into perspective for David, and for all of us as well. Excellente!

    I had to chuckle to see some of us play some roles in your story. I think it's an honor. But why Ireland of all places and not New Zealand or Australia? Hehe. I noticed that I haven't read some of the others as well, so I'm off to their sites to do more reading.

  10. Tashabud - so glad you stopped by to see your new role in the story he he. Yes, I think David needs a break alright because who knows what you have in store for him. It is fun really and the good thing is there is no right or wrong it's just about having a go. Oh, Ireland is a lovely, lovely place to be I think. Never met more friendly people! And I am glad you were too busy instead of blogging -I hope you were having fun. Thanks a lot for your comments Tasha!!

  11. My Dear friend Lilly!

    I can't believe I missed reading this right when you finished! arghhh

    I too am extremely busy with work and family. But what a delightful surprise to visit your blog this morning and read your recent contribution to Davids PLR.

    You are the master at weaving all the phobias and "issues" David suffers from into one fabulous quilt!

    I loved your drawings! Is there no end to your talents? Seriously, I couldn't draw like that if my life depended on it.

    Poor Julia, ate rat poison. RATS! hahah I want to do another story with Zach and Lilly too! Maybe Simon the monkey needs another appearance as well? heheheheh

    Bravo my sister, Bravo!

    How did your visit to the PLR doc go?

  12. Hey Jules, thanks for stopping by. I don't know how you fit everything in so I appreciate you stopping by. I will email you about the RPL session (interesting!!) and yes, you should definitely do another story. We need Zac back for a repaet performance - very sweet. I am all out of 'stories' now. Let us know if you want to do one again - August 18 is free or every 2 days after that. It is fun have to say.

  13. Lilly!

    This is a wonderful segue! Flawlessly written. I could see David's disheveled appearance. Can't wait to go to England for the next chapter. And I do hope that we are not anywhere close to finished with David's life! This is just to good and needs to be book length! I just put up a segment on how to bind your own books on my blog.
    I'd like to have a go at another one from my own regressions!


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