Sunday 3 August 2008

Favourite things

1/9/2008 - I have been looking for what seems like months for a new makeup bag to put in my handbag - today I found this Longchamp leather bag for half price. How could I resist? It's a classic and will hold my personal makeup bits and pieces that I always carry with me. It took me ages to find because I only ever do plain colours such as black or red and I prefer leather because it will last for years. And what will I put in the bag? Let's see my basics are Dior mascara, Estee Lauder concealer, Chanel blush, Dior eyeliner, eye drops, eyebrow brush, tweezers, YSL touche eclat highlighter and Dior lipliner and lip gloss. Of course my professional makeup kit I use on others looks like the size of half a wardrobe but that's a whole different story.

30/8/2008 - I found this gorgeous bottle of LIMONCELLO today and it took me right back to happy times in southern Italy. I love it chilled and poured over a bed of crushed ice, or as an aperitif mixed with champagne, tonic or soda. It's also an excellent ingredient in ice cream, pancakes, sorbet and fruit salads. Try it. It's totally free from preservatives, additives or colourants.
Thanks to the gorgeous Henry - Soul Merlin - here is a link with more information about this alcoholic tipple.


  1. Determined to be the first comment here, I googled Limonwhatsit and found this discussion thread, which goes further into the intoxicating world of the Limoncella drinker

    You may have to cut and paste it into your browser - but at least I get the first comment honours!

    :) henry

  2. Thanks Henry - that's fabulous!!! I iwll add that link to the post also.

  3. Ooh, cool makeup bag and exotic sounding contents - I didn't know you were a pro makeup artist!
    I'll remember that when I go on my world book tour: like that's gonna ever happen!!!!
    It would be fun to be made up by you.


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