Sunday 20 July 2008

Past Lives - Part 1


I would bet money that at some time or other we have all had the feeling of déjà vu.

You know, that feeling that we've been somewhere before or we've already been someone in an another life or that we've done something before, even if we are doing that 'something' for the first time.

Destiny or fate seems to pull us in different directions throughout our lives, so who is to say that the energy that impacts our life isn't rooted in an existence from another time and place?

The subject of reincarnation has fascinated me, since I discovered what it was all about. Imagine if you had lived various lives, over the span of many years........

I often imagined the lives I may have led and have been keen to take a past life regression journey to find out the details. Past-life regression (also referred to as PLR), according to is when a person, under hypnosis, can journey back to previous lives.
Maybe some of you have already made this journey.

Maybe some of you are game enough to experience someone else's journey.

Why don't you join the extremely talented Vikki (Redchair Gallery) and I in a meme which will follow the RPL journey of a fictional character called David. David's past life stories will be told by different bloggers in different countries over different life times.
Here is the start of David's story.
My name is David Taylor. I am a single, 35 year old who lives in Sydney, Australia. Since early childhood I've had a tendency to panic whenever my arms and legs are confined or I've had to squeeze into a tight place. I have no idea why this is so. This claustrophobic reaction has made me feel introverted and has affected my life. I joined the Navy when I left school and to help overcome my fears I volunteered for submarine duty. I made some progress with my phobia but it was not enough to solve my problem which seems to be getting worse. I had to transfer to desk duties. A job I detest.

I had heard from many people that phobias often originate in past lives, from some unresolved but forgotten trauma. A friend of mine suggested that I should go back in time, using Past Life Regression, and uncover the original cause of my fears.

While I was on the fence between being skeptical and being a believer, I was open minded enough to explore the possibilities. In fact, I was ready to try anything. However, until I had regression under hypnosis, and experienced these memories first hand, only then, did I believe 100% in the existence of past lives.

I researched the subject extensively and finally went to see the renowned Dr Maurice Harlowe, an international authority in PLR techniques. Through a deep state of hypnosis I was regressed back to childhood, then beyond, and I described what were presumed to be my memories of past lives. Many past lives.

The doctor conducted the sessions with a video running because I wanted to know exactly what I remembered while under hypnosis. I have never been more horrified yet fascinated at the same time.

In my first session I found myself hovering over a disturbing scene. I realised with horror the person involved was me. With morbid attachment I watched my final days in
for the next part of David's story please go to California and visit the Red Chair Gallery.

Note to Readers: David's PLR story is purely fictional. If there are any bloggers in any part of the world who would like to participate in David's story by writing about a 'past life' in a time, place and country you are familiar with, please contact Vikki at or Lilly at


  1. This is awesome. I already popped over to Vikki's blog and read chapter two. Hurry hurry and write the third chapter! I'm hooked!!

    What a great idea Lilly! Awesome awesome first chapter. I was hooked on the title alone!!!!!!

  2. Hey Jules, do you fancy writing a story too? It can be about any time or place. The more the merrier. Have a think. I won't have another chapter until about Tuesday. Gosh, how do I compete with Vikki's efforts? And that beautiful drawing she is a bit of fun and may improve my history knowledge....

  3. Oh my Gosh!! This is so much fun!
    Who will David be next? No! Don't tell me! I'll wait.

    And. YES- you more than compete with Vikki's efforts-you wild and crazy creative writing Aussie!


  4. Girls I have done a lot of thinking and do have an idea. I will put my disclaimer out right now and let you all know, I'm not nearly as gifted as you two but I think this is the most brilliant idea ever!

    I can't wait to get started. I will not have my chapter until the weekend because I am taking off work Thursday and Friday. I have a dermatology appt Thursday afternoon to have my skin cancer screening! So..I will start when I get home.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you all have done so far. I think mainly because I do think exactly like this story lends it's self!

  5. Jules - fabulous. There are two others who are going to write stories after me so you have time. And remember the story can be in any form you want it to be - and in any time and place. And the style is personal because all David's lives are living a different character. Mine is going to be in 79AD and its due tomorrow and am still working on it. Let me know by email when you have done it and I will give you more info. And forget about your disclaimer you are one gifted woman too!!

  6. Woohoo! What fun this will be Lilly. I now wish I had a blog of my own and I would contribute to this. I have a million and one stories I could use. Cannot wait to see what is coming next.

  7. Hi, Lilly. I am waiting for the next chapter. I have mine ready. It's just waiting for yours to be published and away we will go. I am SO excited.

  8. Lilly, I should have come here first before going to Vikki's. I was completely lost. I wasn't sure whether Vikki or David wrote her story. Now I get the clear picture.

    I'm impressed with you, ladies. The different characters and topic you covered are very good. This is a very clever idea. It's never been done before that I know.

    I hope that David will overcome his claustrophobia. Good Luck.

    I'll surely be waiting for the next chapters.

  9. Sarah - well one thing for it you will have to start a blog.

    Lou - he he its coming - and I cant wait to see yours. It is loads of fun.

    Tasha - we need you to write a story too - what with your talents as a writer - it can be any time or place - do you want to join in the fun???

  10. Well Lilly you seem to have struck gold or oil with this one....and I fully agree with what everyone's saying...a fantastic idea :)

    I used to hypnotise people and do past-life regression. Maybe that might be interesting.


  11. Henry - you my friend have the credentials to write a great story. PLEASE...... I will post Kylie videos on my blog for you.....hey maybe David could be Kylies Scottish great great grandfather.....I would love to see what you could do with a story particularly as yours is REAL. Thanks for dropping by, I always look forward to your comments. You make me smile!!

  12. Lilly you are something. Ijust read this article by accident and i got to say 'you go girl'.


  13. This story has traveled many lifetimes in many blogs all over the world. Congrats.

  14. Awesome indeed, I must say thank you for posting this.


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