Saturday 19 July 2008

Nutrition tips

to help shift the stubborn bits

1. Get organised

If you have an eating plan you never need to worry about what you will eat. Plan the weeks meals and have all your meals prepared for each day keeping it simple is best and will ensure you keep to your plan.

2. Realistic goals

Aim for 0-5-1kg in weight loss per week. Any more is unrealistic and is likely to be coming form water or lean muscle mass loss. Also, setting smaller goals makes the bigger ones easier to achieve. Think of it as a series of sprints rather than a marathon. It is easier to set yourself the goal of eating well for the week rather than the year.

3. Stay hydrated, but avoid energy containing drinks

You should always have a water bottle with you to sip on. Drinking constantly will not only hydrate you but also help suppress your appetite. Water, skim milk or coffee or tea should be the only drink consumed when losing weight. Fruit juice and soft drinks and alcohol should be avoided.

4. Eat a Rainbow

This means enjoy a range of different colours of fruit and vegetables. Vegetables are great to fill you up but are low on kilojoules so they are your 'free' food, which you can eat as much as you want.

5. The less legs the better

When looking at animals for protein the ones with the least amount of legs are generally the better choice, for example fish (no legs), followed by chicken and kangaroo (two legs he he) and then cows and lamb and pigs (four legs).