Sunday 27 July 2008

Lilly's Bits

1. The girl has still got it going on.

Sixty year old singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks sounds and looks better than ever (see video of PBS Soundstage July 2008). I can never get too much of the mystical chanteuse. Fleetwood Mac is set to do a world tour in 2009!! Talent just keeps on going.....on and on.

If you had to name one all time favourite singer, songwriter, musician or band who would it be?

2. What's in a name?

Well a lot according to a poor little 9 year old girl in New Zealand who sought refuge in the courts to change her embarrassing name. Her given legal name is: Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii. She hates it so much she has not only told her friends to call her simply K, but has sought help from a sympathetic judge. She has been made a ward of the court by family court Judge Rob Murfitt. He blasted parents for saddling children with embarrassing names, telling the New Zealand Press Association, "It makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social disability and handicap."

Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii isn't the only name that has caught the judge's ire. He cited other New Zealand parents who have used these names:Twins named Benson and Hedges (after a brand of cigarettes),Violence and No. 16 Bus Shelter.

Hollywood is rife with stars who were born with different names--some of which are wildly different than the name with which their parents blessed them at birth. Here is a list of some of them. The singer or actor's real name is in parenthesis following the name by which you know them.

Lauren Bacall (Betty Joan Perske), Briggitte Bardot (Camille Javal), Yul Brynner (Taidje Khan), Joan Crawford (Lucille Le Sueur), Whoopi Goldberg (Caryn Elaine Johnson), Macy Gray (Natalie Renee McIntyre),Courtney Love (Love Michelle Harrison), Gene Simmons (Chaim Witz), Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman), Elton John (Reginald Kenneth Dwight), Demi Moore (Demetria Gene Guynes),Franco Zeffirelli (Gianfranco Corsi), Desi Arnaz (Desiderio Albert Arnaz y De Acha III), Meg Ryan (Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra) Kiefer Sutherland (William Frederick Dempsey George Sutherland), Stevie Wonder (Steveland Hardaway Judkins), Larry King (Larry Zeigler), Michael Landon (Eugene Orowitz), Dean Martin (Dino Crocetti), Ricky Martin (Enrique Jose Martin Morales),Walter Matthau (Walter Matuschanskayasky).

Do you know anyone who had to change their name or have you changed yours?

3. There can be too much of a good thing, so it seems.

Apparently people who use the internet for as little as five hours a week are less likely to talk to or visit their family and friends and are in danger of shutting themselves off from society, according to new research. Researchers from the Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society in America have found that technology is having a damaging social impact even when people use it in modest amounts. Those who spent 5-10 hours a week online reported a 25 per cent fall in social activity - spending less time talking on the phone or face to face.

I think this is definitely true and is a bit of an issue for bloggers. What do you think? Has blogging affected your social life?


  1. WOW what a fun post! I love these collections you do. BTW, did I ever tell you that my real name is Regina Edwina Linkston??? I changed it for obvious reasons.


    Okay okay, I almost had you didn't I??? (hoping, hoping) :) No my real name is Robin Edith Easton. The Edith is after my grandmother. The Robin my Mom Dad wanted Roberta after him...Robert. Thank God for my mother's intervention...I am now named Robin, which I like. I've always liked it and all the derivatives, Rob, Robby, etc.

    As to time on the internet. Do you know this study does not surprise me at all. I have really noticed this in my own life. Although my work is tied up with being online constantly nonetheless I find I have less time to call or be with friends. I am actively trying to take more time away from the computer to hike 3 times a week in the mountains or desert even for an hour or hour and a half, and to walk around the "hood" the other well as to catch up on calls, or do some cooking, gardening, etc.

    This is a VERY interesting topic Lilly because when I look into the future of human evolution I see drastic changes (even in human physiology) due to technology...some good but a lot very weird. As a species we are evolving very rapidly, but I'm not sure we really know "where" we are going or the ramifications of everything we are doing....I don't know that we can...Often evolution is adapting on the fly...often evolution is trial and error. It would be interesting to see the world five hundred years from now...or maybe not. :) It's hard to tell how we will evolve...our present collective course can look rather grim at times. But I also see a lot of good in the world that we just don't hear about because it's doesn't sell newspapers (so to speak).

    I love a post that brings this kind of response out of me and makes me think. And inspires me to write. You do that a lot.

    Thank you again for your dear words on my post. They meant a lot coming from you. You are so wonderfully alive. Hugs my good friend, "Regina Edwina" LOL

  2. Reggie, yes you got me. I believed you he he. I could never imagine you as a Regina Edwina - can you? How posh - no bandanna for you then girl, you would need to wear a crown when out hiking.. Yes I think you should be glad of your mother's intervention, really. My sister in law is a Robin spelt the same way and she said most people here try and spell her name Robyn which annoys her no end. So I told her about you.

    Gosh when I named my daughter Jordan 20 off years ago (Great Gatsby) I got all these strange looks. Now of course its common. Names are funny things but obviously some people are just downright ridiculous and are not thinking about what their poor child may have to deal with growing up.

    As for the internet I think the rule should be eveything in moderation. It's tough when your business has to be done online though. I seem to do lots online now, banking, news, business, shopping, blogging etc. Soon as I wake up I check the latest news because its updated all the time. Then email. Its not healthy really if you sit there in front of a screen for too long. I have started to get pains in my neck and shoulders lately so it was a wake up call. I agree on the exercise bit - and am taking that on board and doing something about that too. I think the danger is that some people substitute real people with online people as it were. But you know how we have been doing past life stories, well I would love to do future stories next. Wouldn't that be something because it is going to be so very interesting. I wonder where our imaginations could take us. Thanks for dropping by - I am going to find me a bandanna like yours and when I do I will put a picture on my blog!!! Here is another idea can you come out with a line of Robin Easton bandannas and sell them on your always inspire me with ideas...shame I dont do that for myself....but you do that.. yes need to get on with that book....keep smiling..

  3. I don't think that blogging has had an adverse effect on my social life.

    At least I hope it hasn't.

  4. Hi Nina - you have a great balance I am sure given all the different aspects of your artistic career. I need to work on the balance bit, now all I need is a few more hours in the day but its all prossible right? By the way, I showed your work to a few people on the weekend and who knows you may have some more sales from over this way. You know I love your work so I am spreading the word. Have you seen Vikki's work at the Red Chair Gallery? So many incredibly talented people blogging aren't there. That's the best bit about it all, discovering all this great art.

  5. Oh ha ha...I think I've mentioned my internet addiction coincides with the size of my butt! I don't know if it affects my social life so much. I took some time off though, but I don't think my butt got any smaller. Darn it!

    How have you been?

    (Yes, my mother named me Tia Lynn. I hated it when I was a kid, because no one could pronounce it. Now most everyone in Texas knows some Spanish.)

  6. I hated the ‘North person’ so much; I wanted to back my maiden name Sutterfield when I divorced him. My boss told me “NO, NO, NO! I won’t let you! No one is going to remember Sutterfield. What kind of convoluted name is that anyway? ‘North’ is a better Hollywood marketing name for you. You’re not changing it!”

    So that’s why I’m Vikki North still today. I like the name Sutterfield.

  7. We're trying to decide what to name our future granddaughter. She arrives from her mother's womb sometime the end of October. My son and his girlfriend haven't come up with a name yet and are asking us for suggestions. Have any suggestions?

    As far as blogging is concerned, yes it has taken a lot of my time away from my fleshy friends and family. It has taken over my life. I have to do something about it soon. Otherwise I might end up having a real chat with a Psychiatrist to get me out of my blogging addiction. Hehe.

  8. It's hard to believe that Stevie Nicks is 60 years old! She looks fabulous. She's the same age as Matt's Mom. Wow! Thanks for the info on all those stars's real names. I didn't know that anyone of those had changed their names. I thought that what they're known for are their real names.

  9. This is so weird. I was just on Modern Glam blog and she had the Utube video of Stevie doing the Leather and Lace video with Don Henley. I HAD to watch the entire thing because growing up I always wanted to be her!!

    I think she's too cool for school!

    As for names...
    My best friend growing up was Misty to me but her birth certificate showed Mistletoe. She never changed it but also never told her real name. (it gets worse)
    Her first dtr was named: Rainy, Next dtr Stormy.
    Now Rainy has a son...yep you guessed it the tradition goes on. His name is Breeze.

    I think she had a crush on the weather man! arghhhhhhh

  10. @Troublex2 - I love Tia as a name -sophisticated it is. Isnt it funny though when you are younger you just want to be the same as everyone else and not stand out in the crowd. When you get older you want to stand out from the crowd. I am going ok, thank you. Planning a holiday in the next few months so cant wait. Glad you had a break but I missed your posts - you always make me smile. On the same wavelength we are.

    @Vikki - I guess its kind of hard to go back to your birth name when you are well known by your married name in your career. I would have done the same thing too given the advice. How long has it been since you wanted to change it? I like Sutterfield also. It's your name and it goes beautifully with your full christian name. It's no doubt also more meaningful to you. I think we should all keep our own names - the older we get the more important it all becomes. I guess it gets confusing when children enter the picture but it doesn't have to be the case. I just saw a TV show about an Australian female politician who had no relationship with her own father and she married a guy who also had no relationship with his father (both alcoholics who left the family home when they were children) so when they had children they gave the children a completely different surname - her mother's christian name. Strange but then I thought why not? It's never too late you know. One day you can do what you want to do.

    @Tasha - oh how exciting, I didn't realise you were soon to be a grandmother - you must do a post asking this very question and we can all come up with names. Oh gosh, I like strong sounding girls names like Shannon, Taylor, Chyna, Caitlyn. Tough decision isnt it? This baby is going to bring much excitement into your lives - congratulations...yes don't spend too long blogging although you are writing a novel so don't forget - its more than blogging. You wont have time when you have a grand baby I bet. I am the same. We need a balance but it sure is addictive isn't it?

    @Jules - I still want to be Stevie Nicks - she was my idol growing up too. As for your friends names - that is kind of funny - Rainy, Stormy, Breeze, Oh then it could be Windy, Snow, Sunshine he he. I wonder if it will keep on going down the line as some kind of tradition? Thanks for stopping by.

  11. #3 deinitely true ...thats my problem.How to overcome it ???

    #1 I saw a kid named Fleur Crystal Freshwater ... no joke

  12. Babyamore - I think the answer is to post a few times a week only - readers will always be around and for you, you always have interesting honest posts that we all look forward to and we will wait until you post. I used to try and post every day but its too hard to maintain and do everything else. We kind of lose sight as to the reason why we are blogging sometimes.Take loads of care and THANKS for dropping by...appreciate it.

  13. Lilly, thanks for responding. I like Shannon, Taylor, and Caitlyn. However, the mom's name is already Katelyn and our next door neighbor's daughter's name is Taylor. Too many Taylor names in the neighborhood, I'd say. Shannon is a very good possibility. Hehe.

    You gave me an idea, though. I might go ahead write a post about this. Thanks and good night.

  14. Tasha - yes do a post and I will put my thinking cap on. I love the spelling of your daughers name. Gorgeous!!!


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