Thursday 3 July 2008

If we can talk to Animals why can't we talk to Spirits?

You know there are just some things in life that you are better off not talking about unless the person you are speaking with is on the 'same wavelength'.

Take clairvoyants for instance.

I met up with a friend today. As we were having coffee we got onto the subject of clairvoyants. He said, "mediums pretend to contact the spirit world to con you out of money and clairvoyants pretend to see the future to con you out of money." He then said, "in fact, it's way more likely that the tax accountant was sent to you by your late Aunty Mary".

I just smiled. You see I am one of those people who definitely believes in the paranormal and the ability of some people to be able to communicate with the dead. Like every profession there are good ones and bad ones. However, there is just no point in debating the issue. Because you are either on one end of the spectrum or the other when it comes to 'believing'. And it kind of depends if you have ever had a clairvoyant 'experience' or not.

I have had the pleasure of meeting three very, very good clairvoyants. My first meeting with two of these clairvoyants was in a social setting. Simply because they were both working in the same building I was. We used to talk about them in our design studio, giggling and umming and ahhing about their abilities. In fact, whenever I saw one of them, I would never make eye contact, just in case they could see something........I didn't want them to see....

Eventually, like most of the people I worked with, I went to see both of them.

First, there was Angie. She is gorgeous. I was expecting to see a crystal ball and was a bit disappointed. I have actually seen her two times, four years apart. Both times she told me that my spirit guides is my paternal grandmother. In fact all three clairvoyants I have seen have said the same about the spirits closest to me.

She used photographs to do my reading. She was spot on without question. And I was very careful not to give too many details away.

The second clairvoyant used tarot cards. She told me more about the future so much so I disregarded what she had to say. She told me about a sister who was going to move her family overseas (which happened within months) and that I would move overseas (when I had no intention of doing so).

The third clairvoyant I had contact with was a guy in Scotland. I was running Girl's Nights Out at a club and wanted a 'good' clairvoyant as part of the entertainment. I was sitting down on a lounge when he walked in. His first words were, "your grandmother wants to know how your ankle is?" I had boots on so it's not like he could even see my ankle. I had been in a bus accident some time before and was having trouble with my ankle. He then went on to say that I should be careful of my bracelet as the safety chain was faulty and I would lose it if I wasn't careful (yes he was right and I knew it but there is no way he could have). He then told me my grandmother was laughing at all the trouble I was having with locks. It was true and was something that drove my then partner crazy. For some reason, every door I tried to open I had trouble with the keys. He then said that my grandmother said hello to my sister and named her. He was good. Really good. I went back to see him later for a personal reading because I was so impressed. He then dragged some guy out of the family tree whose name was Ferdinand - an unlikely name in Scotland. But with a German great grandfather with that name it wasn't so unusual for me and he described him to a T.

I don't take what they said as gospel but the ones I have seen have been spot on about many things. I have kept the tapes and from time to time will listen to them just to remind me.

They have all given me future predictions about my life and those closest to me. If it happens it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. We can all change our futures. Although, I have to be honest and say that every time my daughter tells me she has met a guy I ask her "is his name Marc and is he four years older than you and does he have a job where he travels a lot and has he got a brother?" She just groans.....

Meeting all three clairvoyants really just made me feel more convinced that our spirits live on. That makes me feel more relaxed about death and means I talk to Elizabeth (my grandmother) far more than I may have once done (don't worry I only do that when I am on my own and no, she never answers me back).

Oh, and while I am at it, if you happen to know a man whose initials are either RC or CR let me know.......

What about you, are you a believer and have you had any experiences with a medium or clairvoyant?

Picture - me and the spirits.


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  2. Lilly,
    You know how I feel on this subject. I also feel a lot more people believe in the paranormal than are willing admit to. It scares them. It’s easier to say it’s imagined or they just don’t believe- than to deal with it. Of course, the contradiction is that these same people will frequently say they have deep religious beliefs. Where’s the logic in that?

    I think we all have ‘clairvoyant-like ‘ abilities. We just don’t develop them. I had an experience many years back where a clairvoyant approached me at a party, with no ulterior motives. (She wasn’t passing out her ‘call me ‘ number.) She said, “You’re a very old spirit. I just had to meet you.”

    Of course this was a tad insulting considering I was just in my mid thirties and she had to be at least 104!! She said this is my last lifetime.

    My friend and I laughed about how stupid it was all the way home. But you know, her words stayed with me. I sure hope she was fake. I’ve already made big plans for my next lifetime!


  3. I don't know if this one counts. but before I came to America, an old man travelling from a far-away barrio stopped at my sister's store, which is attach to her house. It was customary in small towns in the Philippines to feed people who've travelled so far to buy supplies and stop at your house.

    Anyway, it just so happened that I was visiting my sister at the time this particular old man was there. After we ate, he read my sister's palm, then my Niece's, and then mine. His words are still very vivid to me. He said that I would be going over a large body of water in the near future in order to get married. Six months later, my husband, who was my ex-boyfriend at the time and living in Florida, wrote me a letter asking me to marry him. The old man was right about me crossing a large body of water when I flew over the Pacific Ocean in order to to marry my husband.

  4. Lilly, I meant to ask you if that is you in the picture.

  5. Tagercito - thanks for stopping by and for your mention on your discussion forum.

  6. Redchair - wow, maybe you are one fully evolved human being therefore have no more lessons to learn. Would that not be a great thing? Hey that would be a great post - what we would do in our next lives. A lot of people seem to find out they have these skills when someone close to them dies. I think it may be a burden. I love the Medium TV series - what a life that woman the series is based on must have.

    Tasha - yes that sounds like a good example. Do you get the chance to visit the Philipines much? Yes, thats a pic of me without my hair brushed - I am trying to do my own images on the blog so I sat in front of the webcam and snapped. Oh well maybe I will improve my efforts along the way, whens that next chapter due?

  7. I was just wondering about the photo with you and the spirits Lilly.

    What type of spirits would this be then? :)

    Tulip X

  8. Tulip - usually gin and bacardi - it helps me see the dead spirits better. Actually last night I discovered wine chocolate - raisins infused with pinot noir and dark chocolate - I slept well last night. Its a bit addicitive I think - made in Australia - Melbourne I think. I wish I had the 'gift' Tulip is all I can say - perhaps you cold see the steam roller coming before it flattens you, if you get me.....

  9. Hi Lily ~ Thank you for writing about an area dear to my heart - and writing about it so contructively.

    I think people will construct the most complicated causations, in order to avoid accepting the simple answer that they have been contacted from another dimension (if they accepted it, they might have to review much of their life and lifestyle)

    There have been many instances of contact from the spirit world, but the one I always remember is when my mother's mobile telephone (lying undisturbed in my jacket pocket) phoned my housephone - the day after she passed away. When I made my first visit to spiritualist church the following Sunday, the medium turned to me and said "There's a lady with you, a "proper" lady. She's wondering why no one can see her but me."

    Thanks Lily ~ your sane approach to the subject may make a lot of people re-think their ideas.


  10. Hi Lilly,
    “Fully evolved?” Don’t think so! The more years I live, the more I realize how little I know and how much I want to learn.

    More exciting- ‘What do you want to be in your next lifetime?” That’s a great idea! You have to do it. I have a fun idea. If you have a minute contact me via my gallery direct and I'll write you back.

  11. Redchair - will do!

    Soulmerlin - thanks for your comments. I know you know and I love hearing your experiences, particularly about contact with your mother. It is simple and I am not sure why we make death out to be such a big thing - its always a fear of the unknown that we make into a big deal when its just another stage we go through. Actually the guy in Scotland also did other things that I could not write about on here because people would definitely not get it but if you are ever passing near Falkirk he would be one I would recommend.

  12. Hey Lilly,

    I loved your article. I feel like there is definitely something else communicating with me at times. I have had many an instance where I felt I could be one of the people open to psychic communication. Then the thought leaves me for a long time and something wows me and I start thinking about it again.

    I would like to someday explore the subject more. For as long as I can remember I have believed that our soul comes back many times until we learn and experience all that we are meant to.

    You are beautiful. Your eyes and eyebrows in your spirit picture are just fabulous. I remember reading a post about you being involved in makeup. Gorgeous!!!

  13. Jules - thanks for stopping by. Yes it really interests me and frightens me, this subject. I truly would not like to have 'the gift' like the woman who inspired the Medium TV show. But I totally believe all this is true. As for my makeup, yes, I trained as a theatrical makeup artist but always do my own makup the same way and have for years which is a bit of a no, no the older you get. I love makeup and always have but usually keep it simple and save the radical looks for others.

  14. Lilly, if I were to suggest who you look like just by looking at your eyes and forehead, I would say you look more like Kim Catrall than Sarah Jessica Parker.

    Oh yes, I have gone back to the Philippines several times since my move here to the U.S. The last time was in 2005.

  15. Look at all the replies here; this obviously got people talking.

    I've never been to a medium and I don't know how it all works Lil, but I DO know about the experiences I've had. AND I am a VERY down to earth person, practical and realistic...and yet, I have had MANY such experiences at the oddest most unexpected times of my life.

    I knew the day my father died even though I was in OZ and he was USA and I did NOT have a phone. I did later call and find out....and I was right about his death. I could go on and on. I've also seen cancer in 3 people a year before they died (they didn't even know they had it), one person I saw WHERE the cancer was in her body.

    I just accept it all as Life )or Life's mysteries) even if I don't have clearly defined concepts or beliefs about it all....I certainly don't push it away. I just embrace it, let it happen and accept it all as part of the great mystery...even if I don't understand it. Maybe I don't need to, maybe that is not the point. Do you know what I mean. Like you said maybe the point is just being open to the mystery and rethinking our lives.

    Thanks for a great post. It is well presented. Have missed being over here more. Swamped with work. But I LOVE reading your post; not only are they well written but they are constantly varied and fascinating topics. Hugs and love to you my good friend. Robin :)

    PS Reading this made me think about possibly writing about some of my experiences one day.

  16. the day after my grandfather died, my phone rang in the night. i answered and it was like listening to a seashell. vast emptiness. i knew he was there...

  17. Robin - yes, for some reason I would expect you to be more attuned to the spirit world given your closeness to the wilderness - its all connected I think. And yes, it would be great to hear your stories - so please do a post on the subject. It would be really great.

    Horatio - wow, you just knew it was him - he wanted you to know he was ok and he was saying his goodbye. My brother, who is as down to earth as anyone could be, tells the story that around the very time my grandmother died (he didnt know as it was around 3am in the morning) someone pulled his bed covers over him which freaked him out no end until he heard about my grandmother's death - he too knew it was her. We should fear nothing really.

  18. Unbelievable.You really met some clairvoyants? Please share some of your more experiences alike.

  19. bathroon vanities - ok I will share some more stories again soon, thanks for dropping by.


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