Thursday 17 July 2008

Four things

Jules at Arduous Nincompoop has tagged me for this meme so here goes!

Four jobs I've had:
1) Makeup Artist
2) Marketing Manager
3) Usability Consultant
4) Own business - doing all the above

Four films I love:1) Beaches (agree with you on that one Jules!)
2) Batman (the new one is the best of all time)
3) Breakfast at Tiffanys
4) Any romantic movie with Meg Ryan or Hugh Grant .....

Four places I've lived1) Brisbane
2) London
3) Edinburgh
4) Coffs Harbour

Four Pet Peeves:1) People who lie
2) Queuing for anything
3) Public transport
4) Poor customer service
Four TV shows I love:
1) Sex and the City (reruns)
2) Sea Change (reruns)
3) Kath & Kim (Aussie show being remade by CBS for US TV)
4) West Wing (reruns)
Four places I've vacationed:1) Italy
2) New York
3) Hawaii
4) Tasmania, Australia
Four of my favorite dishes
1) Roast anything
2) BBQ anything
3) Any seafood, especially salmon
4) Any 'caramel' desert.....oh ok, anything with sugar in it.
Four sites I visit daily:1) Blogger
3) Gmail
4) Sydney Morning Herald
Four places I would rather be right now:1) Somewhere really hot
2) Italy
3) Anywhere where Richard Gere or George Clooney are
4) Curled up in bed


  1. Hi Lilly,
    Oh my gosh. We have the same taste in men. I love Richard Gere and George Clooney. And City of Angels with Meg Ryan and Nicolas Cage. That movie absolutely did me in! I cry everytime I see it. Of course a commercial can bring me to tears also.

    Jules and her tags are just to much fun.

  2. Yes Vikki we have perfect taste then!!!

  3. Hi lilly,

    Every time someone brings up Richard Gere my husband reminds me that he went to highschool with Dickie Gere and passed out drunk on dickie's pool table one night.
    It's true I've seen the year book photos.

  4. He eh Laura - what a story! Somehow I wonder if Richard would have been so popular if he was known as Dickie Gere. I bet that is a story your husband will repeat for the rest of his life...I know I would!!! I am going to do a post on brushes with the famous...soon. Thanks for dropping by...

  5. Hey Lilly!

    I can't believe I missed this!
    You and I have a whole heck of a lot in common.
    First~ I watch at least 3 episodes of Sex and the City reruns every day.

    Second~ I adore Meg Ryan and Hugh Grant Movies.

    Third~ Richard Gere, George Clooney....OMG! Hunks of the Hunks..

    Fourth~ Pack your bags and head to my place for a few weeks. It is over 100 degrees just about every day. We have the heat girl!

    Fifth~ I am in marketing, I own my own business, and adore anything to do with makeup.

    We are Twinkies!

  6. Jules - thanks for tagging me on this one, it was fun. Wow we do like similar things. 100 degrees sounds kind of nice right about now. You have a business too? How do you fit so much in your day????

  7. Lilly,
    My stepmom and I have a country gift shop. You can see a lot of the pix on my blog My country store. I only work there every other Saturday. I have a accountant to do the books.

    I love decorating and buying for the store. I really love buying antique and vintage things to incorporate in the design style.

    My customers love coming to see what we come up with next. We certainly do not make a profit after 2.5 years but we have fun.

  8. Lilly, forget Clooney and Rihard Gere. Can't you see those guys strung out in your doorsteps, drooling over you, if only you give one of them a chance? Hehe.

    I like all your pet peeves. I must see Beaches. I've never seen or heard of it. I like all your favorite foods as well.

  9. Queuing (sp?) I cannot bear it and often go without lunch or toothpase because of my impatience.

    Richard Gere is an actor he is perhaps under-rated because of his looks - but he is seriously my favourite actor.

    I shan't forget the press-up scene in "Officer..." or the second-from-last scene (apart from the spoken coda) in Sommersby.

    (I also rate Jodie Foster as the Best)


  10. Jules - oh how do you absolutely do it all? I am going to visit your store. Do you ship to Australia - maybe I will get me a piece of Texas!! Keep going and you dont know maybe it could be a full time job. I love decorating too!! In fact, I would like to do a decorating course.

    Tasha - oh yes, I just shouldnt have said NO to George when I had the chance he he. YES, YES, YES you must see BEACHES. I have seen it zillions of times and cry every single time!!

    Henry - good taste in actors. I once worked with a guy who looked just like RG - I would drool for hours and when he asked me out I said NO. Poor guy died by the time he was 40. Sad. I like the film with Gere and Edward Norton in but its name has escaped me. Yes, Jodie Foster is wonderful as is Meryl Streep for me. Are you going to see Mama Mia - apparently the choreography is bad but the music would have to be great. I am singing as I type....Mama Mia here we go again....


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