Thursday 24 July 2008

Back to the Future

Having focused on Past Lives this week I have to say I have been in total awe of the wonderful creative bloggers who have contributed to the project. What gifted storytellers they are and I encourage everyone to spread the word so we can gain input from writers all over the world. A big thanks to the talented Vikki North from The Red Chair Gallery for collaborating with me to get this moving. We really look forward to keeping this project going for a while longer. Poor David, he may have more problems than he first anticipated....and it seems as though he will be in therapy for the long term.

Anyway, its back to planning my future life (mmm come to think of it, the next series may be Future Lives....).

I am planning a holiday in November for a significant birthday (yes I am turning 21 and my daughter who is 3 came up with the plan - yes, she is truly gifted...ok, I lie, she's really in her 20s but I had her when I was 8....). But any birthday over 40 is significant isn't it? Because it's just one more step towards ....well you know where.. I just hope 'my ending' is not as dramatic as some of our characters in the Past Lives series...

I have travelled widely but strangely I have never spent much time in Asia even though it is so close to Australia. I spent a few days in Singapore a couple of years ago which was very important to me because I got to see where my grandfather was a prison of war (Changi) for five long years. Plus, I got to do some fantastic shopping. Well, more than some actually. It was a whole lot more.

So, in looking at the options I checked out the top five holiday destinations declared by some World Tourism body for 2008. Normally I like to go off the beaten track for holidays but this time, given the timeframe, we'll play it safe. Bangkok is apparently the No 1 destination at the moment, followed by Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Sydney and Florence.

Sydney is not an option (for obvious reasons) and Beunos Aires, Cape Town and Florence are too far away for a 10 day trip. Although I truly yearn to return to Italy again, I would prefer to spend months there, not days.

So, it it is either going to be Thailand, Malaysia or possibly Bhutan. Bhutan is one of the most remote and little visited countries in the world. The interesting aspect to this country is that the King of Bhutan is more interested in the Gross National Happiness than in the GNP.

It will be hot and humid wherever we go at this time of year but look how close these destinations are (well around 8-10 hour plane trips which is close when you live down under).

Make yours @

And it looks pretty beautiful too. These are pictures courtesy of a friend who goes to Thailand at least once a year.

Has anyone been to Thailand, Malaysia or Bhutan and what did you think? Any advice or tips you can share?


  1. Hi Lilly ~ Firstly I'll try to get my instalment of the Past Lives series done this weekend....(sorry i'm so slow)

    Secondly ~ I have been a transfer passenger to many exotic locations...

    Yes...I've been to Thailand...the airport is busy but interesting

    Yes...I've been to Honalulu ~ When I put my nose in the gap between the covered entrance chute and the airplane as I boarded, I realised just how good the air smelt.

    Yes...I've been to Perth - To watch act 2 of Electric Ice at the stadium/theatre there. I finished work in Melbourne at around 3pm and returned in the wee small hours to get ready to return to rehearsals by 10am (bit like flying to Moscow and back)

    I have also seen thousands? of cities and towns from railway carriages and car windows.

    Am I bitter...(no, just green)

    have a wonderful holiday (sniff)



    ps: great could re-write the telephone directory and make it interesting

    pps: Not that your holiday plans arn't interesting that is

    Go on...Enjoy Yourself

    Send me a postcard



  2. Henry, wow you have to write a post on all the travelling you have done and the work you have done - travelling is tough and tiring when its for work hey? It sounds like you are doing this constantly. Sent you a message re the Past Lives segment. That trip form the UK to Australia is a killer one too isnt it? Thanks for stopping by - in Lilly's transit lounge he he. And I will send you a postcard definitely - I will keep doing my blog while away. Hope you rest up this weekend from your travels. Take Care!!

  3. Hey Lilly, can I come too - I love thailand. I've been there a few times now. Go to Thailand is my vote!!!

  4. Wow Lilly,
    Add me to the list of jealous friends. I have never been to any of those places. It only takes money! oh,and time off! And er someone to go with...

    The economy here is so bad I am worried about simply paying the light bill! But I will live vicariously through you! You lucky girl.

    I would never have believed you were a day over 29!!


    Do keep up updated on your plans!!

  5. Stephan - thanks for the hot tip, yes, in the next couple of weeks the tickets will be bought and I am excited. Need a bit of fun..

    Julie - Fancy a star like you passing by my blog I am honoured. Do you know its cheaper to go to Asia then to fly to the other side of Australia? It is super cheap as we found out so the decisions been made. I know I think our economy follows the US and the signs are coming that things are not so good. So, this might be the last hurrah before things turn bad. You know when I lived in the UK you could just go to Paris for the weekend or any European city for that matter. I am not sure they appreciate what they have. A whole other world. But hey, home is the best place on earth anyway isn't it? I might even trying video broadcasts by then and do a travel blog and bore everyone to death like people do with their holiday snaps. Three months and counting...

  6. Hey Lily,

    I am thinking of checking out Thailand too. It is a country that really intrigues me - Chiang Mai might be the place where we will go.The hill tribes settled down here for many years so I am sure there would be alot to see here.

    And since you are starting to explore Asia now,maybe you can also visit Palawan in the future.

  7. Pinay Jade - thanks for dropping by as I know you have been busy travelling too. I sure will think about checking out Palawan!! And now I have to look at Chiang Mai as well. So much to see and its all closer than you think..


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