Saturday 19 July 2008

Are you a Collector?

orIt must be all my talk about old age that got me glued to two television shows over the past week, one called the Antiques Roadshow and the other called The Collectors.

On the Antiques Roadshow, a man had a collection of glass eyeballs. And another had a collection of toasters. The Collectors showed different aspects of collecting and how people get started with them. There was a woman who collected all manner of things but they had to be in a certain shade of orange (a colour found in many kitchens in the 70s).

I looked at this and thought how crazy people are but when I thought about it, we are all collectors of things.......aren't we? One person's 'junk' is indeed another person's 'treasure'.

I used to collect watches. In fact, I had so many that I could have set up a stall on a street corner with them pinned inside my jacket. Eventually, the 'watch phase' passed.

Then, there are the dolls. I love dolls and always have. In fact, I still have many of my childhood toys. When I had my daughter I was so excited that I would be able to share my love of dolls with her. But no, she liked racing cars not dolls. In fact, I remember one Christmas when she was three she was a little put out when her wish for a red racing car turned out to be a toy car and not a real Ferrari. I continued to buy dolls for her but of course I got to play with them on my own. She clung to one doll though. It was Ken. Yes, that Ken. Barbie's boyfriend in all his sunkissed surfer boy glory (complete with Hawaiin shirt and board shorts). For some reason, she took a fancy to him and still has him. In fact at that time if she met any men called Ken she would ask them all about Barbie.... (it's ok though, she turned out alright in the end). I, too, still have all my dolls but have not bought one in many years and they are all stored away. Maybe there will be a grandchild in the future pressure Jordan...

I think the only things (other than books and makeup tools and products) I have actively collected over the years are earrings. I love earrings mainly pearls, gold hoops or drop earrings (with my preferred lever backs). I have so many pairs that I could never possibly wear them all. They come from all over the world but I have a preference for a certain type of Italian earrings. I must say my daughter takes a bigger interest in this collection than the dolls. Here are just a few of them.

So tell me, are you a collector and what do you collect?
I would love to be able to make this a regular segment so we can share and find the most unusual collection out there. If you want to share a picture of your collection please email me at


  1. Hello, dear Lilly,
    Thanks for visiting my blog AND for putting me on your blog list!!
    You are such a lovely supporter and friend.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your posts on my visit - especially your collecting one.
    Loved the "Ken" story!
    Wondering how old your daughter is now??
    As you have noticed I have been on a long, European vacation from my blog and writing this summer.
    But soon to return.
    It's good just to remove myself from the writing and just live these "lazy summer days."
    Hope you are not freezing over there in your Australian winter.
    Take care and love,

  2. Jlo - of course you are on my blog list - yours was the first blog I ever 'clicked' with. Its too too clever, your writing and wit that is. I am so, so glad that you are having a wonderful summer and 'living life'. It's as it should be. Yes its kind of cold where I am... Thanks so much for stopping by and I am just so happy that you are enjoying yourself!! And as for the precious Jordan, she is a grown woman now - early 20s (yes with a Ken doll somewhere)! Take loads of care and I will catch you on your return to your blog when summer ends!!!

  3. deep dark secret...well, one of them....

    Are you ready? (Am I ready? NO!)

    I have this last year (don't ask me why) collected rubber duckies and filled my bathroom with them and it is hysterical. I will try to photograph it when I have time. There are devil duckies, angel duckies, singing duckies, teen weeny tiny duckies, regular duckies, red, blue, yellow, pink and white duckies...I guess you get my point.

    I have at times collected old old cobalt blue window sills are still lined with them and when the sun shines through they are stunningly beautiful.

    I've tended to always collect something more serious, valuable or antique....or nothing at the rubber duckie collection is my first "whimsical collection" that I hope to one day give to some deserving child. LOL. BUT do you know, it has REALLY been fun!!! Just playful and fun...with no real purpose....and now people give me rubber duckies.

    So there you have it my deep dark secret....well, one of them....LOL

    Hope you are well, dear Lilly. Thinking of you and have missed being here. Sending You love and a big hug, Robin

  4. Oh Robin, you have to take a picture of your duckies. I think I prefer the whimsical colections the best. Just because they are so much fun. And the blue bottles, I remember a neighbour had those and they are extraordinarily beautiful - all shapes and sizes. Thank you for contributing to this. Maybe I will have a prize for the best collection!! So do send a pic of the rubber ducks - and I should try and be on the lookout for some here - an Aussie Duck!!!

  5. Hey girrrrl!
    I watch Antiques Roadshow sometimes too. It's fun to see the value of some items I would probably pass over at a yard sale.

    I think the first thing I ever collected was stuffed animals. I had tons of them when I was young and took very good care of them. When I had so many that they over ran my small bedroom in my first apartment, I had my brother take them to the children's hospital and donate them.

    It was hard to part with them. Still to this day, if I see a particularly adorable pooch or bear I snag it. Since I drive a 1000 miles per week, one time I put a really cute bear in my passenger seat and strapped the seat belt over him. Every time I glanced over and saw him sitting there it made me giggle.

    Now I collect (sparingly) Swarovski crystal figurines. My brother Matt has given me most of what I have. I love crystal. I adore Waterford crystal glasses. My collection of Swarovski is small but I love it. I will get a photo to you later.

    Another great idea for posting!!

  6. Hi Jules - Oh come to think of it I know what you mean about the stuffed animals - I still find it hard to resist - in fact my daughter bought me a cute lamb not long ago. And do send a pic of your collection of crystal. I dont think I would trust myself with it - I remember being in a Swarovski shop in Singapore once and I spent hours it seemed looking at all the beautiful figurines - they do some awesome jewellery too! Thanks for contributing to this post.

  7. Lilly,

    You write very beautifully.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and learning about what you like to collect and your love of dolls.

    I suppose I like to collect earrings, too!

    Nina :=)

  8. We're a family of collectors. We collect many things, it seems like. We try not to buy much anymore because they're overtaking and cluttering the house. One of these days when I have more time to blog, I'll post my Princess Diana Dolls. I didn't buy any of them. My husband did. Most of my collections, my husband bought them for me or family and friends gave as gifts. I love earrings too. The drop down kinds.

  9. Lilly...You're So tidy and organised!
    it is indeed fortunate -

    (he said, whilst tripping over the shopping baskets on the front-room floor

    -that ours is a cyber-friendship.

    Having said that, I'll also say that your photo of the dolls is exquisite (camp word) and the lighting is just right. The quality of your art-work and photography is always spot-on.

    Robin just cracked me up with her comment. I read her post before I realised that it was our very own rain-spattered Lara Croft at the keyboard.

    I collect (comma separated) books,stones,pebbles, pinecones and plants. The latter usually arrive needing some sort of hospital treatment.

  10. @ Nina - thank you so much for visiting - and t would appear that I may well be collecting Nina Kuriloff's artwork as well. I am ever so slightly addicted - so before you know it I willbe buying again...thanks for being so clever..your work makes me very happy.

    Tasha - wow - I would love to see the dolls - we have things in common I think! Sounds like a good husband to have!! Thanks for dropping by.

    Henry - who is tidy - sometimes!! Didn't I tell you I am dropping in to see you soon (joking, just in case you are already cleaning up your front room!!). Oh I remember collecting pinecones as well. You have the best sense of humour - plants needing hospital treatment indeed - does that mean they arrive in that state to you and you resucitate them? If so, now I know where to ship my dead plants. As for Lara Croft, he he, that is so Robin, the gorgeous spirit she is. I will take exquisite any time you want to dish it out Henry!!!


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