Monday 9 June 2008

Sometimes there's not much more to say.......

Definitely the resignation letter of the year!

We've all no doubt been in jobs where we've felt like telling the boss exactly what we think of them, but of course don't. Andrew, on the other hand did - obviously he was in no mood to mind his ps and qs when he wrote this but I thought this was too funny not to share...let's hope he went on to find something which made him truly happy.....because he sure wasn't going to get a reference from his ex employer...


  1. Andrew is one unhappy employee, indeed. This posts would go very well with the country/western song entitled "Take This Job And Shove It".

  2. Tasha - now that is funny - poor thing you can imagine how frustrated he must have been and lets hope it was nto a decision he regretted.

  3. wow, that guy was bitter. i think my style would be to simply vaporize, rather than attack or confront. it'd be like when you see a cloud shaped like a dog, so you round somebody up and point at it, exclaiming, "you've gotta see this!" but when you both look up, a bit wild-eyed, it's gone.

  4. Horatio salt - I have felt that bitter once in my career and came very, very close to the level of Andrew's reaction (well no, I would not have written that but might have said it if my reputation didnt get in the way, he he). I just started my own business instead. Counting to ten takes a bit of practice and I'm sure Andrew may have twigged to that concept the day after he wrote it, more than likely. Put the pen down and walk away...before anyone gets hurt. By the way, glad you are not the confrontational type because I would hate to think what kind of content you would include....

  5. Hey beautiful Lilly, I've missed you. I was away at Chaco and I hope to eventually get some photos up for you. I was touched you requested them. Also I LOVED your comment on my last post. WOW, you have REALLY lived and it is reflected in your responses, your insights and your questions. I left you a comment on my blog.

    Also, re: this post of yours. I think I'd be like Horatio Salt and vaporize even if I just walked out. Although there have been times in my life that I have FELT a BIT like this guy...I didn't act on it. But boy it sure is funny to see someone else do it. LOL :)

    Hope you're doing well girl and I think of you often. Hugs, Rob

  6. Andrew WAS really Mad! Look at the way his handwriting slopes first one way then the other.

    I've received a few like that in my time (I'm a hateful hard choreographer) and they all made me giggle. :)


  7. Rainforestrobin - Lovely to see you back again and I truly cannot wait to see your photos. Loved yoru last post and I am always looking for inspiration from somewhere. You always comes through on your blog. Oh yes, I have doen some living that I would rather do over but as we can't do that you jstu have to learn and get on with it. That's life heh? Speak to you soon and thanks for dropping by!

    Henry - the impetuousness of youth. I love a bit of passion I must say and if I was that guy's boss I may have given him a raise instead. I am one of those types that would much prefer someone tell me exactly what they think instead of keeping it to themselves. Regardless of how bad it may be. Perception is reality isnt it? Choreography? Wow, I thought you were an actor. I need to go and check out your site in more detail..I am honoured you stopped by.

  8. LOL - Andrew is NOT happy ! Thanks for sharing -I enjoyed the giggle.

  9. Dearest Lily ~ Less of the Honour (and I note that 'our' Kylie has just got ('ten) an OBE - or at least her ass did)

    And on the subject of Kylie's ass (well you did want to talk about that,didn't you?) I remember watching her on a chat show over here...this was just at the time of 'spinning around' where her area of peachy perfection had just been noticed by the world in general and men in particular...anyway, the interviewer was asking about the sudden popularity of the Minogue rump and she informed him that she had been flattered by all the attention it had received and that it was soon going to do a tour on it's own*. :) to me being a choreographer as well as an actor...all I can say is that I do a lot of things ok, rather than one thing bril'

    my grammar has just passed on...

    *I thought it was doing that anyway

  10. Soul Merlin - I have to say I love Kylie - and she still has a wonderfyl down to earth attitude - just cannot believe she is 40!!!!


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