Friday 6 June 2008

Parallel lines?

Perception is often very different from reality

Seems Australia, like every other country, has too many venomous creatures after all.

School teachers, sports coaches, child care workers, police, ordinary average suburban family men with wives and children - have shocked their friends, colleagues, neighbours, students and most of all their families by being arrested as part of a world wide child pornography ring.

Seemingly respectable people one day and scum of the earth the next.

Some crimes I can understand and even rationalise, this one I cannot and never will.

Please read this because it's something we all should be aware of. The discovery of this peadophile network will result in arrests across the world - 12 million hits were made on a European site within 24 hours and at least two and a half thousand of those were from Australia.

If you are a paedophile (after all who knows anymore) or you know or suspect someone is, do something about it. Because it is a sick illness that needs to be contained and dealt with. For the sake of children.

The Internet is just a means to an end. A seemingly horrific end for some. Just another way for the unhinged wolves dressed up in sheep's clothing to exploit the vulnerable.

Society's most vulnerable.

Just because they can.

No comments on this post because what's there to say really. It just leaves you speechless. And think twice about posting any innocent pictures of children on your blogs because these whackos seemingly do all sorts of strange things with children's photos 'they happen to take a fancy to'. You never know where your photos may end up.