Sunday 15 June 2008

Lilly's Bits

the week that was

1. Selling your Body

Have you ever wondered how much a body is worth? A dead body that is. No, I can't say it ever crossed my mind either until about 8.30pm tonight when I watched a documentary about this very subject.

The answer is $261,500. A shoulder joint is worth $530, a torso $1330 and an entire body $261,500. No, I am not joking. With demand high around the world for medical research and transplants, selling body parts can be a lucrative business. It was greed that drove bodysnatchers to remove leg bones from the late journalist and broadcaster Alistair Cooke before he was cremated in New York in 2004. The documentary explored widespread criminal activity in the US connected to harvesting and selling body parts in an underground market. Interviews with family members of victims, a police investigator and a journalist revealed how easy it is to trade in illegal body parts. The documentary-makers also visited medical research laboratories where medical students learn complicated procedures by operating on dead body parts. It was a bit grisly to watch but I couldn't turn away either. Put it this way, if someone is taking an overly keen interest in your body parts it may not mean what you think it means....

2. Shoppers, are we really that stupid to fall for this marketing spin?

I was walking the aisles of the supermarket today and happened to walk past these bottles of water. Water for the Mind, Water for Women, Water for Travelling and so on and so on. Now these bottles of water all had the same contents just different labels. So, for a woman, who wants to improve her mind and also travels I supposedly need three bottles of water just to hedge my bets. Dumb. How about a new label called Water for the GULLIBLE. I'll take water from the tap, thanks.

3. You're OK, Mr Kucinich

US Rep. Dennis Kucinich said Monday he wants the House to consider a resolution to impeach President Bush. Kucinich, D-Ohio, read his proposed impeachment in a floor speech that supposedly went for five hours. He contended Bush deceived the nation and violated his oath of office in leading the country into the Iraq war. I do not think it will happen but if Clinton can get impeached for lying about having a sexual encounter with an intern (!!) than what a joke it would be if those allegedly responsible for lying about the need to invade Iraq, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths and displaced persons, walk away to a happy and rich retirement. If I was an American I would be very proud of what Kucinich is trying to do. He may be small of stature but he sure has a big heart and sense of morality which puts most others to shame. I also love the story about how he met his wife Elisabeth. She is extremely clever and politically astute as well as having other obvious assets.

4. Be alert but not alarmed

A quarter of adults living in New York City are infected with the genital herpes virus. I guess it's the same in every city in the world.

5. What happened to Madge?

Forbes magazine has once again released its list of the 100 richest celebrities in the world and our spiritual guru Oprah Winfrey is once again at the top. She made $275 million this past year.

The Top 10 are
1. Oprah 2. Tiger Woods 3. Angelina Jolie 4. Beyonce Knowles 5. David Beckham 6. Johnny Depp 7. Jay-Z 8. The Police 9. J.K. Rowling 10. Brad Pitt

Right, so if J K Rowling is as rich as I think she is, that means Brad and Angie could adopt half the world's orphans comfortably. I was surprised about Nos 4. 5. 7. 8. And I really thought Madonna would have been on the list for sure.

6. Just in case you are feeling in any way superior today

European and US scientists have proved for the first time that two bits of genetic coding, called nucleobases, contained in the meteor fragment, are truly extraterrestrial. Both of the molecules identified, uracil and xanthine, "are present in our DNA and RNA," said lead author Zita Martins, a researcher at Imperial College London. RNA, or ribonucleic acid, is another key part of the genetic coding that makes up our bodies. So get over it if you have problems with other people of colour, religion or whatever. The homeless person down the street is the same as you, the African in Zimbabwe is the same as you and the Christian and Jew and Muslim and Hindu and Buddhist and Martian.... are all the same. We are all just unique in our appearances. A collective We are all Humans or Aliens - whatever tag makes you feel more comfortable......all I know is I have met a lot of people from Mars so it explains a few things...and now I'll be just that much more patient that I know.... that we are really all the same....

Have a great week!


  1. Interesting post Lilly. Well written as usual. I watched a similar programme on television and was shocked by the scale of this market for human parts and the fact that poor people are willing to sell bits of themselves for practically nothing.

  2. Wow Lilly- This is a great post! Way to much fun! Okay, okay, okay-
    1. Guess what- I own someone else's body part! They put ‘donor’ tendons in my leg after an accident. If not, I wouldn’t be able to stand on my own two feet. I am so grateful to who ever donated their body–that I’ve made arrangements to donate what ever is viable when I die. I love the idea that some part of me may allow someone else to walk or see or whatever- after I’m gone. It’s unfortunate with all the advances in medicine erupts a black markets that can make it so ugly.

    2. I stopped buying bottled water years ago. I agree. It’s ridiculous. It’s stupid.

    3. Sorry Lilly, but I think Kucinich is a neurotic little troll. His impeachment request may be well founded, but ‘punishing Bush’ is not worth the U.S. people’s tax dollars investment in an impeachment trial with a new president coming in 2009. And I think the one thing that allows all U.S. citizens to give Bush a pass is what happened on 9/11. Regardless of all the editorial and rhetoric, it all stems from what happened that day to us.

    4. Why is everyone always picking on us? You hurt our feelings!

    5. I love stories about the mega wealthy that make an effort to give it back. I seriously doubt any of them care where/how Forbes list them on the wealth scale. But, it sure is good fodder for tabloid publishing.

    6. No news to us. We’re all mongrels in the U.S.


  3. I watched a special on TV about people stealing dead body parts and then selling them to hospitals. Patients ended up with parts that were infected. (shivers)... I can't imagine someone doing this! Makes me believe more and more in cremation!

  4. Jon - I have decided I am truly naive - I didnt know it was that bad. I am definitely getting cremated and sprinkled over the ocean. Thanks for dropping by and a belated Happy Father's Day to you - hope you had a great day with your daughter!

  5. Redchair -

    1. Wow - I think donating body parts is fantastic and I am going to do the same. That is a great story - I wonder who the person was who helped you walk again. There are so many positive stories out there in respect of donating organs etc and more of us should be signing up for it - they ar enot much use to use after we are gone.

    2. I fell for the bottled water fad for years - except plastic is so bad as well. I forget how mnay billions the industry is worth but it is the msot ridiculous thing when you really think about it. Its like buying an empty bottle of 'magic'.

    3. He he. Love it - a neurotic little troll. My godaughter's boyfriend just returned from Iraq yesterday and his stories are not pleasant. Can you imagine fighting a war where they feed you McDonalds and KFC? If these poor young men and women went there for nothing then someone deserves to be accountable. I dont think Congress will ever impeach Bush and co (and bear in mind the UK and Australia were in on it too so its not singling out the US) but legally something is going to have to happen. If he is telling the truth there is nothing to fear surely. Yes 9/11 was a horrible thing and whatever happened to the perpetrators? It's a debate that will continue forever but billions have been lsot on the war and contractors n the other hand like Halliburton have also made billions. I am still cackling over the little troll remark. Love it!

    4. I am not picking on you. I have lived all over so am not nationalistic in a great sense. I am just shocked I guess - dont know why. I love New York and in fact next to Italy its my favourite place. Will be there for my birthday at the end of the year. Would live there in a heart beat. And maybe every city has the same statistics. Not a good thing in the 21st century I guess.

    5. It's interesting these lists just in that the people that you expect to be the wealthiest sometimes are not. Look at gorgeous Mr Depp for example. A quiet achiever. And Angelina and Brad cannot put a foot wrong - I really like what they are doing in lots of areas, including making the world a more attractive place, child by child.

    6. How cool is it that we are as alien as these so called aliens. I think we are mongrels everywhere now but still it doesnt stop people from pointing out differences. All we need is for some of these space missions to find life on Mars. Do you believe in UFOs?

    Thanks for dropping by - always love your entertaining comments!

  6. Aleta - I know it does send shivers down your spine. I am definitely going to be cremated. Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Lilly-
    In answer to UFO’s-
    I worked on a show called ‘Sightings’ where we interviewed UFO and ghost claims. (Got to tell you, the people who claimed they had ghost were far saner than UFO enthusiast.) But yes, I do believe there are UFO’s and it’s only logical to assume they’ve checked us out. But after my experience on the show- I think that 98% of the claims of UFO (especially abduction) stories are bogus. Nor do I think that ‘ALL’ government powers are in on some mutual conspiracy to keep the facts from us. (That’s just stupid!) In fact. I think it would be quite arrogant for us to think we’re the only form of intelligent life and the ‘most advanced’ life form- with all the galaxies and stars that exist. We don’t even know what’s in our own galaxy yet.

  8. Thanks Vikki - you must have had some very interesting times in your career - I recall that show - I agree I am open to everything to be honest. I have never seen a UFO or ghost but have visited clairvoyants and there is no doubt that they were communicating with spirits who knew way too much about me to be anything but authentic. I will post about that sometime. Thanks!

  9. Tasha - I know politics is a big no, no isnt it? Always casues arguments but I love the wee man even though he will never get much support. I have posted a bit in the last few days - thats how my mind works - I just write them quickly when I probably should spend more time crafting the posts. I am really busy this week planning some other things so there will be less posts and you can catch your breath. I hope it means I am getting to read another chapter of your book though this week as you have me enthralled aobut when Lilly is going to make an appearance. Thanks for dropping by. I always appreciate your comments!!!

  10. Dear Lilly glad we have so many things in can read my English blogs

    2 are there read and comment too please

  11. Sapna, I will definitely check out your blogs, you must be busy with so many!

  12. Thanks Lilly then you should check out my fliker too

  13. Right, oh yuk, that is horrible about the body parts. I am with Redchair on this one I think we should all donate our bodies to help others live. How wonderful is that when you think about what it enables people to do. I would NOT donate it to medical students to practice on though - that freaks me out. As for the water, I am still one of those consumers that believe all the advertising crapola. I lap it up. It is stupid paticularly if you have drinking water which is ok which I do. I know plenty of people from Mars come to think of it he he.As for politics its still a hot potato isnt it? What a match Mr K and his wife make! I lost interest when Hillary bowed out (OK everyone yell abuse at me) but guess I will regain it again. Some time or other before the elections. Just do not know.

  14. Really interesting. I find it strange that I am reluctant to donate my body, when I focus on the spiritual world - I guess it's because it's the possession I've owned the longest.

    I think that Blair and Bush seem to be getting away with murder.

    The water bottle thing just blows the mind.


  15. Henry - there is something awfully special about what you do with words - "it's the possession I have owned the longest". That has hit home to me tonight for some reason - therefore its is the only possession that should really matter to us or at least the spirit housed within. Why dont we treat it that way, I wonder? I am going to put a link to your blog from mine - I need some therapy for my soul let me tell you. Thanks for dropping by!

  16. Sarah - think I am with you on the medical research bit. Giving people a second chance at living is indeeed a good thing. Yes, girl give up bottled water especially the stuff in plastic. It's all wrong, not entirely sure why - except my grandmother always slammed coke and anything in plastic and hair dyes. May need to do some research on this and do a post. Take Care and thanks for dropping by.

  17. Hello Lilly,
    I am reading your blog for the first time but I found it quite interesting
    well I wasn't aware at all that this human body has got worth of $2,61,500

    I think we must be thank ful to God, who has made us independent, else the situation outsite, i mean marketing of human parts, is the worst outside.

    In recent days there was a news about a racket going on in a private hospital, where people were admitted like for operations and surgery but suddenly they declared them dead, when police investigate they came to know about the whole conscipracy.

    I am a bit spiritual person, I daily pray and thanks to God for giving us this very human body with complete functionality.

  18. Kittu - thank you for stopping by and for your comments. Yes I did nto realise the extent of this either. That is interesting the racket you made reference too. Its a scary thought that the sick are being victimised in such a way. Please stop by again.

  19. What a great post! Very informative, yet entertaining at the same time. I always drink from the tap, especially since learning that there are no regulations on bottled water. More than likely the botteld water that people pay approximately $2.00for came from somebody's tap anyways.

  20. Lilly, I just renewed my driver's license and have volunteered to donate my organs when I die. I have mixed emotions about it, but I thought, well, if my famiiy's okay with it and I wouldn't know anything after I die anyway, might as well give others a chance at a better physical life, using my body parts.

    About the novel. Lilly will make an appearance in my next novel. And she'll be the star! Something you'll be very proud with. I just need to get the first one done first. I have to thank you and my other fans for breathing a new life into my long-neglected novel. You ladies truly inspired me to get on with it again. Thanks a million.

  21. if a body is worth $261,500, what's a soul worth?

    re: the water... of, course, you're not buying the water, you're buying the label, to wear as a badge that helps define your own personal brand to yourself and which case, best to buy one bottle and then refill if from the tap...

  22. Blog by Donna - oh thats a new one on the regulations but - apparently its a huge environmental issues as well. Plastic should be banned. Thanks for dopping by - appreciate your comments.

    Tasha - good on you for being a donar - that is a good thing to do. OK I can wait for the second novel - glad we can inspire you with the first one - thats the great thing about a blogging community heh?

  23. Horatio - trust you to ask the million dollar question. Mine is now priceless - a lot of shining it's taken too. Apparently, there is a view that people with expensive souls have a better chance of getting to heaven. People with cheap souls quite often go the other way. In fact, there are some souls so worthless that not even the devil will consider buying them. These souls are normally given away free to minor demons lurking on the lower levels of the astral plane. As for me, and I am only telling you this in the interests of market research, I may have once sold my soul for the right brand of shoes starting with the letters MB. And even though as a makeup artist I know what is in cosmetics and that the same companies make the same products - I still go for the brand and packaging every time (do you advertise makeup?). And, no, I can't refill the plastic bottle because it can kill you doing that - my grandmother was right it seems, I just hope she wasn't right about hair dye though!

  24. Hi Lilly, thanks for letting me know about my feed. I'm not sure what the problem was. I logged into feedburner and it said said my feed was healthy. But looking at your blog it seems to have sorted itself out.
    Once again, many thanks.

  25. Wow, Lilly another fun post. Some real gems here! :) You are so observant and would make a good journalist. Well, in essence you are. Loved the Bush piece and the water thing blew my mind. It goes to show that "they" must think we are really dumb. We can be dumb but I think THAT'S a bit extreme.

    Aliens? Well, that explains a lot! LOL Seriously I really like your strength in that one about us all being the get over it and get on with loving and embracing the visual difference. Good for you. Like my sweetheart says, "Judgment can kill." And it has killed millions over the centuries. Great post Lilly. Love, Rob

  26. Robin - hello there, I hope you are still smiling and you sorted out the technology issues...oh I love what your partner says about judgment - have to remember that. Its so true isnt it? I am guilty of it myself all the time..something for me to think about a bit more..thanks for stopping by, love your comments.


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