Thursday 12 June 2008

Don't read your junk mail

aaaI was just checking my junk emails this morning as I only seem to do when I'm bored or when I really have an important deadline hovering, when one of them caught my eye.

Oh yes, there was the usual offerings, such as upgrade your penis, turn possible into probable, get financial help, want a miracle, check out who's hot, are you working smart etc etc which go straight to the bin.

Then, there was this email.

It was sent by Cakes Made Easy and the title was, ....and she's only 9 years old. Knowing that the sender was legitimate, because the title sure was questionable, I opened the email and now I wish I hadn't.

It's affected me in strange ways. You see, I am one of those people who walk the line between the creative and the corporate worlds. I have a theatrical makeup diploma on one hand and an MBA on the other. And I never could quite decide which side of the pond to jump. So I have done both. I am neither one or the other which means I am not particularly talented at anything. Now don't get me wrong, this really suits me because I feel I also get to experience the best of both worlds. I get to dabble in an average way at everything. And I like average. And people are happy to pay for average. So to me its a win, win.

Now one of my recent creative pursuits has been cake decorating. I usually like to bake and feed others when I am eating healthily. Yes, its an issue that may need therapy but I want you to skip over that for the time being (because there is a long list of issues that would keep a therapist busy for the next 20 years and I find its better just to accept imperfection and move on truly). I started baking cakes and then progressed to decorating the said cakes as mini works of art. I really love sculpting little perfect flowers to go on tiny cakes. I thought I was OK at it. Average. Until I saw this little 9 year old at it.......

Great, she is talented, cute, photogenic, confident and all that sugar is going to do horrible things to her one day......and no, of course I am not jealous of a 9 year old, what a thing to say!

I am a mature women of the world who is not threatened by the incredible confidence and poise of a 9 year little homemaker...just watch and see for yourselves. Click here.
This will probably drive me over to the dark side of the corporate world some more today....I haven't seen many 9 year olds running businesses.....yet! But who knows what she may be doing by the time she is 10!


  1. Oh Lilly, you are too jealous of a 9 year old! So am I! She’s a little cake decorating creep monster! Her father’s a doctor and pays for all of that cake decorating stuff. That’s not fair! We should be ones on TV!

    Of course I’m kidding. She’s really cute. She’s a little budding artist and fortunate to have family that can really supports her creative side.

    I love cake decorating also. I just learned through books that I bought. I have all my little nib tops in a bag in cabinet. When the kids were little- every birthday gave me an occasion. It’s great fun.

    I was looking at your heading and it said Thursday..and it's still Wednesday. It just occured to me your a day ahead of us.


  2. Redchair - yes I so am jealous. No its great that her parents support her creativity. Wow, I bet your cakes were something else, being the wonderful artist that you are. I agree I did the same for my daughter too - I can remember every one of those cakes too. Yes we are a day ahead of you which is great because at least you know from looking at my blog that the world hasnt ended or anything. Thanks for dropping by - still cant get over your self portrait - clever, clever, clever.

  3. Well, Miss Lilly, I hope you realize that you are very much loved. We want to adopt and claim you here in the states. I got a note from Mom8 and she had a 'hello to Lilly' on her comment.

    And I don't know how 'gorgeous' my cakes were, but it's sure fun to do.

  4. Dear Lilly, Before I watched this video I was ready to say, "Oh don't worry, nothing could be THAT good."

    Oh well, should we discuss the weather? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL :) :)

    But look, put it behind you. LOL Because I STILL think you are the bomb Lilly! Girl, in my eyes you are THE BEST!!! (Sure she can make cakes but she doesn't yet have your wisdom and wit. She is basically wit-less!) LOLOLOLOLOL

    Shall I keep going? Is it working yet? LOL :) :)

    Regardless, baby cake decorator or not, you are STILL a great inspiration and warmth in my life. TRULY!

    You made me LAUGH!!!
    Love and hugs,

  5. Redchair - you are too, too sweet. I love the US too and hope to come there towards the end of the year sometime for a visit. It just takes a while to build up to the long plane trip.

    Rainforestrobin - you have to love clearly talented people regardless of their age. And yes you made me feel better! As always! You have to laugh though...

  6. Lilly if your average I dont like to think what that makes a hell of a lot of us. I'll take your culinary creations over anyones any day...he he

  7. Sarah, thats just because you want me to transform you a la Inge. Correct? Thanks for your comments.


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