Saturday 7 June 2008

The Creative Urge

one part inspiration, two parts .......

Our extraordinary capacity for
transformation is the

most essential
characteristic of human nature.

The possibilities keep us dreaming and creating,
hoping for better things, always....

Art: my own - its called Inge


  1. Inge is beautiful, wanna transform me into something different?

  2. Lilly, this is so true it never ceases to amaze me how human beings can transform from peace makers on one hand to war criminals the next.

  3. Splendid! Beautiful photo followed by wonderful narration.

  4. Innes - any time you're up for it.

    Stephan - I would like to transform a fe political leaders!

    Nilz - thank you for your comments and stopping by.

  5. Just beautiful ~ her cheekbones and expression are fantastic.



  6. Soulmerlin - thanks for your comment. Inge has a Latvian and German background. Unbelievably she was well into her 40s when we did that photo. Beautiful facial structure and wide cheekbones. Very dark eyes which you cannot see. You know everything about transformation, being on the stage and fully appreciate all the possibilities that bring us hope. You have to love the arts regardless of how and what we do and how well we do it. Creating is what its all about. Take Care.


Thanks for your comments.