Wednesday 2 July 2008

Carrie & Co

why I love them

I must have been one of the last females on the planet to see the Sex and the City Movie. I loved the TV series so much I was a little worried that the movie may not live up to my expectations.

I was with the girls all the way from when the series started in 1998, even though I often thought their romantic choices were often misguided, obviously wrong, spiritually and psychologically clueless, superficial, selfish, and jaded. Pretty much like most of my own come to think of it.

Sex And The City is like a snapshot in time, an inviting, elusive moment when we felt we could conquer the world. It's hard to hang onto that innocence when our waistlines are fattening faster than the price tag on a barrel of oil but if Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha teach us anything, it is that behind the madness, the tears and the laughter, it is friendship, and little else, that endures.

STC on the big screen is a fairytale for the consumer generation. A sort of Cinderella where the heroine wears Vivienne Westwood, it runs the gamut of emotions, from frivolous whimsy to gut-punching heartbreak, yet still delivers something more honest than anything Hollywood has cranked out in recent memory.

In the end, I loved it because fewer things in life are more pleasurable than friends, good laughter and walking down a windy, wet New York-esque street in heels for a late-night Chinese meal. The entire show is about the consistency of friendship. You fight, work it out, offer support, drive each other nuts, and always come back together.

More importantly there were so many key relationship lessons to go through before finding the key. I loved these words from Carrie, after she has gone back home to New York, to herself, her friends, and her Big love: "...the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous."

This truly was a show that influenced a couple of generations.

Something tells me it won't be the last time we see the girls. That kind of makes me happy.

Drawing of Carrie - my own


  1. Hi Lilly,
    I like your drawing. Is that charcoal?

    I haven’t seen the movie yet. The TV show was shot in New York but it was actually posted at our Hollywood facility. It surely had a long run. A lot of the women here actually had Sex and the City parties the closing night of the TV show.

    I’m glad to here the movie was not a disappointment. There was such publicity with it’s forthcoming. I always felt the popularity of characters was because we could relate to some facet of each one of them. But do you agree, Lilly, it was a show made just for women? I don't think I've met a man who had any interest in it.

    I will definitely go see the show for sure.

  2. hey, wait a minute. that's not a drawing of carrie. that's a drawing of you! hmmmm....

  3. Vikki - I am embarassed for you even to look at my drawing - its charcoal and I did it in a few minutes. I am just trying to do my own pictures for my blog so it will be fun. I think we could all identify with the characters of STC for sure no matter where we lived. Very clever. No, there was a few token males in the theatre, no doubt dragged along by their partners. ITs worth a look but of course I didnt agree with osme of the decisions made in the movie by a certain person, you will understand when you see!!

    Horatio - mmm I based it on a thoroughbred he he...horses all look the same to some....

  4. Lilly, I didn't realize you're also an artist. I like your drawing, and I think that the composition of the subject is perfect to me.

    I haven't been a fan of Jessica Parker and had only seen one episode of the show, but since you raved about the movie, I believe I'm going to drag my daughter and go see it. Hubby's not so much into this type of movies. So, he'll probably not want to read my novel either. Hehe. Goodnight.

  5. Tasha - err no, I am not an artist but I decided to do my own pictures to illustrate my blog posts now so you will be seeing more of my humble pieces of art in the near future. Yes, given your novel you should definitely go see the movie. May give you some story ideas........

  6. That is so weird. I wrote you a long comment on this post and it must have got lost in cyber space...unless you haven't posted it yet. But I think it was the first it's probably lost. Darn, darn, darn!!!! Will have to come back and comment again. Bare with me (that comment made me laugh....look how I spelled "BARE". Are you sitting there laughing at me?? This has NOT been my day!!!

    I just realized that YOU did this drawing; it is SOOOO COOL. You are very talented in MANY ways. I like that. I did not realize that you did the photo when I was here the other day...when I left my LOST comment(darn that should read LAST comment, but in this case either one works)!!! LOL :) :)

    What I said in that comment is: I have seen sex in the city but not THE Sex in the City (LOLOLOL) TV (by choice). But I still found it fascinating reading your take on a TV show. It was AMAZING all the you saw and derived from that show!

    PS Will hopefully get my award that you gave me posted this week or weekend --- I was SO touched that you did that for ME! I feel very connected to you anyway and that was like icing of your cakes!!! Remember the ah icing piece you did? Okay okay, we are past that now...aren't we? LOL LOL :) :) :) Many Hugs and Much Love, RainforestRobin

  7. Robin, Sorry I have not replied this reply got missed. Oh I dont watch TV these days but I did once and I lvoed that show about women going after it all. I see messages everywhere unfortunately. Its all learning which ever way you look. BARE - mmm you ahve a wicked sense of humour which I love. Yes, well the icing thing is past now and I ahve got over that and moved on as one should wehn one gets to my stage in life.....thanks fro dropping by always love your comments. You alwasy make me smile and thats a great, great thing!!


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