Wednesday 25 June 2008

Arte y Pico Award

I have had the pleasure of being tagged as the recipient of the Arte y Pico Award (Uruguayan for 'much art') by Jon (Ups and Downs of a Freelance Writer) and Vikki (Red Chair Gallery).

Now I know it may surprise some of my readers that my blog has 'much art' and quite frankly I did a double take myself. So much so, when Jon handed out this award some days ago I didn't quite know what I should do with it. But now the pressure is on not to be so rude because Vikki has pointed the award in my direction too.

I have looked up the meaning of art just to satisfy myself that I qualify. I believe that my blog achieves more aesthetic properties than art-relational ones and that it primarily focuses on art's pan-cultural and trans-historical characteristics. No, I don't really know what all that means either but it sounds, well, almost arty. Convinced yet?

Now Jon and Vikki, on the other hand, are real artists. Jon is freelance writer and photographer living and working in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. His posts are eclectic, profound, fun and he is a great story teller. I am truly inspired by his writing. Vikki is an artiste extraordinaire from California. Her paintings are wonderful and her writing is so spirited and just downright clever. She should be writing books as well as painting masterpieces. After a career in the LA television industry, Vikki has a world of wonderful experiences from which to draw her inspiration. So, truly, thanks Jon and Vikki for the honor.

The great thing about these type of blogging awards is that it allows you to tag some of your favourite blogs. So now it's my turn to choose five bloggers that deserve to be awarded for their creativity, design, interesting material and also for contributing to the blogging community. Pay them a visit and you will soon see why I am addicted. They are all different and reflect the talents of some truly creative people from various countries across the world.

Naked in Eden - Robin Easton

Wundurful World

My Little Drummer Boys

Nina Kuriliff Fine Art

From Dusk till Dawn

And if any of the tagged blog owners wish to pass the torch to others please go to Jon's blog and read the rules.


  1. It is nice to share the people you enjoy , huh?
    And you are most definitely an artist, sweet Lilly. I have no doubt dozens of readers would agree with me.


  2. Dear Dear Lily, I just came here to catch up and was reading about you getting this award and of course thinking, well, that's a no brainer! LOL I could absolutely see why you would get it twice! And then I saw my name at the bottom and was completely completely shocked and stumped. I went through the whole thing you did in terms of not being able to comprehend why you gave it to me. Although, I have to say I am SO honored and touched. It is my very first award. It could not come from a kinder person than you. It could not come from someone I respect any more than I do you. Thank you from my heart! Love, Rob

    PS will go to the site to see how to use it and what it means.

  3. Redchair - many thanks - yes and my Mum reads my blog every now and then, he he.

    Rainforestrobin - you came her before I could warn you - have been so busy too! I saw your latest blog but wanted to take some time to reply - fantastic!! Your blog is a haven in many ways and you so deserve to be awarded. Its a great way to share the blogs we love!!!!

  4. Congrats Lilly!
    I dropped in from Vikkis blog.
    It sure is nice to be recognized by your peers as one of their top 5.
    Way to go.

  5. thanks so much for the recognition, lilly. but i have to send the kudos back to you. your blog continues to evolve and grow in interesting new ways every week. the depth and variety of your material is always impressive. keep it up!

  6. Hey Jules, I didnt realise that was you who passed on the award to Vikki. Thanks a lot and congratulations to you too! Will stop by for a visit.

  7. thank you Lilly I am honoured.
    I will have to go check the rules.
    I can see why you would deserve this award.
    A lovely review you wrote for Jon and Vicki too.

  8. Dear Lily,

    I read your blog and your wonderful comments and went into a state of shock for several hours. I really can't stop smiling. It's such a great feeling - thank you so much.


  9. ....and so I've forgotten to congratulate you..(I'm an idiot)

    Still grinning from ear to ear.


  10. Lilly you are too kind. Me an artist, my head is expanding by the minute.

  11. Horatio salt - thanks for your comments but like I said I'd like to have what your having for breakfast - cleverness is a wonderful quality to possess.

    Baby-amore - well you deserve it, your consistent efforts are inspiring.

    Soulmerlin - well you are very talented and your writing is truly wonderful. Just special is all, so keep smiling.

    Jon - well I just read your latest post and it says it all - you are a published author - congratulations for your perserverence.

  12. Congratulations Lilly. In my view, you're well deserving of this award.

    Your posts are wide-ranging in topics. They're sometimes funny, inspiring, thought provoking, poignant, with always a touch of your personal artistic touch on each of them.

    I suppose I need to work on my very own, too. I received one from Jules. I just haven't acknowledged her yet in my blog.

  13. Congratulations! I think you really deserve to receive this award girl. Your writing are some of the best I have seen and enjoyed reading.

    I a sorry I am not around that much. My dear in laws are here for several months so I got my hands full;)Kidding.

    I hope u have a great week ahead.

  14. Tasha and Jade - thanks for your comments. I have been so busy I have not posted in a week - will catch up with your blogs now.

  15. Well, I still have my head stuck in the rainforest that
    s for sure...even though I live in the city now!! LOL Because I never saw STC!!! Well, I've seen sex in the city, bot THE Sex in the City. LOLOL I have not seen the TV show or the movie. But then I guess I'd have to go out and buy a TV to start with! LOLOLOL Seeing as I don't own one...and then I'd have to go to the theater and buy a ticket if it's still showing any where by now!! I am just not up on the crucial things in life Lilly!!! Are you laughing at me? LOLOLOL I am! I must admit that you have now peaked my curiosity. See I may not have my finger on the jumping pulse like you do, but I am connected, tied to, related to...YOU!!! I'm covered! See? So I am smart after all. I just let you do the leg work and weeding out for me!! Hugs, RainforestRobin


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