Sunday 11 May 2008

Message from your Daughter

Happy Mothers Day!
You know the world is changing when you ask your mother what she wants for Mother's Day and she suggests that you might like to write an entry on her blog, Lilly's Life.

Gone are the days when an apron would have sufficed, or some chocolates, or even a card.

What can I say Mum, you've always been a bit 'out of the box'.

I've never written a blog entry before so when I sat down to construct this masterpiece (don't snigger Mum, you know it will be), I thought 'how best to kick the proceedings off?' and then I thought, 'I know... I'll start with something plagiarised.' After all, Hallmark doesn't make 50 billion dollars each year on Mother's Day cards for no reason. Sentimentality is a bit embarrassing really, so if you aren't the author of the pathetically schmaltzy words on your Mother's Day card, it's much more comfortable for everyone involved, primarily you.

Turns out the same theory applies to writing a Mother's Day blog entry.

So I started searching the internet for Hallmarkesque quotes that sum up how I feel about you. I found a lot of lovely quotes about mothers, such as this one:

"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." -Tenneva Jordan
Sweet isn't it?? I thought so too.

Except, we both know that you would never forsake pie for anyone. Not your child, a dying relative, a starving Ethiopian. [Side note: it's wrong to make the token starving person Ethiopian, isn't it. Let's change to starving Canadian, (not that they deserve to starve either, but you know what I mean)]. Anyway, point being, nice quote, but not really summing up the essence of you.

Then I found this deeply moving Shakespeare quote:

"Thou art thy mother's glass, and she in thee
Calls back the lovely April of her prime".
Beautiful words from The Bard. I totally agree. Err, at least I might, if could understand what the quote means. It's just in here to make me look smart.

Then I found this Aristotle quote which I found to be particularly 'emotionally stirring, pulling on heartstrings' type stuff .
"Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own."Not sure if Aristotle was intending to crack a joke when he spewed forth this little pearl. I'm thinking not, because philosophers are usually pretty serious dudes, are they not? I thought this one was hilarious (is it meant to be funny?) because it was stuck in the middle of all these 'my mother is an angel from heaven' type ones, which by the way don't sum you up either.

I mean you are pretty cool but you aren't an angel.

In fact, at times I would align you closer to Satan (joking).

Then, I finally thought, Mother's Day doesn't have to be about me in relation to you, it can just be about you and what I think makes you amazing.

So I thought I would tell you some random things I admire about you.

Like you are artistic, for example. Kids at school used to say our house looked like 'one of those houses out of a magazine'. You are amazing at knowing what 'goes' with what, and what colours look good with other colours. As for me, as you rightly point out I can't even tell the difference between blue and green half the time. I just know that sometimes I put on clothes and you look at me in abject horror.

I remember being at a 'retreat' aka conference for work last year and we had to go to this formal dinner party thing and I was in my hotel room squashed up against the bathroom door trying to take a photo of myself on my mobile phone to send to you for feedback on whether everything 'went' together or not. The photo didn't get through to you though so I called you to give a blow by blow account of the outfit. What would I do without you?

I also admire you for being resilient and tough. You've coped with things that would have driven me literally insane.

You're funny and witty. Just like Pop.

You have a really incredible work ethic that I will never be able to emulate.

Also, my entire childhood (and adulthood thus far) I have never seen you leave the house without looking perfectly made up and beautiful. To people like me, who toss up whether or not they can get away with leaving the house without brushing their hair, this is a very admirable quality. As a child I remember looking up at you and you always looking so polished and smelt so lovely and all my friends thought you were beautiful. When they said that I used to scrunch up my nose and go 'whatever', but I was secretly proud.

Aaaand, you are a good listener and you are very smart.

And I did actually find you a quote by Washington Irving, which sums up the way that I feel about you:

"A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of all prosperity, when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavour by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts."
I love you and you love me and I know that there is nothing and no-one who can ever change that. The comfort that gives me, makes every day ok, no matter what happens.

Happy Mother's Day


  1. Thank you, you truly outdid yourself. It made me laugh out loud. You should start your own blog. I just have two comments to make, in terms of the pie, it would truly depend on the type of pie, and second, I have never seen a bad picture of you. Lots of love. I am still cackling over the Aristotle quote, could you imagine that on a Hallmark card....

  2. How lucky you are, Lilly to have such a wonderful relationship with your daughter. She is (obviously) so bright and beautiful!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day. It's already Mother's Day in Australia, huh? Still just Saturday here in California.

    By the way, I've added your link to my blog also. Best Wishes.

  3. Wow, happy Mother's Day, indeed. I know how proud you must be of your daughter. What a magnificent Mother's Day gift.

    And I can certainly see a lot of her in you in the way she writes, especially the quick wit and the sense of humor. This was a terrific post, and I agree with you, she should start her own blog.

    I hope you have a great day; maybe tell us about it in a post.

  4. Vikki - well I am being kind of self indulgent by having her post but she is a very funny girl and I was interested to see what she would say. Who knows maybe one day I will commission you to do a painting of her. I just love the honesty of your work. Thanks for visiting - I really appreciate it.

    Matt - yep, she is a bit of an intellectual(from her grandparents, not her parents), which makes her wit that much more dangerous and hilarious. I don't like getting into debates with her because she always wins. She told me she is too busy to write a blog of her own but maybe I can convince her to do a post every now and then on mine. I will be spending Mother's Day with my own Mum today, my daughter lives in a different State. Thanks for your patronage of my blog by the way, I appreciate you stopping by.

  5. Wow, great post and what an awesome daughter. My little girl is only 5 months...can't wait till she gets to write on my blog too:) Happy Mother's day!

  6. My God, that really is incredible. We should all be so lucky (and truthfully I am-though we often butt heads, I really love my Mom!)

    Let's change to starving Canadian, (not that they deserve to starve either, but you know what I mean

    REally? Has she ever actually met a Canadian? No pie for Canada! :)

    Have a Happy Mother's Day Lilly, you are truly blessed.

  7. vh - thanks for dropping by - I am sure your daughter will continue to bring you much joy (skipping the early teenage years of course)!

    Politi gal - thanks for stopping by and love the link. Canadians are very close to Aussies in many ways - think its our links to the Monarchy or some such thing!

  8. Hi lilly, my daughter is only three, but she's already showing signs of interest in my keyboard. Must be all the time I spend tapping out words rubbing off on her.
    Might be a bit too early yet though to be expecting a fathers day post.

    Great post and Happy Mothers Day.

  9. It's the best gift a mother could ever receive on Mother's Day, I must say. You sure have a terrific daughter. Children are great, aren't they? Belated Happy Mother's Day to you, by the way.

  10. Jon - with your writing talent your daughter will no doubt start young. I remember mine learnt to type on a tiny Apple Mac first - they had games of some kind and she was about 5 or so. All the best to you in the sunshine. My sister lives in London and enjoying the weather too.

    Tashabud - they sure are great - particularly when the early teenage years are over. Hope you had a lovely day too.

  11. what a beautiful and witty tribute Lilly - you must be deserving of such a glowing accolade.
    We can your daughter has inherited more than you looks ... the talent of an engaging writer.
    What a priceless gift !

  12. baby~amore - not sure about deserving but she sure is a great daughter and a particularly funny one at that. I keep telling her to do her own blog but she is way too busy. Thanks so much for dropping by.

  13. Your daughter's message must have been a fantastic Mother's Day gift for you, Lilly.

    She has wonderful things to say about you and writes very well.

    You must be very proud of her.


  14. Absoluting endearing post!
    Thanks for this opportunity to get to know you better, along with your daughter.
    You are a very blessed to have each other and to be able to laugh together.
    Now, I have to return the question: Does she live close? Do you talk often?

  15. The smiles and beauty and character are shared between Mother and Daughter ~ Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your life.

  16. @ Jlo - yes she did me proud in this post I have to say - she has such a wicked sense of humor. We are very different too! As she is an only child I thank God he gave ma a very positve and happy daughter - balances me out somewhat! You will understand what I mean by that!

  17. Aleta - thanks for your comment. We are alike but very different physically. I am tall and blonde and she is small and dark. She lives in another State but we are close like you and your parents seem to be. Families are the best but you know that already and thats what I love about your blog.


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