Thursday 29 May 2008

I wonder why we choose to live in denial

about our global priorities.

Global Priority $U.S. Billions pa

Cosmetics in the United States 8
Ice cream in Europe 11
Perfumes in Europe and the United States 12
Pet foods in Europe and the United States 17
Business entertainment in Japan 35
Cigarettes in Europe 50
Alcoholic drinks in Europe 105
Narcotics drugs in the world 400
Military spending in the world 780

And compare that to what was estimated as additional costs to achieve universal access to basic social services in all developing countries:

Global Priority $U.S. Billions pa

Basic education for all 6
Water and sanitation for all 9
Reproductive health for all women 12
Basic health and nutrition 13

Why can't that happen? Well maybe its time we all learnt about the co-joined twins of the military and trade and their mother, world power.

Check this site out the facts and figures on this site will put politics in perspective for you.

We all need to be informed in order to make a difference and to have a realistic and accurate picture of how the west gets won at the expense of others.

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