Thursday 29 May 2008

The things we do for.....

Well I have heard about the things that people will do for love but I didn't realise the lengths that some people will go to just to get clear skin.

How far would you be prepared to go to have clearer skin?

How about being nibbled by skin-feeding fish (yes, fish are fast becoming an interest of mine it seems) or bitten by blood-sucking leeches? Both treatments are there to be had (as long as you're prepared to be literally had, of course).

Doctor fish (Garra rufa), which eat ''dead'' areas of skin, were one of the 600 exhibits at the beauty trade fair in Tokyo last week. They have been bred for some time at spas in Turkey to treat psoriasis but are now being promoted as the ultimate skin-cleaning beautifier. Take a dip and they nibble away, apparently. Doctor fish spa resorts opened in Japan a couple of years ago but what was being pushed at the trade fair were retail kits ''for a special home spa treatment''. And please don't get any ideas about taking a bath with your goldfish Troublex2 - these are special flesh eating fish.....trained to nibble dead skin.....nope, not for me...

Or you could do a Demi and undergo leech therapy. The very youthful Ms Moore waxed lyrical to Letterman earlier this year about how ''highly trained medical'' leeches (''we're talking high-level blood suckers,'' she said) ''detoxed'' her blood as part of a ''cleanse'' in Austria. And just to add to the experience, thorough hair removal and a turpentine bath were necessary before the treatment. Right you are then, well that one is well and truly off the list too.

Or perhaps one of the other treatments showcased in Tokyo is more your style: the foil face mask made of a pure gold.

What a waste of gold, somehow I think I will just stick to soap and water. It works just fine.

Would you be willing to try fish or leeches in the name of beauty?


  1. My sister in law and niece tried the "fish" foot spa thing at an Ocean Park here and they said it wasn't so bad at all. Just a little ticklish at first. I think I'm gonna pass with the leeches treatment, though!=)

  2. No way to fish or leeches! I hate leeches. I had bad experiences with leeches, growing up in the jungles of the Philippines. I tried to redeem myself by pouring salt onto them to get them out of my skin. I then watched them bleed to death afterwards. I know it was so cruel of me, but as a youngster, you don't think of cruelty when something is sucking your precious blood. I'll keep my pimples that occasionally pop up rather than getting a fish or a leech treatment, thank you.

  3. Rachel - oh wow. If its not so bad maybe I would be willing to give it a go. And the leeches treatment - oh yuk, lets just say Demi must be desperate to try anything - mind you she does look good though! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Tashabud - wow I love the Phillipines I have to say and ahve a few friends there. I havent had any experience with leeches although I know we have them here too. Not for me either. Love to hear more about your time in the Phillipines on your blog and how you ended up in the US. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Perhaps one of these days I'll write my memoir after I become famous (lol)?


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