Thursday 8 May 2008


doesn't make the news anymore

Apparently the world is in search of happiness. And we are looking for it in all the wrong places.
We certainly can't expect to find it from our daily news sources, no matter which medium we happen to use.
Is it just me or does it seem that every time you listen to the news or read a newspaper the negative stories outweigh the positive ones twentyfold. It's getting worse, surely.

The headlines today are
- 300 dead cats in man's freezer
- Georgia says its very close to war with Russia
- Cyclone death toll to reach 100,000
- Bush attack on Iran
- What's really in the food you eat
- Mugabe supporters continue the killings
- Koalas under threat from climate change
- Pressure for Pope

and supposedly the only two relatively positive stories are
- that Kylie begins her X tour in Paris
- and a local fantasy author gets Hollywood call up.

Say what???

I am going back to bed. No wonder the world is depressed. Even the positive stories are so lightweight and frivolous its a non event.

We need more balance, surely. Between being informed and being depressed. We need to laugh and be inspired by the news every once in a while too. If violence begets violence, surely negativity does the same.

What do you think? How do you get your news and is it more balanced than what I am reading?


  1. Which is why I don't listen to the news much these days. I hardly read the papers either. The news & the papers seem obsessed with how many people may or may not have died in the cyclone which I find disturbing. I'm trying not to get drawn into it. I've listened to all I need to listen to. If I listen any more, then I'll be as obsessive as the media's getting about it. I made my monetary contribution and will keep them in my thoughts.

  2. Lilly, first of all I love the picture you used, as it seems appropriate to the post (too few happy people). But you are so right about the negative news. Unfortunately, good news just doesn't draw people in like bad news does. Sure, everyone likes to hear a "feel good" story every once in a while, but there is an old saying "People love a train wreck". And it is true, that's why traffic gets backed up so badly when there is an accident, even if the accident is in the other direction of traffic from the back-up, because people want to see destruction and chaos and blood. Sadly, it's true; only bad stories rank highly on the news because it gives people a reason to complain and act all fed-up with things, which is the only time they feel normal. If the news reports a good story people just go "Aw, that's nice" and that's the end of it. They don't go to work the next day and discuss that story with their co-workers, but they sure will talk about bad stories. I suppose it's just a sad fact about humans that we take more interest in negative things that are wrong with our world than with the good things about it. But thank you for such a positive post, (even if you were drawing attention to the negative). lol, I'm just teasing you.

  3. Oh, by the way, your mother's distinction between success and achievement is very insightful. Wise woman! Talk to you soon, have a great day!

  4. well, i get my news just like you, and then plunge into a fantasy wurld where everything gets wundurful ;-)

    seriously, when the big picture gets depressing, i go small. sit on the ground and watch an ant for half an hour, and imagine what's in his teensy head...

  5. Yeah, the news is negative and that affects the overall social health of society. We try to be positive but we flip on the TV or the internet and its about something bad happening as you have alluded to. I remember watching about this in a documentary called Bowling for Columbine where one segment discusses this issue. You should check it out.

  6. Mizz eb - good idea. You are still helping but just not reading or hearing about it all. Thanks for dropping by.

    Matt - well, be careful what you wish for because you may just get a lucky break because I probably will steer clear of politics now (given its soooo negative) and just stick to positive things. Like um.... I am sure something will come to me. I think I may just bury my head in the an extent anyway and focus on the frivolous. But I do have to think of a human rights story for the
    15th which isnt too far away....nothing funny about those given there is such a selection. Then I'll stick to 'nice' stories.

  7. Matt - thanks, yep she is certainly wise, just like yours I bet. Except I can't get her to have a blog.

    Horatio Salt - I think you have hit it on the head - I just need to read your site for the latest in news - it's all surreal anyway. Least it would make me laugh. And, you're right, in the overall scheme of things we are but one of millions. Sometimes a boot is going to land on us and squash us...that's life!

    Quackster - I will definitely check out Bowling for Columbine. Thanks for dropping by.

  8. Lilly you are so right, I was just chatting with my sis in the other country, telling her that I felt depress and I was trying to find the source of this feeling like nothing to do, like nothing motivates me to do something, even when I have a ... good life, good husband, two wonderfull kids, and a mind of my own, but it just seem something int he air that I couldn't handle and is bugging me, I know what you mean, good news are not News anymore, is all about negative things, people minds are taken by the dark side, and if we don't fight it with getting positive and light in our brains we will end up so empty and negative and dark, I am glad I come to read your blog, it really help me feel better and now I know a possible cause of my depression in this past days, also the ciclon news and all those people death but I have been praying for them is so sad... Anyways, Have a good night, and God Bless :)

  9. Hi Shine - well maybe it's a good thing to surround yourself with some positive news and happy thoughts for a while. There is much doom and gloom around and sometimes it seems suffocating. The more positive we can be the better we are although we should never ignore important things particularly if we can help. Take Care

  10. Hi Lilly,

    I really like your blog and your take on life. I agree we’re totally bombarded with the negative and it’s a battle to not take it in. As an artist I attempt to reflect the positive aspects of our lives and people today. There’s ample negative resources and imagery out there. We don’t need it hanging on our walls.

    Speaking of which: I know it’s probably a bit esoteric, but I often find when I create a painting, I feel it’s stimulation is coming from someone else -not me. I think you may be my ‘Lily.’

    Check out this painting:


  11. Ugh, I avoid the news when possible - although online news is better, you can scan the awful headlines but also find the good stuff. Takes lots of looking though!

  12. Vikki - thanks so much for visiting. I will definitely check out the painting. And you are right lets surround ourselves with more art!

    Texastesla - you are right - getting the news online is better as you can scan it and move on quickly. There is that fine line between needing to know and getting too involved which is the trick. Thanks so much for visiting.

  13. Lily,

    The topic of your article is something we discuss often in my circle. Thank you for writing about it.

    As a blogger and an artist, I struggle to find the balance between beauty and responsibility.

    I believe we need to keep apprised of the dangers that exist while maintaining a sense of wonder and a healthy sense of gratitude for all that is.

    Here's creation rather than destruction.

  14. Erik - thanks for stopping by. "Creation rather than destruction" - beautiful words.


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