Saturday 24 May 2008

Arghhhs and Ahhhs of Life


1. I just read about a Missouri car dealer who said sales have soared at his auto and truck business since launching a promotion this week that promises buyers a free handgun or a $US250 ($A260) petrol card with every purchase. Sales have quadrupled and all but two people have elected to take the gun.

Can someone tell me why do people need handguns? Is law and order so bad that everyone needs to carry a gun? Seriously, I don't get it can someone from the USA explain this to me?

2. Then I read that a Sydney exhibition of Australian photographer Bill Henson's work featuring photographs of naked 12-and 13-year olds has been shutdown as police investigate its legality. Surprisingly, this has created a huge uproar in the art community who claim that the naked body has been the subject of art for thousands of years and an exhibit of nude adolescents is not pornographic. Artists see it as 'censorship' of art.

So, what am I missing here? A religious sect can say it's ok to have sex with children and for these children to have children to god knows who (and no doubt there is no choice about it) because it is part of their belief system. Then, artists can photograph 12 and 13 year old girls naked, in all sorts of poses but that is just art. For whom? So tell me if those pictures turned up on the internet, what would it be seen as then? Child pornography? I think it's time commonsense reigned and the community stands up for the rights of innocent children. Children need to be protected not sexualised in the name of religion or art. It's all about consent and whether a 12 year old knows what the hell is going on. Of course they do not know what's happening but their parents sure as hell do.

On a happier note, new babies have arrived - a pigeon pair - innocent perfection. Please stay that way.


  1. The babies are so adorable - brings back sweet memories of my twins.*sob they are going to be 2 in 5 weeks.

    Congratulations on the birth of two beautiful cherubs.

    I was shocked about the art exhibition too - over 18 fair enough but teenagers - that's unacceptable.

  2. Lilly - I'll be happy to be the representative U.S. voice here (although most Americans won't agree with me). I have NEVER understood the "need" by so many people to own hand guns here. We have long since left the days of the Wild West behind us. There is some macho perception, especially among males, that you have to have a gun to be cool, or hip. My opinion is that if you carry a hand gun in your vehicle or on your person, you are of the opinion that you will eventually be in a position where you will need to use it; therefore, you are someone who puts yourself into positions which you should not get into in the first place! Also, if you have a gun in your vehicle you are far more likely to end up using it in a fit of anger and ruining the rest of your life. Other than for competitive sport (target shooting) there is no need for these insipid devices to even exist, with the exception of law-enforcement and military. People who say they need a hand gun for home protection are being disingenuous....have you ever heard the crack of a pump-action shotgun being cocked in the quiet, stillness of the night? Any intruder who hears that is going to be out the door in a nano-second. And, more importantly, you can't easily carry a shotgun into banks or other businesses to rob them. I think rifles are ok for hunters and shotguns are okay for hunters and home protection, but hand guns are nothing but killing devices.

    As for the "artist" who thinks photographing 12 and 13 year olds is artwork...what was I saying about those hand guns? I agree with you, Lilly, that a twelve year old has no idea why they are posing nude for this man and what the photos will be used for. If this was legal then what is the difference between someone possessing these photos and someone possessing photos of children they found on the internet? Geez!

  3. Loved this post. I was right beside you cheering you on. Could you hear me. I was saying. GO LILLY! GO LILLY! Are you weird people who are destroying children's innocence hearing this? ARE YOU LISTENING TO WHAT LILLY IS SAYING???

    I get very emotional over this issue to the point of tears and anger, and like you I won't apologize for's healthy anger. I am so glad you posted this and I love the two babies that reflect the innocence of all children. Bless you my dear Aussie friend.

  4. Baby~amore - two in a few weeks? wow they do grow up quickly and your boys are so gorgeous, truly! Babies are a blessing um until they hit those teenage years he he then they become human again. Thanks for dropping by, will come and visit your blog today!

    Matt - is that true that most Americans would not agree with you? I can see why farmers would need guns and I can live with the fact its a sport (unless they kill animals as sport) but its kind of horrible that people have to carry them as they would anything else in their car or handbag. Where you live do you think the majority of people would have a hand gun - I knew guns were prevalent not just that prelevant. Thanks for your reply. I wouldn't like to get caught up in any road rage incident. Guess we have them here too but they are not popular or commonplace (unless you're a criminal).

    Rainforestrobin - I have to apologise to you because I went to your site, loved your post, thanks for the great link and lovely words, went to leave a message, got interrupted and never have had a chance to go back. This weekend though I will be - been hectic thse past four weeks for me. Children - we really need to let them be - they should be out with you exploring nature and having adventures and playing with mud and creepy crawlies. I know stuff has been going on since Adma was a boy but it seems that its all got out of hand. Have you noticed even the way small girls are dressed these days - like teenagers. Little trophies not little children. Thanks for dropping by you gorgeous inspiration!

  5. I am against guns for any reason. Everyone should think about it, we freak out if we come anywhere near a deadly critter like a snake or spider yet everyone is prepared to hold a deadly weapon in their hand just in case. Yet if I carried a deadly snake on my person to unleash if anyone attacked me I would get arrested. Bizarre.

  6. Woo hoo! Lily's opening a can of worms. I love it!

    On the gun issue... I'm from Texas. We all have guns...horses, too!

    Babies take my breath away, and that photograph is what I call art. That one precious moment in time stopped forever. (Sigh...)I am forever amazed at the way newborns can take even the sternest person and turn them to complete mush.

  7. Sarah - see you and I think alike but maybe where we are form ther eis no need, ever I hope. Thanks for dropping by - and please dont bring that snake of yours anywhere near me....please.

    Troublex2 - he he. Always did have a big mouth it seems. I thought all Texans were cowboys (he he) and I could kind of understand why you may have a gun where you are But see Matt is also a Texan and he doesnt quite get it either. So explain to me again, why do you have to carry a gun. To kill wild animals or in order to protect yourself? I am just curious. Thanks for dropping by - missed you!!

  8. I don'! Carry a gun, that is...

    We have them in the house. I live in the country, and we do have some very large wild boars, coyotes, etc. My family isn't really big in the hunting department either. A lot of people in Texas are. We're just not among them.

    My husband is licensed to carry, and sometimes he does. The why...because he had a gun pulled on him while he was at work one day. A normal day at the job and some lunatic went off on him. Not long after, he took his gun certification classes and bought a handgun. So, I guess the why is for protection.

    I don't think I've got it in me to carry one. Of course, I've never had a gun pulled on me before either. We've always been told don't carry one unless you are prepared to use it. I'm not prepared.

  9. troublex2 - ah now I understand. Thats is horrible, your poor husband! Understand why he want to protect himself. Keep safe you hear now - I thought you might have needed a gun on the farm.

  10. Hi Lilly, just thought I would clarify something. I shouldn't have made the blanket statement "if you carry a hand gun in your vehicle or on your person, you are of the opinion that you will eventually be in a position where you will need to use it; therefore, you are someone who puts yourself into positions which you should not get into in the first place". Obviously, there are tmes like Troublex2 mentioned where some lunatic pulls a gun on you for no reason. After that, many people might feel the need to carry a gun. But, it's like driving your vehicle every day. There is a chance on any given day that you could die in an accident because some nut runs a light and hits you or something like that, but we don't stop driving because of that small risk. I don't think ordinary citizens should carry hand guns outside of their homes (if they choose to have one there), period. There is just too much of a possibilty that it might be used, whereas, there is no possibility of it being used if you don't carry one. I hope that makes more sense. I can see where my other comments might offend some people, and that was not my intention. Thanks, again.

  11. Matt - no I understood what you were saying and thanks for clarifying this. I just couldnt imagine and knowing my luck I would let it off accidentally or something and unwittingly cause damage. My cousin got accidentally shot on a farm (he lived) and I wouldnt wish that on anyone. Thanks!

  12. I think that gun control is a sensitive and controversial issue with almost everyone in the United States. Our constitution gives us the right as US citizens to bear arms. I don't think that right should be taken away. Our forefathers understood and took the care to address the issue. It was and is intended as an individual right of the American citizen to keep and carry arms in a peaceful manner, for protection of ourselves, our family, and our freedoms.

    I don't carry a handgun. That's my individual choice and right. My husband does. That's his individual right and choice.

    Each to their own.

  13. Trouble x 2 - that was a good response. I guess if especially in your husbands case you can understand why its necessary to do so. Each to their own indeed as long as it used wisely and there is a reason for it - it truly would scare me too much but if I was more scared of being hurt then I would be left with no choice. I would protect myself.


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