Tuesday 29 April 2008

This should confirm

a lot of people's suspicions.

I have finally heard a politician give a direct, honest, concise, non evasive and believable answer. In response to a question from a journalist on our local radio station just a few minutes ago, a politician replied, "I wouldn't have a clue".


  1. that most be a sign of the end of times hahaha :) a politician talking the truth, just kidding...
    Anyway I think the awakening of the global counscience makes almost imposible not to force people to change and even politician will have to deal with this, we are tired of lies and we want the truth :)

  2. Wait, why is it suddenly so cold under my feet? Did hell just freeze over? LOL How funny that he would make that statement, he must have been caught off-guard. Isn't that like political suicide for a politician? Makes them lose face among their constituents.

  3. Shine - I think he really was just caught off guard but it was so very strange. Wouldn't it be good to think it was the start of politicians telling the truth. BTW I am still working on a post that you gave me the incentive for.

    Matt - Hell must have frozen over. Yep, his career is probably dead in the water.. shame, they themselves or we can't accept them as humans I guess. What a horrible job it would be.


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