Friday 4 April 2008

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Today I was walking along near the lake thinking about a very special friend who is going through a very tough time. She lives many thousands of miles away and I was wondering what I could say to let her know how much I care.

Then I saw this beautiful rainbow appear to the right of the water fountain. It made me think of the song Somewhere over the Rainbow first made famous by Judy Garland.

Finally, I realised that sometimes there are no words we can offer to someone who is going through a difficult time. Sometimes, a song can say it far better than we ever could.

This song is for a very special young woman who means the world to me.

I love the late Eva Cassidy's version of this song. Listen to it with your eyes closed or while looking at the picture of our beautiful lake. I will guarantee your troubles will seem to melt away like lemon drops.....even for just a little while.

Somewhere over the rainbow

skies are blue

and the dreams

that you dare to dream

really do come true ...


  1. Lilly,

    Great blog and I almost broke out in song from reading. You truly write with passion and that is most important to any reader!

  2. Thanks Blogzilla for visiting.

  3. this is a fabulous post. you are so good at communicating.

    In a week or so, I'm planning a post about the colour spectrum, rainbows, in relation to our 3 dimensional concept of god, heaven and the afterlife ('ve got one of those freaks attaching themselves to your blog.)

    Anyway, I'll make sure there's a good link in the article, back to your post.

    best wishes


  4. Thankyou for dropping by Henry. This post was dedicated for a special girl who is like a daughter to me. I shall visit your blog and I can update mine with a link to your post when you do it. No, I love people who are passionate about their life and interests and do it without forcing it on others. And I am interested in those so called freaky things!!!

  5. You are a credit to Blogspot and blogging. I don't bookmark many blogs but i am yours. The articles and your work are awesome. You have a new fan. Thank you so much for your review of GarysWorld. Till next time. A new friend.

  6. Thanks Gary. When you blog you kind of just do it for yourself I guess and have no idea whether its of interest to anyone else or not so I thank you for your comments. I'll drop by and visit your blog.

  7. wow,very wonderful rainbow, hope i can see it also.
    have a nice day.

  8. Coolingstar

    Of course yu will see the rainbow if you keep wishing. Thanks for visiting.

  9. Hi Lilly. I found you on Robin's blog Naked in Eden, so I thought I'd drop by. And now I've just 'discovered' Eva Cassidy. Thanks for making your site such a vibrant and multi-hued destination...;-)

  10. Horatio-salt

    Thanks for visiting. Eva Cassidy truly does sing like an angel. To think she died at 30 or so before she was discovered. She has many wonderful songs that really touch the heart.

  11. Your right, many times things are easier said in a song. Somewhere Over the Rainbow is one of my favorite songs, and has been since childhood, and is the first song that plays on my blog (when the music is working, which appears that its not at the moment).

  12. That song would cheer anyone up, I hope your friend got through her tough time, God Bless.

  13. Margaret - Oh I agree - that song is beautiful. As for my friend she cried and cried when she read that post and yes, life has improved for her. Thanks for your comment and for stopping by to visit.


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