Sunday 13 April 2008

The pain is temporary

and so are the abs apparently....

It's amazing how quickly you lose fitness. I know. I cycle in and out of it. Wrong. I know.

I went back to doing sit ups yesterday after a break. I used to do hundreds a day once. I don't like exercise, maybe because, like Posh, I hate the shoes. But I's good for you and makes you feel great afterwards. Repeat after me....until it sinks in.

However, it's the only option because, unlike Posh, I don't like to starve. I don't have that kind of will power even if I did have that kind of death wish.

Anyway, enough about her, back to me.

Today I am feeling the pain. So, that means the exercise had an impact of sorts. A temporary pain in order to get a temporary six pack. Sounds stupid, but fair.

It got me thinking about how temporary lots of things are, besides pain and six pack abs (not that I've ever really had them but I am following The Secret methodology. I am visualising, asking, even yelling and I am waiting.....and so ready to give thanks, um, some time real soon would be good...). Do you think Oprah visualised Obama too?

Anyway, here is my quick list of temporary states - there are 11 just because I hate the perfection of even numbers.

1. Youth
2. Romantic infatuation
3. Jobs
4. Pregnancy
5. Troubles
6. Bad haircuts
7. Hair dye
8. Ability to wear very short skirts, oh even just short skirts
9. Getting ID'd
10. Life itself
11. Doing sit ups

Sit ups - I am off to do some more now - why is exercise always harder the second day you get back into it? I will survive, somehow we always do. The fun is in the chasing, anyway.

Added note: To the very humorous person who asked if that was a picture of me exercising, I have this to say. I am blonde, yes, but not quite so hairy. I concede that we are both cuddly and that our claws do come out when provoked. We also have similar six packs (non-existent) and my technique is not quite as polished. I also prefer wearing clothes in cooler climates and most definitely while exercising. While I don't mind skating on thin ice and have done so for a fair proportion of my life, I prefer more comfortable surfaces to do my workouts. I know, just call me spoilt. However, I have been toying with the whole raw food diet issue and may give this a go sometime before now and death. So, that's where the similarities start and finish but thank you for your interest. Oh, and let me tell you, you will NEVER see a picture of me exercising on my blog EVER. I am not willing to take humiliation to entirely new levels, (well unless you do so first). But, just for you, I will post my top ten embarrassing moments of all time this week, and for your viewing pleasure there will be an exercise moment to smile about (without the accompanying graphics, of course). Happy now?


  1. Hey nice pic! Love your style and you always did make me laugh! Nice pic, is it a recent one of you? If so, you're a bit more hairy than I remember. I hear laser is good for that kind of thing. Didn't know they had such icy conditions in Oz! Coming back to sunny Scotland soon? See you..J

  2. Thanks for dropping by, I think. Well they say you can never have too much hair apparently and you know what happens to women the older they get. But, just because I value your views I have given you a special reply on the blog itself. I didn't realise you Scots could put the whisky down long enough to read a blog...or even read for that guys who wear skirts never cease to amaze me...humiliation is not in your vocabularly is it? And thats what makes you so special. I must do the list of how you can tell a Scotsman at 20 paces, I only got the Aussie one done but I think you have inspired me to do the next one. Ha ha...

  3. Wow 100 a day. I can do that too,but only in my dreams. Maybe I need to start doing some sit ups too...summer is almost hear.

    Your writing always always put a smile on my face...;)

  4. Pinay Jade, Aw thanks for dropping by. So does your blog put a smile on mine. Have a great day and I think I will be sorer tomorrow after todays attempts. Funny how I start as we are going into the colder months. Makes sense. Not.

  5. Another great read, Lilly. Haven't we all been there with the sit-up routine (I think my gut is starting to hurt with sympathy pains for you). Oh, and good comeback to the Scot. I can't wait to see that list on how to tell a Scotsman at twenty paces.
    By the way, the Commentator left you a personal invitation under "comments" on my blog. I think he's digging that hole even deeper. You'll see what I mean.

  6. Matt - see what your inflammatory posts have started, ha ha - how funny. Listen, I think I will pass on his invitation but how cool it is because I have never seen much discussion going on between those who leave comments. Some things are better left unsaid and I never learn....

  7. Oh wow! Men in skirts...yah, baby! I seriously hate exercise, too. That's why I'm a little chubby around the middle, just a little. (Hold on while I grab another bite of ice cream) My hubby likes me with a some meat on my bones. Thank goodness :) Ha ha! I did start walking though, because I hate to sweat. Does riding horses count as exercise?? If it doesn't, I think it should.

  8. Troublex2 - riding horses is apparently one of the best exercise you can get. I think you ahve your hands full somehow and get enough exercise! Yes, men in skirts, very nice indeed!

  9. Good for you for getting back on the wagon! I fully meant to do exercises yesterday, and then forgot because I was too busy blogging.. ooops!

    Love the pic btw.

  10. I just read your post after having written my own about exercising. I think it's great that you are starting even though you're coming into colder weather. It will keep you from storing up for the winter like you bear. :))

    It helps to hear about others getting motivated and makes the transition easier for those of us getting started. Even if we're miles apart! Thank you!

  11. @ Michelle - yes it is like getting back on the wagon and I think its caused from sitting down in front of the computer, err blogging maybe?. I am now going to be purer than the driven snow (sure likely!) and move a bit more. I am determined this is the year for optimum health.

    @ Christi - hey that was funny to see on your blog you are doing the same thing. Yes that running around inside the house is fun! You can inspire me too! Getting on a bike again - you made it sound too easy. Were you sore the next day?

  12. Considering that I haven’t been on a bike in that capacity since I was a kid (we won’t mention years here), I wasn’t very sore at all. I can’t wait to do it again!

    I am on my way to reducing the amount of fat that I've stored up over the winter... :)))

  13. Lilly - this is priceless especially the last comment.LOL - what a creative las you are.
    I need to get back on my bike [exercise not push] and abs - my are resting on my knees as I type... keeping my legs warm.
    I have missed your blog and others.

    I have not forgotten you - to help other with blog tweaking .
    I am sorry we have been away twice (spoilt I know) to the sticks,rocks & burs country - no internet(or slow dialup) plus I have been busy doing my tax returns.
    I can't find your email yet because hotmail lets through so much spam and other newsletter junk.
    I had to go back to word verification because a guy spammed me with 88 comments - thought about moderation too.

  14. Baby~amore "mine are resting on my knees as I type". How hilarious are you? Thanks for stopping by. No, I am not creative, these things really happen in my day...glad to see you back from the farm...


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