Friday 11 April 2008

Little lumps of coal can be diamonds

Every morning, after I have my coffee and oats, I always do a quick check of the news online. Some days, like today, I find it all too overwhelming. I know we need to know what's going on. And I also know that we only get to hear the sanitised versions of everything, but it would be great if there was more 'good news' to share. Some days we need it.

Thank goodness, there is always one light on the horizon when it comes to getting my news fix - whether it be news of the good, bad or indifferent kind. It's a site I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago - I like it because the news is reported by the readers as well and it is incredibly diverse. You will read and see things on this site that you may not find elsewhere.

Also in my web travels this morning, I found two inspirational videos about a couple of guys, one from Australia and one from Wales, who got 'discovered' because of their incredible talents. One is an opera singer who sold phones for a living and the other is a shadow magician who was a photocopier repairman. I had tears in my eyes watching both of these. There is something humbling when you see ordinary folk doing something extraordinary, often in complete unawareness of their incredible talents.

The first is a video that 23 million people have seen (while I was obviously sleeping). It shows Paul Potts' first appearance on the UK talent show, You've Got Talent. Paul doesn't look like your average superstar. When he comes out on stage you can see, from the judges' expressions, that they weren't expecting much either. Particularly when he said he was going to sing opera. He then opened his mouth and the rest is history. I could watch this again and again......and cry. Regardless of whether you like opera or not, I don't think there would be a human being out there who would not be moved by this clip. I love this song - it truly gives me goosebumps and inspires me no end. Little lumps of coal can indeed turn into diamonds, never lose sight of that.

The second video is of Aussie, Raymond Crowe. He had a hobby of making shadows on the wall with his hands, also known as shadow puppetry. He was asked to go on some awards show and he improvised his puppetry to the music, What a Wonderful World. So very clever. This YouTube clip got the attention of the Ellen show and various other talk shows and the rest is history. What a Wonderful World indeed.

Have a great day everyone and let's remember that each of us has something special to offer and we should never judge anyone too quickly (well, before they open their mouths at least).

Cinderella stories do come true and frogs do turn into princes.....just ask Paul and Raymond.

Keep your dreams alive everyone, no matter how big or small they are!


  1. Wow! Doesn't that just renew your faith in mankind to see hear stories like those? I have seen the hand-puppet video before and it is incredible, but the opera singer just blew my mind. Good for him! What, but for a little self-confidence, would he be today? I wonder how he did on the show?

  2. Wow ... Not one person in there expected that. Really incredible clip! :)

  3. Hi Matt, I just like it when the good guy wins. Your right, self confidence is everything. Paul actually won the whole competition and has released CDs as well. I understand he kept his sales job for a fair while though afterwards too. I keep replaying this - his voice and unassuming way is great.

  4. Hello Victor, thanks for stopping by. It was just the thing I needed to see today. It certainly is wow - the look on everyone's faces is priceless!!

  5. Hi! I love your site! I thought you might like to participate in the six word memoir meme. So I'm tagging you. Hope to read yours soon!

  6. Thank you so much for the kind words! ... and for adding my link! :)


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