Monday 21 April 2008

Hitting the Bullseye

a little more easily

Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed. There are so many opportunities, dreams, things to do and people and events which need attention. The question I always ask is are they urgent or are they important? They are rarely both.

Sometimes I feel like I am aimlessly throwing a random dart at the board of life just to give me a clue as to what I should do next. It's all a bit hit or miss though, even if it always seems to turn out alright in the end.

I always thought I knew exactly where my life was going until one day I got one of those curve balls thrown in my direction when I least expected it. A life defining moment. It changed everything. Now, I feel the pressure to spend my time on value added past times. The kind that mean something for me or someone else. To do more good, and have a greater impact, if you get me.

I think a lot. Too much at times. I have lots of ideas and concepts running through my head. Too many sometimes. To the point where it can paralyse me. I find in my professional life I can focus and plan easily. I can be quite anal about things, strategic and in control. However, on a personal level, with so many different layers, I find it harder to do. It's more the other side of me, the creative 'think in colours and curves' side. The kind that doesn't take too well to structure or doesn't fit so neatly into square boxes with preordained dimensions.

I have decided that I need to have a better and more planned approach. To my life in general. A clearer focus. I think I could be a bit more productive with a map and a shovel than just by throwing random darts every now and then. Besides, my aim is not the best (just ask the poor guy I hit with a dart once while aiming it very clearly at the dart board, as opposed the back of his head).

Maybe it's a midlife evaluation of sorts. Maybe it's a sense of my own mortality. It doesn't really matter.

Do you recall the 101 things in 1001 days internet project some time ago? I am going to do something similar. A list of tasks in a number of days. The tasks are going to be specific, realistic and stretching with a result that is measurable or clearly defined. Hopefully, it will give my creative brain a bit of a kick into shape. Who knows, when done, I may even post them.

However, while my plans have to be realistic my dreams never will.......ever.

How about you, are you a planner and has it worked for you?


  1. i'm a dreamer who dreams that someday i'll be a planner...

  2. Hi lilly, setting goals in your life is a good thing, provided you only set goals that you can achieve.
    If you set yourself goals that are too high and you don't achieve them it can be very demoralizing.

  3. Horatio Salt - I think you are one of those people who need never be enclosed by structure let alone dream about it. Thanks for dropping by.

    Jon - you are right, its all about setting achievable goals, at least to start with. Something I am really used to in a business context but it kind of goes out the window in other areas of my life. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Lilly - it is good to plan...but I personally prefer to live and focus on the present moment, I find there is so much less anxiety and stress in life when one does that. It does not mean that I can't or don't plan for the future, I just focus more on "being" in the now and it makes all the "thinking" disappear. I know completely what you mean when you say you "think too much". I used to be there, but now, I just let life be. I know some people will never be able to attain or comprehend how one can live that way, but it is very freeing. Sure I need to plan an appointment here or a visit there and I set aside chunks of "planning time". Other than that I think the goals in our life should be more directed toward "being" rather than "achieving". Just my two cents on the topic and again I realize that kind of lifestyle may seriously scare and immobilize some people but it is wonderful if one gives it a try :)

  5. Hi Evita - that was really profound and it looks like you have found what works for you. True, it does cause you stress thinking in the future instead of the present - I guess its all about finding what is works and causes the least stress. Thanks for visiting by the way and for your very good advice.

  6. Well your post has challenged me to be a little more structured in my life. Although I am a “flower child” so to speak by nature, I need to be more focused on the tasks that I need to achieve. My life is, as you referenced more about 'thinking in colours and curves'.

    This tends to drive my husband crazy because he is the total opposite. He’s more of a thinker too. A planner, see’s things that “can happen” as a result of this or that. I on the other hand tend to shut down when I have to plan, plan, plan.

    I guess I’m more of a creative thinker. I think this gives some balance to my marriage and even though it can drive Brett crazy at times, it’s one of the things he loves about me. :) I will for his sake try a bit harder though. lol

  7. macnelly family adventures - well you know balance is probably the key. So dont change and between you and your husband you will have all bases covered. I wouldnt change the status quo and just be yourself.

  8. I planned to do 101 in 1001 days but I haven't got past my 43 things.

    I am trying to set goals but it just hasn't happened yet.

    Maybe on my birthday I will start the first 10 ...

  9. Babyamore - 43 things is ok I think. With everything you have on your plate I think you are achieving great things. Will pay you a visit.


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