Wednesday 19 March 2008

What, now it's David Paterson too???

I am over it. I do not want to know about politicians sex lives any more unless it's causing harm to the citizens they represent or they are using public funds to pay for their jollies. We only need to know about this stuff if they break the law (and I don't mean God's law as that's a matter for them and whoever their God is. Besides, I doubt these guys concede that there is someone more powerful than they are anyway).

David Paterson, who succeeded Eliot Spitzer as governor of New York, has now come out and admitted his own history of extramarital relations. In this case, he and his wife Michelle admitted in a joint interview with the New York Daily News that they both were unfaithful over a two year period during a rocky patch in their 15 year marriage. But both denied the "sporadic rumour in Albany" that Paterson had fathered a love child. Gosh, why couldn't they have just have said they separated for a couple of years and reconciled? What is it, a badge of honour for politicians to 'come out' and confess all for fear of being 'outed'? Why don't we just hold an amnesty day where all politicians come forward and confess their sexual exploits to the media all in one go. A mass public confession.

This has been going on since the Kennedys, oh ok, probably since Lincoln for all I know. But at least in those days we didn't have it plastered over the media. Let's get some facts. How about we just assume that politicians are not really representative of the general population given their much greater narcissistic and, dare I say, sociopathic tendencies. It takes a certain type of person to get into these roles in the first place. We already know, that in Joe Public Land 60% of married men and 40% of married women have affairs. Yep, that's a well reported fact. Therefore, given the lifestyles that politicians have, and given their power base and narcissistic tendencies, it is highly likely that around 90% of them have affairs. Yes, you can quote me on this finely researched and statistically sound finding.

So politicians, I plead with you stop telling us about the bleeding obvious because you have either been found out or you are scared you are going to get found out. We already know on the Lilly Law of averages that you're all out there doing it for the good of the party, right? Building up social networks and all. Don't apologise to the public because we know you don't mean it anyway and we are not interested. Instead, focus on what you get paid to do and divulge your dirty secrets to the only people that matter, your families. And as for Rupert and his cohorts in the media, it's not like you can talk either. The lot of you are making yourselves look ridiculous and pathetic and you deserved to be mocked.

Personally I just want to bury my head in the sand and continue to read fairy tales of how life should be. I also hope that at least some of our politicians out there have the moral backbone and the common sense to keep their private lives behind closed doors where it belongs, far away from the maddening crowds.

Happy ever after...yes, that's what I want......except I bet that's what Silda thought too!

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