Monday 3 March 2008

Smooth, Creamy and Delicious

I lived overseas for a while and while I was in the UK I discovered JAGOs.

JAGOs is a fresh cream liqueur made with premium Scottish vodka, natural vanilla and Scottish cream. It tastes like an alcoholic vanilla ice cream.

I find Baileys a bit too sweet but I love this. Last night I had some for the first time in ages. In coffee. It's also great poured straight over ice or makes a great cocktail or, if you're trying to impress, poured over Chambord with the back of a teaspoon and a steady hand.

It’s a luxury not because of it price just because something tells me such a yummy creamy mixture has loads of calories. But it’s great as a treat! If you want to try something different, give this a go. Everyone I know who has tried it, likes it! Even the beer drinkers.