Sunday 2 March 2008

IQ Update

In a previous post I told you about how I did an online IQ Test. Well, yesterday I got my 81 year old father to do the same test. He has very poor eye sight, had just had a glass of whisky (or two), hadn't looked at a computer in years and still managed to get a higher score than me.

Rather than being disturbed by that fact it made me feel very encouraged. I briefly thought I should take up drinking whisky but it also made me realise that aging doesn't necessarily equate with losing your brain function. Even though our bodies start to fall apart the older we get, if we keep using our brain it can keep growing and become richer.

I recall my grandmother saying years ago that grey hair and wrinkles doesn't equate with being stupid. She felt that the older she got the more people felt she didn't have a brain nor an opinion. I guess I am guilty of being a little condescending too to those older than me (and believe me, there are fewer of them with each passing day!!!). We tend to speak louder and more slowly, about a more limited range of topics, have you noticed?

The really interesting thing about this test is that while the final point score means zilch at the end of the day, it does give you some pretty spot on information about people's strengths and weaknesses. Try it and see for yourself!

Then again, I believe in clairvoyants too!!!! But that's a whole other post....