Tuesday 18 March 2008

A conversation with our friend Google

What do Google search trends tell us? About us.

Seems in Googleland in 2008 we have been doing a lot of searching for answers to a whole lot of questions.

Internationally, it appears we have more of an interest in London than we do New York. We think about Britney as much as we do God. In fact, Britney is way more important to us than the Iraq War (except for those in Iraq). Nonetheless, we still appear to value life over death.

We are focused on ageing as opposed to our youth. Equality rules between males and females with each being just as interested in the other. However, racism burns brighter on the radar than sexism. We are far more curious about Obama than we are Clinton although we are far more interested in celebrities than we are in politicians. We are more intrigued about Prince Harry than Prince William. We find George Bush more newsworthy than Queen Elizabeth. Then again Paris Hilton piques our interest far more than George Bush.
We prefer our homes to holidays or vacations. We prefer the beach to the mountains. We seek out humour not tragedy. We like Coca Cola more than Pepsi, beef more than fish, fruit more than vegetables, Pizza Hut more than McDonalds and salt more than pepper. We are more interested in football than golf and American Idol more than any other TV show. We love Ellen more than Oprah, Angelina more than Brad and Brad more than George Clooney. We like Barbies more than Bratz dolls, solutions for fat over thin, want to be happy rather than depressed and seek good over evil. We like dogs more than cats, babies more than pets, Perez Hilton more than the New York Times, the Huffington Post or ET.

And most of all, while we ferociously search for sex in whatever form is available (more than anything else it seems), we still think love is way more important than money.

That's Us. The Good. The Bad. The Indifferent.

Do you think it tells an accurate story?

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  1. In many ways, I would say that's our current society at a glance. Good or bad, that's pretty much how it breaks down. If one were to check what I Google, they would obviously think I were from some other planet. :)


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