Saturday 22 March 2008

Bits n Pieces

A few interesting bits n pieces I found this week were:

1. 2007 You Tube video awards for the following categories - funniest, creative, commentary, music, instructional, adorable, sports, short film, inspirational, politics, series, eyewitness. Check out the very clever nominees and winners.

2. This piece of research is VERY TIMELY for those who will be overindulging in chocolate tomorrow. Some scientists maintain you can be fat yet fit and healthy at the same time. In other words, jog and scoff chocolate at the same time.

3. Well last week's episode of South Park about Britney Spears certainly seemed to get people all anxious, but if you look carefully, they were not 'having a go' at Britney but more the vulchers who feed on celebrities. If you caught it, you saw Spears trying to get away from it all in the mountains near South Park when the boys had a run-in with her. Stan and Kyle got caught up in Britney’s celebrity and the never-ending feeding frenzy that follows her wherever she goes. In the end, a despairing Britney blasts her head off with a shotgun before being photographed to death. As the episode ended, we saw Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus becoming “the next big thing.” How ominous!!

4. On a more serious note, Obama got great applause for his speech which focused on the belief that "There is no Black America. There is no White America". I was therefore quite disturbed when I heard him on radio referring to his grandmother as a "typical white person" who fears black people. I think Obama has turned into his own SNL sketch.

5. Remember Paul McCartney's ex girlfriend from centuries ago, Jane Asher? Well, she has this very good website for all your cake decorating needs. I just love it. Check it out here.

6. Marc Jacobs has rolled out another ad featuring Victoria Beckham. I loved the first lot of ads but I am not sure about this one. I mean I have seen her in crazier clothes before but this one is a bit out there. What do you think - would it entice you to go out and buy something from Marc Jacobs?

7. Finally, you have got to love this adorable face (well I am hoping you do because this poor fella looks a bit like me when I wake up in the morning....before I apply the spacfilla)......


  1. Hey - love the bits n pieces. I totally agree with you on Obama. Oi Vay... something odd about that man at times.

  2. Hi Kate - at least its a very interesting election but whoever gets in is going to have their work cut out for them. I will post bits n pieces every weekend. There are way too many great things out there!


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