Saturday 15 March 2008

Bits 'n' Pieces

Three different bits n pieces to share

1. I love Rick Mercer. Every so often he has a Photo Challenge where readers download a photo he posts and they turn it into something, um, special. Here is a photo he posted of Clinton and Obama and here are some people's creative efforts. In times like these you have got to well as do the right thing...

2. I found the link to a video called Food Fight on the fabulous Roseanne Barr's website. It is very much in tune with my last post about Junk Food for our Minds. It is an abridged history of American-centric warfare, from WWII to present day, told through the foods of the countries in conflict. Very, very clever.

3. This video is one you may have already come across. It is of Randy Pausch, a university Professor, reprising the 'last lecture' he gave to his students. His 'last lecture' has had millions of hits on YouTube. Randy has pancreatic cancer and in September 07 was told he had six months to live. I love his statement that you can't control the cards you're dealt, just how you play the hands! I checked Randy's blog today and, despite being in and out of hospital, he continues to have fun each and every day.

What would your last lecture be? It's an interesting thought.

Mine would be simply this. Tell the truth.


  1. Hi Lilly. You are delightful.
    Definitely honest and a lot of fun. I'm a Yank in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. But I lived several years in OZ and just love it and miss it. I was in QLD north of Cairns and NSW northeast coast. As to what my last lecture would be, I think it would be about taking risks and REALLY living. Doing the things that we secretly want to do whether it's quit the crappy job and travel the world or it's walk away from every and becom a monk....who knows...the dreams are different from each of us. But the lecture would be about doing those things that we don't do because we fear what others will think of us or how they will react. So we end up not living our dreams because we don't dare rock the boat. Well, I say rock away because you will only encoruage others to be more themselves. We are no good to anyone if we are not -- as you say -- HONEST. And honest can mean really living what is in our hearts, our inspriations, our dreams. So I say "Go for it mate." "ave a go at really living, eh?!!" Thanks Lilly for inspiring me. Robin Click on my blog or contact links and come vist me.

  2. Hi Robin
    I love the way you described what 'really living' means to you. Being authentic is what it is all about, and being the people we want to be without causing harm to others or the world we live in. Thanks for your inpsiring website as well!


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