Tuesday 11 March 2008

The 50 Most Powerful Blogs

From the Royal Family to Shillery, Baby O and McShame, to Britney Spears' descent into crazy and back again, to babies galore, the environment and just about everything in between. Blogs do it all. The power of the written word has never been bigger.

How many of us have to check our favourite blogs every day and pour over every detail before we feel comfortable that everything is alright with our world?

The UK Guardian just rated its 50 most powerful blogs in the world.

Do you agree? How many of these do you read? What is your No 1. favourite?

I read six of the 50 listed.

My No 1 favourite is the Huffington Post purely because of my current fascination with all things political. That will, I expect, change, and I will move on to other things. My No 2 favourite blog, which is not listed in the Guardian's list, is Roseanne Barr's blog (remember the Roseanne Show of the 90s?). Roseanne is irreverent, extremely sharp and very funny. Woe behold any politician who comes in her path. I love people who say it like it is and who are not constrained by what others may think. I also love people with strong opinions who are willing to listen and bend and reshape their views the more enlightened they become.

Blogs are powerful because they express the opinions of individuals who are not necessarily constrained by red tape, beuracracy, politics or cultural divides. They enable voices to be heard. There is freedom in that kind of power but an enormous responsibility too. Lets hope the big bloggers do not let the power go to their heads and become the antithesis of what they set out do in the first place. Keep it real bloggers.

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