Sunday 10 February 2008

The War on Body Hair

Ninty nine percent of women regularly remove hair from their bodies. If you think that a smooth and hairless body is a fad, inspired by Philips, Gilette and other shaver manufacturers, you are wrong! The women in ancient Egypt were hairless apart from the hair on their heads. Greek women and later Roman women followed their example.

So brazilians are not a recent thing by a long shot.

Even men are getting smoother and smoother. The days are over that a "real" man is a hairy man.

If you want a permanent hair removal solution than I have three words for you LASER HAIR REMOVAL.

It works, it's painfree and it will save you time, angst and loads of money over your lifetime. I am telling you ladies, the older you get, the more wayward hair sprouts in the most amazingly unexpected places (but that's a whole other story...).

Truly, I can vouch for the laser method. In fact, its the best thing I have ever done for myself. We deserve to invest in ourselves as opposed to Gillette, Phillips and the other big companies.

We girls need all the help we can get without lining other people's pockets for the rest of our natural lives.

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